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Chapter 26: 026: Exposed on the first day of rebirth

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Jing Qian did not let go of him even though his body was already flipped over. Instead, she grabbed his clothes while reaching for his other arm and properly dressed him.

After that, she buttoned his clothes, pulled the blanket up, and adjusted the temperature to 26° before returning to her own room.

As soon as the door closed, Zhan Lichuan slowly opened his eyes.

Following the commands from his brain, the tablet that was diagonally placed above him lit up.

The time was adjusted to the moment she had walked in. However, the screen only showed him lying on the bed sleeping, no one else present inside the room.

The time on the screen continued moving and she was in the room for about 40 minutes while she massaged him. However, on the screen in front of him, there were no signs of her entering his room.


Not only did this woman know medicine, she was also a hacker


Jing Qian sneezed loudly when she was walking back to her bed after washing her hands. She had no idea that she had already exposed herself on the first day of her rebirth.

As for the person in the room that was next to her, Zhan Lichuan was giving orders to his computers with his brain. Soon, there were codes appearing on the screen, the command that Jing Qian had hacked into quickly decoded.

After decoding it, Jing Qians figure appeared on another screen.

Zhan Lichuan stared at the woman on the screen for a really long time, his dark eyes glistening in the dim nightlight.

This woman had the audacity to walk into his room dressed in a short, lace nightgown which barely covered her bottom

Did she really think that he was completely useless, allowing her to walk around dressed like that

After that, he saw the woman staring in the direction of a video camera on the opposite side. Her fingers swiftly moved across the screen of her phone and within a minute, she had hacked into her camera.

Although there were no strict firewalls placed in the cameras, as the one who had installed them, Zhan Lichuan had ensured that the firewalls placed were no less than those placed in important governmental departments.

However, this woman hacked into them within less than a minute.

That showed that she was an expert and with how she had done it… She must be extremely experienced.

After getting rid of his camera, the woman walked to his bedside and pressed the control board to increase the temperature within his room.

Then, she placed her hand on his wrist as she was checking his condition which was then followed by a massage. But…

What kind of expression was she wearing when she unbuttoned his clothes

Zhan Lichuans face, which was usually cold and had a dark look in his eyes, was now filled with a disgusted expression.

He paid attention to the acupuncture points that Jing Qian was pressing onto and searched for them online. He ordered his men to search for each and every one of them, wanting to know what these points were for.

His men had not received commands from Zhan Lichuan for quite some time, so when they got their instructions, every one of them had an adrenaline rush and quickly went to work.

Soon, Zhan Lichuan got all of their replies.

The acupuncture points that were on his back were used to excite the nerves in his spine, aiding circulation. They also helped to provide better sleep and relieve any stress on the overworked muscles. As for the points on his chest and neck, they were to help with his pneumonia and helped to get rid of any chronic lung diseases.

Zhan Lichuans eyes deepened once again.

Ever since he was paralyzed, he had already gotten pneumonia four times in the past three months. However, he hadnt had an episode of the disease in the past three weeks, ever since Jing Qian came into the Zhan family.


How did she know about his lung condition


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