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Chapter 27: 027: Is someone dead or what

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Considering the acupuncture points she was massaging, it confirmed that she was something who had studied medicine, and an expert at that.

A hacker who was also a medical expert!

This sort of woman would usually be on top of the pyramid. No one would dare to look down on her and there would be a lot of powerful people who would want her. Such a woman shouldnt be a person who was short on money.

Plus, she definitely wouldnt be a person who would be dumb enough to marry a quadriplegic because of her family and boyfriend.

He didnt even think that it was because this woman had liked him and was trying to help him, especially since she had been dating another man for the past 2 years.

That was her first love.


It must be that there is something that Jing Qian needed from him, which is why she decided to help, right

Other than this, Zhan Lichuan couldnt think of any other possibilities.

In fact, this was great.

He was curious as to whether her medical skills were as surprising as her hacking skills.

If it was and he could help her out, why not do so

However, the womans breath on his face and the faint, sweet scent that was different from the others kept Zhan Lichuan awake all night.


“Knock, knock, knock!”

In a deep sleep, she could faintly hear the sound of someone knocking on her door.

However, Jing Qian frowned and irritably covered her head with a blanket.

About ten seconds later, the knocking sound continued, still able to be heard even while under the blanket.

Jing Qian continued ignoring it and stayed hidden.

“Knock, knock, knock!”

The knocking sound on the door sounded without any hesitation for the third time.

“Young mistress.”

This time, along with the knocking sound, there were people calling for her as well.

“Sh*t the f**k up! Is someone dead or what!”

Jing Qians face was dark as she pulled down the blanket and reached for the clock that was placed by the bedside. It was as big as her palm and made of a rare, golden material. She picked it up and threw it against the door.

Butler Xu, who was standing right outside, heard her loud cry.

The people around the door were all shocked by it. When they went closer to the door and were about to say something else, they heard two loud bangs.

The first one was the sound of the door almost breaking, and the second was the sound of a heavy object being dropped onto the floor.

The sudden violence caused Butler Xu to shudder in fear and immediately stand in a position that made it seem as if he was ready to fight.

Master Zhan, who was standing by the side, was shocked.

“Ehm, Master Zhan… It looks like the Young Mistress may be having some trouble getting out of bed,” Butler Xu said with an awkward expression.

The poor man was already an elder in his fifties and could no longer withstand fright. When he was a few years younger, he was a strong, courageous man, incapable of being frightened.

When Master Zhan saw the frightened look on Butler Xus face, he instructed him, “When she gets out of bed, bring her to the study so that she can explain herself.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Just as Master Zhan was about to leave, the door in front of them opened.

Jing Qian, who was dressed in a white bathrobe, stood in front of them like an innocent kitten who just woken up.

“Grandfather, morning! Butler Xu, morning!” Jing Qian cheerfully greeted her “boss” and Butler Xu, who was authoritative, with a bright, vigorous smile.

Butler Xu and Master Zhan, who smiled slightly, were both rendered speechless.

Her reaction was very different from the one from before, making it extremely difficult for Master Zhan to start the topic that he had planned to discuss.


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