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Chapter 4: 004 Sequelae of the concussion

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When they returned to the house, Jing Qian noticed that every servant in the house was looking at her with contempt and mockery. However, as she passed by them, these people still politely addressed her asYoung Mistress.

When she saw the servants who still greeted her even when they had an evil look in their eyes, Jing Qian didnt even bother nodding her head. She walked into the dining room with her head held high.

The person sitting in the dining hall was herboss. The head of the Zhan family, Chairman of the Op. Corporation, Mr. Zhan Renhao.

His son, along with his daughter-in-law, had passed, leaving three children behind, Zhan Renhaos grandchildren—Zhan Yuheng, the eldest; Zhan Shuyu, the Second miss of the Zhan family; and finally, the third young master, Zhan Lichuan.

At this moment, the first young master, Zhan Yuheng, was sitting on the left, while Miss Jiang Yuxi, who had the video, was sitting to the right of the old man. As for the second miss, Zhan Shuyu, she wasnt home yet.

Jing Qian didnt want to be close to any one of them, so she picked a seat that was opposite the old man.


After sitting down, Jing Qian used the most polite way that she could think of and greeted herboss.

Jiang Yuxi noticed that Jing Qian didnt look scared. She had even acted out and picked a seat that was directly opposite of grandfather, looking as if she was going to fight the three of them. Jiang Yuxi couldnt help but scoff.

Jing Qian cleaned her hands with a towel as she said, “What are you trying to say with that laugh of yours, Miss Jiang Do you not wash your hands before you eat”

Jiang Yuxi accidentally choked when she heard Jing Qians question. As she watched Jing Qian elegantly wiped her enviable hands that were as beautiful as flowers, a sense of destruction rose in her heart. Then, she replied with a sarcastic smile on her face.

“Jing Qian, dont you know why Im laughing at you Did you already forget what happened this afternoon Or perhaps youre going to take the advantage of your head injury and would be telling me that you have actually lost your memories. Are you sure you dont remember everything that happened before”

As soon as Jiang Yuxi opened her big mouth, she sealed up all the excuses Jing Qian could have used.

After what had happened, she didnt believe this b*tch who was helping others while living off of them could still stay in the Zhan family.

Jing Qian slightly smiled and said, “Oh, I would have to disappoint you, Miss Jiang. I just got a minor concussion. Didnt hurt any of the major vessels, and definitely didnt lose my memory.”

Jiang Yuxi sneered. “Disappoint me Why would I be disappointed Disappointed with you for not remembering what happened in the afternoon Since you didnt lose your memory and grandfather is here, why dont you give us all an explanation as to what happened in the afternoon”

Jing Qian took a sip of the soup then looked at Master Zhan calmly and casually. “Grandfather, theres something that I dont really understand.”

The old man, who was enjoying his meal and didnt seem to be bothered about the argument, wiped his mouth with a napkin and looked at Jing Qian. “What is it”

“When you personally came to me and asked me to marry the third young master, you were sincere about it, right Or perhaps, Miss Jiang was the one that you would prefer to be his wife”

“You and Lichuan are now legally married. Im happy for both of you. As for Yuxi, I remember telling you about who she is.”

“Oh! But I hit my head today. Maybe it was the concussion, but I dont remember who she is anymore.”

This woman just said that she didnt have amnesia and now she was saying that she didnt remember anything because of the concussion! The entire house turned quiet because of this thick-faced woman who was lying without a sense of remorse.


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