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Chapter 9: Chapter 9: You Didnt Lose Your Memory

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“Hey, isnt this the adopted country bumpkin from the Xu family Why is she in this shop”

“Thats really rare. How could she be qualified to come to such a high-end clothing store Could she really be a rich person on the list”

A few familiar discussions came from behind her. Xu Wanwan turned around unhappily and saw two women who were dressed up meticulously.

It was them again.

Back at the birthday party, they were the ones who were gathered around Xu Yue and had gossiped about her.

When the two girls saw Xu Wanwan turn around, their gazes became even more disdainful.

The long-haired woman lifted the bag in her hand and snorted. “Xu Wanwan, you really dont know whats good for you. Yueyue treated you so well, but you actually broke relations with her over a smelly man.”

“Yeah, now that youre out of the Xu family, it seems that youre not living well,” another short-haired woman mocked. “Look at the shabby clothes youre wearing. Even my dog wouldnt wear such a shabby thing.”

“Who asked her to be a country bumpkin from the countryside Her vision is shallow and doesnt know how to curry favor with Yueyue. Shes living a good life, but she still wants to fly to the top and become a phoenix. What a joke!”

Xu Wanwan was unperturbed as she gave the two a measured look. Calmly, she retorted, “If I remember correctly, the bag in your hands is a limited edition model from last year, and theres only one model in China. But both the design and embroidery of your bag are so sloppy, its obvious that theyre fake.”

“Xu Yue also has that necklace around your neck, but hers is full of diamonds, while yours is like the 9.99-per-pack model on Taobao. “Oh right, you two are so close to Xu Yue, you should know that she hates clashing with others the most, right”

The two womens faces turned red, and their eyes became flustered.

Damn it!

This country bumpkin could actually distinguish between these big-name jewelry!

“What nonsense are you talking about! A country bumpkin like you, what right do you have to criticize us”

Xu Wanwan laughed indifferently, disdaining to tangle with them.

Although she did not have a good life in her past life, the Xu family was good at saving face, and Xu Yue was even more keen on buying big brands. She had lived in such an environment, so she more or less knew a little about it.

Who would have thought that these two women would actually run into the muzzle of her gun

The two women were extremely angry. Seeing that the shop assistants were all laughing at them, they became even angrier.

“Xu Wanwan, I must teach you a lesson!” Blinded by anger, the long-haired woman raised her hand and charged forward.

By the time Xu Wanwan reacted, the long-haired woman had already rushed over. She frowned slightly as a warm force covered her wrist.

Li Jingran had pulled her behind him, grabbed the long-haired womans arm, and fiercely shook her off.


With a scream, the long-haired woman staggered and fell to the ground, making a muffled sound.

Xu Wanwan also hissed softly. Just hearing the sound already felt painful.

The long-haired womans eyes filled with disbelief as she fell to the ground. She cried out involuntarily, “Xu Wanwan, just you wait!”

Li Jingran glanced sideways at the girl behind him and said coldly, “Ha, you dare threaten my Li family”

“You... You!” The long-haired woman struggled to get up from the ground, so angry that she could not speak.

The short-haired woman grabbed her and quickly said, “This person is Li Jingran. If we provoke him, our lives will be over.”

Although the long-haired woman did not know Li Jingran, she had heard his name before.

She could not help but tremble. After she managed to regain her composure, she was still very unhappy.

How could a country bumpkin like Xu Wanwan have a relationship with Li Jingran This was not fair!

She tried her best to put on a flattering smile and said, “Mister Li, please dont be fooled by people like Xu Wanwan. She looks pitiful on the surface, but in fact, shes very dark on the inside.”

“When she was in the Xu family, she used her identity as an adopted daughter to bully Yueyue. Uncle Xu treated her so well, but she didnt know what was good for her and refused to acknowledge them.”

The short-haired woman quickly echoed, “Thats right, thats right. People like her from the countryside are not good-hearted. Shes obviously greedy for money. She approached you because she wanted to cheat you of your money. You have to be careful.”

Li Jingran didnt care and even chuckled, “Thats for the best.”


“Im warning you again. Wanwan is now a member of the Li family.” Li Jingran lost his patience, his manner imposing, “She has a kind nature, but that doesnt mean she can be bullied. If you dare to speak rudely again, I can only teach you a lesson on her behalf.”

The two women only realized the seriousness of the matter when they felt the atmosphere around Li Jingran turn colder.

“Why dont you get lost”

The two women were indignant, but they did not dare to flare up in front of Li Jingran. They could only swallow their anger and run away.

The store regained its peace. Still bearing the gloomy mood from before, Li Jingran turned around and stared at Xu Wanwan. “You didnt lose your memory”

Xu Wanwans heart skipped a beat.

Oh no!

When she was insulting the two women just now, she seemed to have accidentally said something related to Xu Yue.

Li Jingran looked at the girl who did not say anything for a long time and guessed something. His eyes became darker. “Youve been lying to me”

Xu Wanwan panicked and avoided the mans gaze. She was extremely anxious.

What should she do What should she do

If Li Jingran knew that she pretended to have amnesia to get close to him, wouldnt he be angry

If he was angry, he would definitely kick her out of the Li family.

When Xu Wanwan thought of this ending, her heart became even more uneasy.

Just as her psychological defense was about to collapse, a phone rang.

Li Jingran glanced at the girl, picked up his phone, and walked to the side to answer the call.

Xu Wanwan carefully sighed and quickly thought about how to persuade Li Jingran to keep her.

After a while, Li Jingran walked back quickly. “I have to go back to the company. The driver will come to pick you up later.”

Seeing that he did not continue to ask, Xu Wanwan finally breathed a sigh of relief and quickly nodded. “Okay.”

Before he left, Li Jingran swiped his credit card and bought all the clothes in the shop.

The shop assistant was flabbergasted. She looked at Xu Wanwan with envy and jealousy.

Xu Wanwan was not happy. She was still worried about what had happened just now.

When she finally made it home, she threw herself into bed and was upset about what she had said.

She had really been careless...

If Li Jingran knew the truth. She would become a bad woman who lied, and he would definitely chase her away.

The more she thought about it, the more scared she became, and her whole body shrank into a ball.

Time passed, minute by minute, but Li Jingran did not come back.

This was even more torturous for her.

Xu Wanwan spent the night in a state of anxiety. The next day, she got up early and went into the kitchen to cook breakfast.

Li Jingran was so smart that she definitely couldnt hide it from him. She might as well confess and admit her mistake.

What if he could give her another chance because she was pitiful and sensible

With this thought in mind, Xu Wanwan tried her best to bring her culinary skills that she had practiced hard for three years to the extreme and made a big table of delicious breakfast.


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