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Chapter 15: 015: Are you happy now

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“By the way, has Jiang Yuxi moved out of her room yet

“Shes moving, but there are still some things shes left behind. Dont worry, Young Mistress, Ive already prepared the other room for her.”

This meant that no matter how hard she tried to delay it, shed be moving out tonight.

Satisfied with the answer she received, Jing Qian stood up.

“Id like to take a walk in the garden. I think itd be best for me to go over there and comfort her.”

Butler Xu remained silent, but in his head, he wondered,Are you sure youre going to comfort her Or are you trying to kill her

Jiang Yuxis room wasnt too far from their bedroom.

As she walked past the corridor and came to the other side of the mansion, Jing Qian saw Jiang Yuxi, who really wanted to stay, packing up the rest of her things.

When she saw Jing Qian walking towards her, a look of hatred flashed across her eyes. She sneered, “Look at what youve done to me! Are you happy now”

Jing Qian looked at the woman who had a twisted expression on her face simply because she was no longer allowed to live in the main building and bluntly replied, “Im all right.”

Jiang Yuxi was enraged.

Her chest started moving up and down dramatically after being triggered by this b*tch, and she was almost screaming. “Jing Qian! You dont even like Brother Chuan! So, why cant you just let me have him”

“Look at how youre exploding. Youre saying this as if hell be yours even if I allowed it. If you were that great, you wouldnt have been a guest in this house despite living in it for more than five years.”

“You...” Jiang Yuxi wasnt only panting with rage, as her face now flushed with humiliation as well.

“Calm down, I just came over to check up on your progress. Dont think that youll get to stay another day just because you couldnt move everything out by tonight. Ive asked them, and the other room is already prepared for you. Get over there, wash up, and get a good nights sleep. Try to avoid showing up in front of me from now on.”

Jiang Yuxi was too infuriated to speak, knowing that this woman was deliberately making things difficult for her. How could she be so arrogant!

When she was about to leave, Jiang Yuxi stopped her. “Jing Qian! Stop right there!”

Although Jing Qian wasnt willing to, she could see that this b*tch was a petty person. She wouldnt gain anything other than trouble if she were to fight her.

Jiang Yuxi stood in front of Jing Qian and confronted her. “You yourself know whether or not you have a lover, or if I was framing you. Jing Qian, I can pretend that today never happened and well never talk about it again. You have someone you like, and I have someone I like. We shouldnt be fighting each other when we can both benefit from this. Why dont you let me have Brother Chuan I wont pay mind to you having a lover outside. If you want to take advantage of the Zhan family, Ill even help you with that. What do you think”

Jing Qian looked at Jiang Yuxi, who was acting like she was such an honorable, kind person for offering a truce.

She replied in a disgusted tone, “Now that youve realized youre not smart enough to defeat me, youve come up with a different plan Help me How What identity would you use to help me As the guest whos about to leave the Zhan family Hmm… Lets not talk about whether or not I have a lover outside. Even if I do, I wouldnt deal with someone who is useless and has no value.”

After that, she didnt even bother looking at Jiang Yuxi, who was trembling in rage. She twisted her slender waist along with her cute butt and walked down the stairs like a queen.

This woman knew of her obsession and repeatedly mentioned that she was simply a guest!

“Jing Qian! Stop being such a b*tch!”

However, the curvy figure that was walking away didnt bother responding to her.

Butler Xu, who was hiding in the dark, was afraid that a murder scene might occur. He wasnt sure if that was possible, as Young Mistress was only a b*tch.


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