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Chapter 30: Chapter 30: She Drank Too Much

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If she had known that Xu Wanwan was so capable, she would have never agreed to the competition even if she died.

But it had already happened. She didnt beat Xu Wanwan, and she had to leave the company according to what she had said earlier.

However, the Li Corporation was the most suitable company in the industry for her. If she were to leave easily like this, how could she be willing

Xia Nuaner quickly went up to Li Jingran and tearfully said, “CEO Li, please give me another chance. I really need this job. I came here right after I graduated. If I cant even pass my internship, no company will dare to hire me anymore.”

“You dont have a chance anymore,” Li Jingran said coldly. “I never keep people with bad morals here.”

Xu Wanwan walked up to Xia Nuaner and reminded her, “By the way, before you leave, you have to help me tidy up the things on the table and pay what you must compensate for according to its price.”

“You!” Xia Nuaner glared at Xu Wanwan fiercely but was forced back by Li Jingran, who was standing behind her. She swallowed her anger and said, “Youre ruthless! Theres still a long way to go. Well see.”

Xu Wanwan could not be bothered with her. She turned around and went back to her work.

This matter had come to an end, and Li Jingran also returned to his office.

After Xia Nuaner finished paying the compensation, she also left the company under the surveillance of the security personnel.

When it was time to get off work, all the colleagues in the Internship Department gathered around. Zheng Feng took the lead and suggested, “Team Leader Xu, the proposal you made today was really wonderful. Why dont we go out and celebrate together”

Xu Wanwan was stunned. “Ah... I dont think thats necessary.”

“Why not Were all in the same department now. We have to get to know each other at a dinner party,” another colleague chimed in. “Moreover, this can also improve the tacit understanding between each other and the unity of this department. Dont you think so, Team Leader Xu”

Xu Wanwan thought for a moment and felt that what they said made sense.

Zheng Feng added, “Team Leader Xu, the dinner table has been reserved. The colleagues all hope that you can come.”

Xu Wanwan hesitated for a moment. “Okay, then wait for me.”

She planned to discuss it with Li Jingran. What if he didnt agree

She walked into the presidents office. Before she could say anything, Li Jingran said, “The proposal you made today is very good. The company is going to adopt it.”

“Arent you going to consider it again” Xu Wanwan was also a little surprised. After all, this was her first time making a proposal, so she was still a little unsure.

Li Jingrans tone was full of praise and affirmation. “You did a good job. You dont have to consider it.”

Hearing him praise her, Xu Wanwan was also a little happy, and the corner of her lips lifted as she smiled sweetly at him. “This is also an opportunity you gave me.”

Li Jingran looked at the sincere look on the girls face, and the corners of his lips slightly twitched.

“When did you study how to draw”

Xu Wanwan: “I didnt study it.”

“Ive carefully looked at the proposal you made. The illustration with the picture is very good.” Li Jingran stared into the girls eyes and raised his eyebrows and asked rhetorically, “You really havent studied”

The mans eyes were too hot. Xu Wanwan let out a light breath and said truthfully, “I was very interested in drawing in the past, so I practiced it myself.”

Li Jingrans eyes lit up. If she could draw to this level with just a little practice, it meant that she was extremely talented.

He pondered for a moment and asked, “Are you willing to continue developing in this area”

Xu Wanwan thought for a moment and immediately rejected him. “No need. This is just my hobby.”

After all, there could be many hobbies, but she only had one dream.

Li Jingran sighed in his heart. He always felt that she had wasted a great talent.

But if she was unwilling, he would not force her.

“Wait for me for a while. Ill finish reading this contract and then get off work.”

“Um, can I go home later today” Xu Wanwan hesitated for a moment and finally mustered up her courage to ask.

Li Jingran looked up at the girl. “Hmm”

“My colleagues said that it wouldnt be good if I didnt go to the dinner party tonight.”

“Do you want to go”

“Yeah... a little.”

“Yeah, Ill ask the driver to send you there.” Li Jingran didnt say anything but just reminded her. “Be careful.”

Xu Wanwan nodded seriously. “Okay, then Ill go out with them”

“Okay, go ahead.”

Li Jingran looked at the girls back as she left. He pinched the space between his eyebrows tiredly and continued with his work.

At night, at the KTV.

The young men and women changed their clothes. Under the wandering lights, they toasted and sang to their hearts content.

Xu Wanwan sat in a corner and watched them drink and sing. She felt that time was passing too slowly.

She played on her phone alone and occasionally ate a piece of fruit to pass the time.

Zheng Feng raised his wine glass and sat beside her. “Team Leader Xu, arent you going to play with them”

“No, my singing isnt good,” Xu Wanwan rejected tactfully.

At this moment, a male colleague who had drunk too much walked over and coaxed, “Team Leader Xu, why arent you playing with everyone”

After he shouted, the gazes of the surrounding people focused on Xu Wanwan. Seeing that she was sitting in a corner without moving, they all said, “Team Leader Xu, since youre here to play, dont sit so far away. Come and play the game with us.”

“Yes, lets play Truth or Dare. The loser drinks.”

Xu Wanwan frowned slightly and was about to find an excuse to refuse when Zheng Feng, who was beside her, smiled and said, “Actually, the colleagues are all very nice, but youre not familiar with them, so its inevitable that there will be some misunderstandings.”

This sentence seemed to remind Xu Wan, so she did not reject him anymore. She got up and walked to a place with many people and started playing games with them.

The dice rolled on the table with a crisp sound. When it was her turn, only the smallest number was left.

“Team Leader Xu, the number you rolled is the smallest. Its your turn to drink.”

Xu Wanwan was a little confused.

She could not really drink, so she picked up the wine glass hesitantly. Facing the expectant gazes of the people around her, she forced herself to drink a glass.

In the end, after drinking one glass, she felt a burning sensation in her stomach, and her face turned red.

Not long after, it was her turn to roll the dice again.

This time, her luck was slightly better, and she rolled the number three.

But the others all rolled higher numbers than her...

“Team Leader Xu, drink!”

Xu Wanwan sighed and thought that she was unlucky. She picked up the glass again, raised her head, and downed the glass in one gulp.

Later on, she drank a few more glasses in a row, and her mind was in a daze. If she were to lose again, she would not be able to drink anymore.

“Team Leader Xu, you have to admit defeat. Its your turn to drink again.” Her colleagues did not notice her strange behavior and continued to shout.

Xu Wanwans beautiful brows were furrowed, and her little face was red. She shook her head weakly. “I cant drink anymore.”

Zheng Feng saw her like this and immediately interrupted their jeering. “Alright, we still have to work tomorrow. Take it easy.”

“Team Leader Xu drank too much.. Ill send her back first.”


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