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Chapter 5: 005 Counterattack

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Master Zhan was a very solemn person, but every time he talked to Jing Qian, he would always reply to her in a very sincere manner.

He said cooperatively, “Yuxi is the granddaughter of Jiang Cheng, an old friend of mine. When he died, he told me to take care of her in his place, as she was still a minor at the time. Therefore, I planned to take care of her until she turned 23 and graduated from college. Then, she will leave the Zhan family and live her own life, one that has nothing to do with Lichuan.”

The cynical smile that Jiang Yuxi had on her face slowly disappeared when she heard what Master Zhan said, her face slowly becoming pale.


Her voice shook as she called for Master Zhan, unable to believe that these words personally came out of his mouth.

She had always thought that even if the old man had been muddled enough to listen to the quack and make this horrible woman Brother Chuans wife, he still really liked her deep inside! She had even thought that he took her in as his own granddaughter!

Jing Qian took a piece of Gongpao prawn and placed it in her mouth. She slowly enjoyed the delicious home-cooked food before commenting, “Grandfather, look. Even after hearing you say it yourself, she still has an incredulous look on her face. If she doesnt believe what her foster parent is saying, do you really think that she will still remember her place and do her part when youre not around”

“Jing Qian, shut up!”

Jiang Yuxi felt her entire body turn cold, even as it trembled with rage. She hadnt known that the old man had no plans for her to marry Zhan Lichuan, and even planned to kick her out of the Zhan family.

Her main concern now was that she was 22 this year. That meant that there were only six months left before she turned 23!

Jing Qian shrugged her shoulder indifferently and continued to cause trouble without feeling any pressure, all the while facing a serious Master Zhan who looked so terrifying that no one would dare mess with him.

“Grandfather, usually whenever youre not around, shes always treating me this way. Everyone else addresses me as Young Mistress, but she directly calls me by my name. Sometimes, she would even call me a b*tch. She doesnt approve of my identity.”

“When have I ever called you a b*tch!”

Jiang Yuxi was shocked and speechless. Her face had the appearance of someone looking at a schizophrenic person.

Although that was indeed how she had been secretly referring to Jing Qian, she only said it to herself. Yuxi wasnt stupid. Before getting any solid evidence and making sure that she could get rid of Jing Qian permanently, she wouldnt do something so obvious.

The way that Jian Qian said all this, it was obvious that she was framing her!

However, Jing Qian didnt feel any burden from all the bullsh*t she was spewing and continued. “In the beginning, I didnt pay much mind to it. Even if she doesnt approve of me, it doesnt matter because I shouldnt need to prove to her.

“Be that as it may, the third young master is a married man who has a wife living with him. This woman, who has only been temporarily fostered in the Zhan family, has been going into my husbands room every day. Its gotten to the point that even I suspect that shes the owner of this household, while Im just a beautiful flowerpot thats simply considered decoration in the Zhan family.”

While belittling Jiang Yuxi, Jing Qian didnt forget to compliment herself. She was indeed quite happy with the new body that she had just received.

“Jing Qian, stop lying!” Jiang Yuxi got so triggered by what Jing Qian said that her chest dramatically moved up and down.

“Me, lying Who was the one who entered the third young masters room with a thin nightdress on that showed the small part of your cleavage while trying to feed him birds nest this morning”

Jing Qian looked at a certain part of Jiang Yuxis body with disdain and continued with a sneer, “Im not saying this to hurt you, but this flat body of yours makes it really hard for others to identify your gender even if they wore a pair ofcontacts when they dont need. If someone ever bumped into you and accidentally touched it, they would think that theyve touched a mans chest instead. This was why I never thought of saying anything to you because I really sympathize with someone as pitiful and disabled as you.”

Master Zhan was shocked.

The first Young Master, Zhan Yuheng, who had been quiet all along, reacted in the same manner.

Jiang Yuxis face was now bright red, her entire body shaking.

When Jing Qian saw that Jiang Yuxi was speechless from all that humiliation, she slowly sipped on the mushroom soup in front of her, then opened her mouth to speak once again.


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