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However, the sky aircraft also quickly increased its altitude.

The altitude of the triangular mechanical spirit beast that had just completed its evolution was limited.

It could not catch up to it for the time being, but it was still following the sky aircraft.

As for the two humans who had ill intentions just now, they had already disappeared with the scattered low-level mechanical spirit beasts.

“F*ck!” Yan Lie was furious.

“Sky aircraft number 26, report your current results immediately.”

“Discovered an energy mutation, it had strengthened the beast to a triangular-level floating mechanical spirit beast.

The target took the opportunity to escape.

It was confirmed that the target had used some method to attract the wave of low-level Mechanical Spirit Beasts towards the base.

However, the target has already taken the opportunity to escape!” Yan Lie reported as he transmitted the scene just now.

“Thank you for your important discovery.

Please execute other missions after you get rid of the floating mechanical spirit beast.

If you encounter these two hostile humans again or discover their traces, please inform us immediately.

Or think of a way to find out their identity or capture them alive.

The base will record your corresponding contribution points.


“Roger that!”

While Yan Lie was reporting, Xu Tui was using a full-frequency energy detector to detect the floating mechanical spirit beast that had just been strengthened.

This guy was not high in the air, but its speed was not slow.

At this moment, it was following the sky aircraft.

Of course, if the sky aircraft increased its speed greatly, it would definitely be able to escape.

Xu Tuis full-frequency energy detector showed that the energy intensity of the triangular floating mechanical spirit beast was three bars.

This meant that the energy intensity in the body of this floating mechanical spirit beast had already reached the level of the Genetic Evolution Realm.

Of course, there was also a huge difference between the Genetic Evolution Realm and the Genetic Evolution Realm.

For example, Xu Tui and the first-year Tiger, Peter, had two energy bars in front of the full-frequency energy detector.

It meant that the energy in their bodies had reached the Genetic Mutation Realm.

But what about combat strength Even ten Peters combined would not be able to withstand Xu Tuis hammer.

Xu Tui felt that it was a great pity.

The full-frequency energy detector was practical, but its precision was too poor.

It would be perfect if it was as accurate as the full-frequency energy testing device in the Moon base.

Or rather, it would be better to increase its accuracy a little.

For example, dividing the energy fluctuations of the Genetic Evolution Realm into three bars would be more valuable.

The accuracy of each energy level corresponding to a realm was too poor.

“Even if those two people are not traitors of the Blue Star, they are definitely enemies of the Huaxia Sector.

They are here to harm the Huaxia Sector!”

Yan Lie was furious.

The owner of the Mars base of the Huaya Sector was not limited to the Huaxia Sector.

On the contrary, several other countries had a share.

For example, the Yamato Sector, the Korean Star Sector, and the Sing-Malaysia Sector.

But it was mainly dominated by the Huaxia Sector.

These two guys had used a special method to lure a large number of low-level mechanical beasts to the Mars base of the Huaya Sector.

They were definitely the enemies of the Huaxia Sector.

Unfortunately, they had escaped at the critical moment!

“Should we do something and get rid of this thing before chasing after the other two” Xu Tui suddenly asked.

Yan Lie looked at Xu Tui steadily, then looked at the floating mechanical spirit beast below him.

“This thing is already equivalent to a Genetic Evolution Realm expert after being strengthened once.

However, his combat strength should be slightly lower than the elites of the extraterrestrial invasion.

We could do it.

However, we had to ensure the safety of the sky aircraft and we needed to find suitable terrain.

“But Mars is so big.

How are we going to chase after them” Yan Lie asked.

“In that instant just now, I left something on them,” Xu Tui said.

“Left something on them” Yan Lie was stunned.

This information was too much! The ability of Xu Tui in front of him had exceeded his expectations.

“Since we can track them, then well kill this floating mechanical spirit beast first!” Yan Lie immediately perked up.

“Lets find a suitable terrain first!”

“No need! Lower your speed, lower your altitude, and open the cabin.

Ill do it directly!”

So powerful Yan Lie was stunned!

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