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Chapter 28: 028: Why did he think “again”

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Jing Qian first looked at the door with the hole in it, and then the wooden floor. She picked up the clock, which already died, and said with a depressed face, “Oh no, it broke. Im… Im so sorry grandfather. I have a habit of sleepwalking, which was what happened just now.”

Master Zhan was puzzled, while Butler Xu simply thought,Ill just sit back and watch your performance.

Jing Qian explained to Master Zhan, an apologetic look on her face, “The truth is that I was dreaming that my sister had been kidnapped and we were attempting to save her with the help of the police. My dad had already sneaked into the enemys territory along with the police and had told my sister to keep quiet.

“However, she decided to scream for help, and in order to save her, my dad was severely injured due to one of the kidnappers. I was very angry, which is why I screamed at her. I picked up a brick that was beside me and threw it towards the kidnapper.

“Then, I heard a loud noise, which woke me up. That was when I realized that I must have been sleepwalking and really threw something at the door. By the time I came back to my senses, I heard Butler Xu calling for me. Grandfather, Im so sorry.”

With that, Jing Qian looked at her “boss” with guilt.


In her previous life, she was born to reign. She had the habit of challenging others who looked down on her. From her birth till her death, she wasnt afraid of anything or anyone. Even if it was her “boss,” she would still keep her head held high.

But for now…

She had no money, no status, and no skills.

The only place where she could challenge someone would probably be the morgue, to see if anyone dared to breath with her around.

As she thought about her depressing life, Jing Qian looked at Master Zhan with an even more sincere look.

Just now, she was still drossy and had forgotten who she was now. There was a moment where she thought she was still sleeping in her villa and one of the servants were brave enough to wake her up, but the loud noise had woken her up and she immediately opened the door.

When Butler Xu saw her explaining with a sincere look, he decided to still believe what she said.

For a woman like her, who was willing to sacrifice for her family, it showed that she cared a lot about them.

So… Young Mistress should be telling the truth, right

But… Why did he feel like he was being played again


Why did he think “again”

While Butler Xu was trying to remember when he had been played before this, Master Zhan had already moved onto the main topic.

“Qianqian, I heard from Butler Xu that you asked for rats yesterday”

From Master Zhans point of view, he didnt care much about Jing Qians personality, character, talent, education, or whether she sleepwalked. The only thing that was important to him was that she wouldnt harm his grandson.

“Yup, thats right,” Jing Qian replied with an obedient smile.

When Master Zhan saw her being so compliant, his heart slowly calmed down, continuing to ask, “Why did you ask for all these rats Where did you put them”

“I placed them at the balcony and the greenhouse near the third young masters room.”

Since Jing Qian was still answering him with an upright smile, Master Zhan did feel unhappy about those words, still willing to give her a chance to explain herself.

“There must be a reason why you did it, right”

“Of course,” Jing Qian nodded her head and moved to one side. “Grandfather, please come in. Ill bring you there to see the rats.”

Master Zhan had no idea what she was doing, but since this matter involved Ah Chuan, no matter what it was, he wanted answers to it.


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