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Chapter 3: 003 Online consultation for nine dollars

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He wanted her to tell him who the lover was, yet she was telling him to bring her the Feng, Shui Master

The Feng Shui Master was someone who the Master had waited a month for and hired with a huge sum of money. Did she assume that he was a cheap streetside vendor that one could meet whenever they wanted

The richest person on earth!

Even the Zhan family werent the richest people on earth! Did she hurt her brain when she fell!!

When he noticed that she had already left the room, he couldnt help but ask, “Young Mistress, where are you going”


Butler Xu felt dejected.

Not that he was being dramatic about it. This woman had clearly seen her bag and phone, which she left on the bed, but refused to reach for them herself. Instead, she just walked out of the room, with her hips swinging joyfully.

In any case, he was the main housekeeper of the Zhan family, not her personal assistant. Did she not feel like this was somewhat inappropriate

“Your CT scan report is not out yet. You cant leave!”

“I didnt injure any major blood vessels. It was just a mild concussion. A good rest is all thats needed. As for the cut, just get the family doctor to change the dressing every two days and Ill be fine.”

As he watched the cold, slender figure that was enchantingly rebellious walk away as she twisted her waist, which was as thin as a snake, she was so captivating that a lotus could bloom with every step she took. Butler Xu couldnt help but want to put a crown on her head.

This woman, how could she behave like this

“Well still have to wait for the report. Whatever you said doesnt count!”

At this exact moment, at the end of the corridor, a doctor walked towards them. When he saw Jing Qian, he greeted her politely, “Young Mistress.”

Jing Qian took a moment to react. After making sure that he was addressing her, she nodded. Her actions were filled with innate nobleness and coldness.

Then, he turned around and saw Butler Xu—who was dressed in an elegant, classic English suit, with his hair neatly combed back—chasing after Jing Qian. He was carrying a bag on his shoulder that had a huge logo on it, as though he was worried that no one would notice that it was a limited edition Chanel. There was also a shiny phone in his hand that was bedazzled with diamonds. This scene definitely looked like a female tyrant who was bringing around her lap dog for a spin at her company.

“What are the results” Butler Xu asked.

The doctor finally came back to his senses from the painful scene and answered, “The cut on Young Mistresss head is about five centimeters long and 0.35 centimeters wide. Although there was a lot of bleeding, none of the major vessels were injured. It was just a minor concussion. Allow her to rest at home and shell be fine. As for the cut, please get a family physician to do the dressing every three days. Try to avoid getting the wound wet while washing your hair.”

Butler Xu: !!!

Shed been right.

“Can she be discharged now”

“Yes, sir. Young Mistresss condition isnt that severe. She can leave anytime now.”

Butler Xu raised his head, wanting to thank the doctor. However, he then found Jing Qian, who was already at the end of the corridor, followed by the bodyguards whom he had brought. This scene…

This was what it looked like when Master left for his inspection trip, did it not

Butler Xu picked up the pace, went into the car, and passed the things over to Jing Qian. “Young mistress, your bag and phone.”

When she saw that the things were not to her taste, Jing Qian had a disgusted look and said, “Just hold on to them for now. Pass them back to me later.”


“Young Mistress, what you said earlier was also what the doctor told me. Do you happen to know a thing or two about medicine”

“Nope,” Jing Qian denied quickly.

“Then, how did you know about your condition”

“I searched it up online.”

“You searched for your own result” Butler Xu obviously didnt believe her.

“Yeap, only for $9.90. 48 hours online consultation from a tertiary hospital.”

“I see!”

Butler Xu nodded his head as he took in the news, although he couldnt help but feel as if he was being duped…


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