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1145 A Glass of Juice

Lucas naturally wouldnt bother with people like Roger, so he merely said indifferently, “I run a small business.”

He had numerous companies of various sizes under his name, so it wasnt wrong of him to say that he ran a small business.

But Roger really thought that Lucas was just a small business owner.

Samuel rolled his eyes.


Dunne, his business probably isnt small.

He drives a modified Range Rover that costs around two million dollars!”

Roger showed some surprise and looked at Lucas again.

“I couldnt tell that youre so low-key, Lucas.

Youre dressed so ordinary, but you can afford to drive a two-million-dollar car.

Arent you being too humble by calling it a small business”

“But running a business in DC isnt simple, and there are many big shots who cant be provoked everywhere.

In case you offend someone one day, your business might be wiped out overnight, and you could lose millions or even billions overnight.

Dont you agree, Lucas”

Roger spoke with ambiguity while staring at Lucas.

Clearly, he was threatening Lucas.

Hayden quickly chimed in, “Yeah, DC is full of powerful and talented people.

There was someone who came here to develop before, but he offended Mr.

Dunne because of his ignorance.

Later on, he suffered terribly and scrambled out of DC heavily in debt!”

Hayden almost said directly that those who offended Roger would end up terribly and lose all their assets, regardless of how much they had.

Enjoying Haydens flattery, Roger was in a good mood and guffawed out loud.

“Haha, Ive suddenly remembered it now that youve mentioned it.

There was indeed an ignorant dimwit who provoked one of my buddies and snatched his woman just because he was somewhat rich.

At that time, I just said a few words and immediately made that idiots family go bankrupt and fall into debt.

They had no choice but to leave DC in tears.”

While speaking, Roger smiled smugly at Lucas without hiding his provocation.

Everleigh seized the opportunity of Rogers good mood, quickly raised the wine glass in her hand, inched closer to him, and said coquettishly, “Youre really impressive, Mr.


A few words from you destroyed a whole family.

How amazing!

boxn ovel.



Dunne, will you allow me the honor to toast to you”

Everleigh was pretty in the first place, and now that she was trying her best to suck up to Roger, it naturally worked.

Roger often indulged in alcohol and lust.

Seeing a beautiful girl like Everleigh throwing herself at him, smelling her pleasant fragrance, and hearing her coquettish voice, he felt extremely pleased.

He raised the wine glass in front of him, clinked it with Everleighs, and laughed out loud.

“Indeed, you have a very glib tongue.

You really know the right things to say.


Receiving a compliment from Roger and clinking glasses with him, Everleigh was extremely excited, and she said coquettishly, “Mr.

Dunne, I… I was just telling the truth.

I dont have a glib tongue!”

Seeing Roger praise Everleigh, Samuel hurriedly joined in and brought his girlfriend, Alyssa, over to toast Roger.


Dunne, heres a toast from us!”

Seeing this, Hayden couldnt fall behind and quickly toasted Roger together with Bethany.


Dunne, we also offer you a toast!”

After they toasted Roger and showered him with endless compliments, he burst into laughter and drank several glasses of wine in one go.

Lucas and Leila were the only ones who didnt toast Roger and remained sitting in their seats.

Samuel looked at the two of them and deliberately mocked, “Ah, why do some people lack self-awareness Mr.

Dunne is treating us to dinner today, and since someone is here for a free meal, he shouldnt be so ignorant that he doesnt even know to toast the host out of basic courtesy, right”

Hayden sneered.

“He drove a two-million-dollar car here.

Of course, hes different from us, but hed better not think that he can take Mr.

Dunne lightly just because he has an expensive car.


Dunne has numerous million-dollar cars at home!”

Alyssa and Bethany glanced at Lucas and rolled their eyes in disdain.

“Maybe someone thinks they are a big shot on the same level as Mr.

Dunne just because he drives an expensive car! Haha, its hilarious!”

They not only mocked Lucas, they even involved Leila.

After all, they were the only two who hadnt toasted Roger.

Everleigh came over to Leila and whispered in concern, “Leila, dont just sit here.

Hurry up and bring your boyfriend over to toast Mr.

Dunne! Why dont you two have the basic awareness to do this Quickly, dont anger Mr.


Roger didnt say anything at all, but these people were already helping him chide the two ignorant people who didnt toast him.

He leaned back against his seat and smiled.

Ill just stay sitting here.

That punk Lucas will have to toast me eventually.

These were the rights that those superior enjoyed.

After hearing their comments, Leila couldnt help being hesitant.

She really didnt want to toast Roger or even speak a single word with him.

She had agreed to attend todays dinner party with the sole purpose of showing him herboyfriend so that he would give up the idea of pursuing her and stop pestering her.

But now, everyone was targeting Lucas.

Lucas didnt know the rest present, so there was no reason for him to toast.

In case Roger really blamed Lucas for this, he might take revenge on Lucas and destroy his company.

Leila remembered clearly what Hayden and Samuel had just deliberately said, and she was really afraid that Lucas would end up bankrupt because of her.

When Leila was hesitating about whether to put down her pride and toast Roger, Lucas smiled and poured some fruit juice into his glass.

Samuel immediately pointed at Lucass glass and accused sternly, “Lucas, dont you understand basic courtesy How dare you think of toasting Mr.

Dunne with juice instead of wine Do you call yourself a man!”

Hayden sneered.

“Hah, Ive really gotten an eye-opener.


Dunne is drinking wine, and we all toasted him with wine, yet you poured a glass of fruit juice.

Do you really think youre some big shot”

Alyssa, Bethany, and the others even rolled their eyes at Lucas.

They didnt mock Lucas directly but instead said to Leila, “Leila, look at the boyfriend you found.

Hes putting on airs.

He isnt even toasting Mr.

Dunne with wine but poured a glass of juice! How could he offend Mr.

Dunne like that! Youll suffer by dating him!”

But at this moment, Lucas raised the glass of juice and took a light sip.

The other people in the room were stunned.

Lucas didnt toast with the juice but drank it on his own.

He ignored all of them!

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