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The First Store System Chapter 18 - Silver Crow

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Chapter 18

Vanya's eyes shined, seeing both the Holy Knight's knowledge and Healing skill. Currently, both treasures had value to her.

One treasure gave Vanya the ability to heal her father right away, and the other gave her the ability to heal her father as well as get revenge on the people behind this. She would've chosen the chip straight away if not for the exorbitant price of one hundred and eight supercluster cores. She can comfortably pay ten world cores in eleven years by asking the payment in return for acting as healers for higher-level beings.

"What would happen if I can't clear the bill of the products" Vanya asked.

Aakesh also didn't know the answer, so he asked the system about it.

"The products you bought will be taken back, then time will be reversed back to the time when you purchased the product, and your soul will be the collateral price for wasting the time of the store," He informed Vanya, the exact words the system told him.

"You may think, giving your soul will be the end of the deal, but no your soul will become a slave of the store and will have to work for eternity. The work won't be physically torturing, but you'll still wish you would've paid the price due to the mental torture," Aakesh added more.

Vanya shuddered, even thinking about working for eternity. "See, firstly the product we sell is unique to this store, and secondly, you'll feel you paid less after you use the treasures bought from us. The only situation, you can't pay the price is when you get greedy," He explained, seeing the unsettled look on her face.

Vanya fell silent and started thinking about her choice. She had to buy one of these products if she wants to heal her father. After thinking for some time, she made her decision.

"I want to buy the chip," She told Aakesh. There were two reasons behind buying the chip instead of the healing skill. First, the healing skill only gives her the ability to heal others but not protect her family. Secondly, the chip will grant her the power to treat her father as well as guard her family, fight back and take revenge, and make herself known throughout the Multiverse.

"Good choice. To achieve something great, you need to take risks. If you use this chip to your advantage, you'll be able to pay the cost even before the deadline," Aakesh commented. He also tried to fill confidence in her, as he wanted the best for her. Vanya is the first living creature he has met face-to-face.

Vanya only nodded in response. "You've selected the product, so let's sign the contract," He announced.

The next moment, a silver-gilt animal's skin appeared in his hand. This animal skin was of the animal 'Silver Crow', a primordial creature. Their skins were willingly given, as they don't feel pain when losing their skin, and any kind of energy signature won't harm the skin. It was as if that was the sole purpose for which Devas created them.

Red fonts then started appearing on the contract. It was also the blood of Silver crow that was used as the ink for the contract.

After the entire contract appeared on the animal skin, Aakesh gave the contract to Vanya. She lightly took the contract and read it.

There were no conditions on the contract for any loophole. It was plainly written that Vanya had bought the chip containing Holy Knight's knowledge at the price of one hundred and eight supercluster cores. The duration in which she has to pay the entire cost is eleven years. The time starts right after signing the contract. Regardless of the situation or circumstance, she must clear the payment before the deadline expires. Then there was a column for her signature.

"Just think about signing the contract, and your figure will appear on the contract," Aakesh explained.

"Before you sign, there will be an intense pain due to cutting off a portion of your soul," He then warned her so that she doesn't face a sudden pain.

Vanya nodded and prepared herself for the pain. She then thought of signing the contract, and the next moment, a painful scream escaped from her mouth. Even after preparing for it, the pain was still intense.

A dark red figure of her appeared on the contract. After signing, the contract itself returned to Aakesh's hand.

The next moment, there was a movement in the space. A portal appeared, and an enormous vertical eye came out of it. It then peered at Vanya first and then the contract.

Vanya was so frightened by the eye's stare that she dared not even look at it. Standing there, her face was completely drained of blood. Even breathing right now was too terrifying for her.

After a few seconds, the contract dissipated with it, the eye too disappeared. Vanya finally dared to breathe. She took a deep breath to calm down her terrified heart.

"The contract is done, so you're the owner of this chip from now on," Aakesh announced.

"What was that, store owner" Vanya ignored everything Aakesh said. She even forgot why did she had come here. Right now, only fear for the eye stayed in her mind.

"Oh, the eye, have you heard of Devas" Aakesh casually asked.

Vanya nodded in response. "That eye is a Deva. They manage the contracts around the Multiverse," He casually said.

"De...va," Vanya responded slurringly.

"Did I just see a Deva" She whispered in exclamation.

"The soul part of yours will be returned back to you when you clear the bill of the chip. You can leave now," Aakesh ignored her exclamation and explained.

"Hey, system, send her. We have already signed the deal," Aakesh requested to the system.

A white light then appeared and engulfed Vanya. The sudden light stunned her. Before she could ask anything, she returned back to her place.

"Hey, system, I completed my quest," Aakesh then excitedly told the system. There was excitement in his eyes as he waited for the random reward.


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