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Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Termination of Cooperation

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Hearing this, Li Jingrans lips curled into a mocking smile. “Since you said that Wanwan is your daughter, why would you let her suffer in the countryside”

Father Xu choked and his face turned red. “This was an accident. Since Wanwan was adopted by us, we will definitely treat her well in the future.”

For the sake of Xu Yues results, Father Xu had no choice but to suppress the dissatisfaction in his heart.

“Yes, Sister. Father and Mother are already so anxious. Hurry up and come home with us,” Xu Yues eyes flashed with a glimmer, but she pretended to be sad, “There are so many good things out there. How can it be better than home”

Xu Wanwan looked at the big family with a calm expression and said in a distant tone, “From now on, you and I are no longer a family. Please dont pester me in the future.”

Li Jingran looked sideways at the girl, and the corners of his lips unconsciously curved up.

This girl was smart enough to distance herself from them.

After Xu Wanwan said that, she raised her hand and gently pulled on Li Jingrans sleeve. “Brother, make them leave.”

“Butler, see them out.”

Li Jingran couldnt be bothered to entangle with this family any longer, so he just ordered coldly.

Seeing that there was no turning back, Xu Yue looked anxious. She grabbed Mother Xus arm, her eyes full of hints. “Mother, how can we let Sister stay here alone Ill feel terrible...”

Xu Yue narrowed her eyes, feeling extremely unhappy. This Xu Wanwan was really a stubborn person who didnt know what was good for her!

Now, she didnt even acknowledge her own biological parents and was instead loyal to an outsider.

She couldnt even be compared to Yueyue!

Since this girl was so ungrateful, then dont blame them for being ruthless.

“Mister Xu, Madam Xu, please.” The butler came up to them and nodded slightly.

Father Xu suddenly thought of something and smiled apologetically. “Director Li, even if you want to adopt Wanwan, you have to get our approval. Otherwise, the collaboration between the Xu family and the Li family will probably...”

Although the Xu family was much inferior than the Li family, their family was also considered as one of the best in this industry. He did not believe that Li Jingran would give up the collaboration with the Xu family for a wild girl like Xu Wanwan.

Mother Xu observed Li Jingrans expression and said, “Director Li, you also know that our Xu family has business dealings with the Li family. I think you wont be so unreasonable, right”

Li Jingran snorted lightly.

Were they threatening him

What kind of guts did the Xu family have to dare to threaten him

His expression was cold as he said indifferently, “Its fine to terminate the cooperation. Then, according to the agreement in the contract, we will pay a penalty of 300 million for breach of contract.”

“What!” Father Xus voice suddenly became louder, and he almost lost his mind from anger. “Director Li, the Xu family has cooperated with the Li family for so many years. This isnt worth 300 million...”

“Ive always followed the rules,” Li Jingran said coldly.

Damn it!

What did this Li Jingran see in Xu Wanwan He didnt hesitate to break all decorum to keep her.

Mother Xu was anxious. She pointed at Xu Wanwans nose and scolded, “Dont forget that youre adopted by us. The Xu family is your family. How can you be so shameless to stay in another mans home”

“Xu Wanwan, Ill give you one last chance. Are you coming with us or not”

Xu Wanwan looked at the family coldly. “I dont know you.”

“Youre really an ingrate! Just stay here shamelessly. Youll regret it in the future!”

“If you dont go back now, dont kneel down and beg us to adopt you in the future!”

Li Jingran gave the housekeeper a meaningful glance and said coldly, “See the guests out.”

Xu Wanwan looked at the familys defeated expression and felt inexplicably happy. She held onto Li Jingrans sleeve tightly and followed him up to the second floor.

They walked all the way to the study room. Li Jingran leaned against the desk and looked down at the girls tightly clenched hands. He chuckled and said, “Why arent you letting go”

The mans voice was deep and magnetic. Xu Wanwans face turned red, and she immediately let go.

She looked up at him and said seriously, “Thank you.”

“For what”

“Thank you for helping me out. Otherwise, they would have brought me back to the Xu family...”

She did not want to go back to that sullen place and be restrained by Xu Yue everywhere.

Li Jingran looked indifferent. “From now on, stay by my side obediently.”

Xu Wanwan looked at the mans handsome side profile and nodded without thinking. “Okay.”

Li Jingran looked at the obedient girl in front of him and was in a good mood. He suddenly wanted to tease her.

“So how are you going to thank me”

Xu Wanwan blinked her big eyes and looked innocent. “What do you want”

The girls voice was clear and sweet. Together with her harmless little face, it made his heart beat erratically.

Li Jingran leaned closer to her and opened his thin lips slightly. “Then study hard and make yourself stronger.”

He could not bear to see the girls aggrieved look.

Xu Wanwans eyes widened as she looked at the mans face that was leaning closer. She could not help but swallow her saliva. “Okay... Ill definitely study hard and repay you in the future.”

Li Jingran rubbed the girls head in satisfaction. “Well, you dont have to worry about school. Ill get someone to arrange it.”

Satisfied, Xu Wanwan left and returned to her room to rest.

In order to thank him, she decided to wake up early the next day and cook him a sumptuous breakfast.

Xu Wanwan got up at five oclock. After washing up, she went to the kitchen to get busy.

The maids at home started work at six oclock. When she was almost ready, the two maids rushed over.

Xu Wanwan held a plate and smiled at the two of them. “Good morning. Ive already made breakfast. You can go and rest.”

One of the servants glanced at the lean meat porridge in Xu Wanwans hand and smiled scornfully. “Miss Xu, our Mister has never eaten such a low-class breakfast. Please dont make a fool of yourself in the future.”

“But Miss Xu has good intentions. Having grown up in the countryside, she has probably never seen anything better.”

The two servants knew that Xu Wanwan was the adopted daughter of the Xu family who had stayed in the countryside. They looked down on her from the bottom of their hearts.

Xu Wanwan raised her little face. “But Big Brother said before that the porridge I cooked was very delicious.”

“Youre so young, how can you be so shameless Youre not related to our CEO Li, and you still have the nerve to call him Big Brother”

“Forget it. Since youre a servant, we wont make things difficult for you. CEO Li gets up at seven. Youd better prepare breakfast at half past six.”

The two maids saw that Xu Wanwan was young and didnt care about her at all. After mocking her for a while, they walked out of the kitchen.

At seven, Li Jingran got up early and went downstairs. He immediately saw Xu Wanwan coming out of the kitchen.

She wore a refreshing ponytail and a pale yellow apron. Her hands were not idle as she walked toward the dining table with two plates in her hands.

Li Jingran strode over.

Xu Wanwan put down the plates in her hands and looked up at the man in front of her. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and immediately smiled sweetly. “Good morning, Brother!”

Li Jingrans face darkened. He looked at the maids who were standing still behind him and said coldly, “Who allowed you to be lazy”

The two maids had already thought of an excuse and said in unison, “Director Li, this is Miss Xus idea. She said that you like to eat her cooking.”

The two of them did not think much of it. She was just a persistent girl who would get out of the Li family sooner or later.

However, in the next second, the two of them heard something that made their jaws drop—

“From today onward, Xu Wanwan is the eldest miss of the Li family.. In this family, she enjoys the same treatment as me.”


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