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Chapter 29: 029: Keep your saliva to yourself, Miss

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As she walked past her bedroom with Master Zhan and Butler Xu, she looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was six-thirty in the morning. Her mood immediately turned bad.

This was because when she had depression in her previous life, she could never get a good nights sleep and would only fall asleep in the morning. Even if she had a mission to do that day, she would never accept anything that was before 11 AM.

However, she was now living under someone elses roof…...

At this moment, Jing Qian was determined to make herself rich again.

As she sighed to herself, Master Zhan noticed this and thought that it had something to do with Ah Chuan. He couldnt help but frown.

First, Jing Qian brought Master Zhan and Butler Xu to the spot where she placed the rats.

What they saw were four rats who were no longer moving actively like the night before. All of them looked dead, and there were even vomitus inside the cage. Although none of them were really dead, they looked really sick.

“Butler Xu, when I asked for the rats, I remember saying that I wanted those that were fat and healthy, right”

Butler Xu had no idea how many rats there were in total, but just by looking at the ones in front of him, he knew that something was wrong and quickly answered, “Yes, Young Mistress, you did. I did exactly as you told and got them to catch those that looked fat and strong. What happened to these rats”


Just as Jing Qian was about to speak, Jiang Yuxi, who was on the other side of the balcony, saw them walking out. She screamed furiously and started marching towards them.

“I heard that you asked Butler Xu for rats yesterday Why did you put these dead rats in front of Brother Chuans room Dont you know that this is an unlucky thing to do!”

Jiang Yuxi rushed over, and without asking what happened, she started screaming at Jing Qian. Since grandfather was here, she wanted him to see for himself that she was more suitable to be with Brother Chuan instead of Jing Qian.

Jing Qian frowned and moved two steps back. With a disgusted look on her face, she couldnt help but say, “Watch your manners, lady. Your saliva is getting all over my face.”

Jiang Yuxi flushed, feeling angry and awkward at the same time.

“Jing Qian, dont you dare change the topic. Now that grandfather is here, you better explain yourself. Why did you place dead rats in Brother Chuans sun room”

Jing Qian glanced at her and said, “Explain myself to you Why should I”

Then, without waiting for Jiang Yuxi to say another word, she turned around and spoke to Master Zhan. “Grandfather, lets go to the sun room.”

Jiang Yuxi, who was completely ignored, burned with rage. Then, as Jing Qian passed by her, she didnt even bother to slow down but directly knocked her over.

She was caught off guard by this and was pushed aside, whichcleared Jing Qians path.

Although Jing Qian only wore her nightgown, the way she twisted her hips, along with the intimidating, dazzling stride made her look like a queen.

This b*tch…

This terrace was huge. Why didnt she choose another path instead! She had to purposely push her away!

This was too much!


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