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Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Dont Leave Me Alone

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“Tsk tsk tsk, looking at her, she should be very attached to her brother...”

More and more people were attracted by the sound of her crying, and even the expressionless Li Jingran was being pointed at by them. Even the resident doctor, who was making ward rounds, could not help but frown. He wanted to give this brother and sister a way out.

“Alright, alright! Theres nothing to see. Lets go back!”

The doctor waved at the people around him. He walked into the ward and flipped through Xu Wanwans medical records to make sure that she was alright, then said to Li Jingran, “Since shes awake, lets take her back. Our hospital beds are tight. Please cooperate with our family members.”

“Im not...” Li Jingrans face darkened. He wanted to explain.

However, the doctor did not give them a chance at all. He turned around and left. He told the nurses at the ward door that Xu Wanwans bed would be empty tonight. There were still other patients waiting for their lives to be saved.

He had to leave now even if he did not want to.

Li Jingran stared coldly at the girl. “Are you satisfied”

Xu Wanwan sniffed silently and lowered her head. She whispered, “Brother, Im sorry...”

“I really dont know where to go. Brother, if youre still angry, I-I wont trouble you to take me home. Can you show me the way Ill walk home by myself, okay”

Let a little girl who had just woken up walk home in the middle of the night

How much hate was there between the siblings

The person in the next bed looked at Li Jingran as if he was a beast.

Li Jingran felt as if the tip of a knife was pointed at his back.

His face was pitch black as he said coldly, “Follow me.”

Li Residence, study room.

“Sir, that lady has already fallen asleep.”

“Got it. Dont worry about her.”

Li Jingran rushed over to report to the butler and nodded. Recalling what had happened just now, a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

The next day.

Xu Wanwan thought that she would not be able to fall asleep after running away from home, but in fact, she slept very well. She slept until daybreak.

She felt her body become lighter than ever before. The stifling feeling that had been lingering in her heart seemed to have disappeared without a trace. Subconsciously, she attributed the credit to that strange man.

As expected of the son of Fate!

Although it was very embarrassing yesterday, it was worth it.

Soon, she was called downstairs to eat.

Li Jingran had already arrived. There was coffee in his hand, and he was looking at something on his phone. He completely ignored her.

However, Xu Wanwan had just basked in his light, so she did not feel neglected at all. She pulled out a chair and sat down. She took the initiative to say, “Good morning, Brother.”

The young girls voice was clear and sweet, with a tinge of joy and delight. Her almond-shaped eyes curved into crescent moons, looking somewhat cute and nave.

Li Jingran glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes and nodded silently.

Xu Wanwan had a good appetite. It had been a long time since she had eaten a hot breakfast. In the past, in order to curry favor with her family, she was the first person in the family to wake up. By the time everyone was done eating, her portion would have long gone cold.

“Finish eating, then leave.”

Suddenly, Li Jingran spoke, his voice indifferent.

After he finished speaking, he raised his chin to signal for someone to hand over a bank card.

He said coldly, “The money here is enough for you to live for a period of time. My patience is limited. Dont play tricks in front of me.”

Xu Wanwan was stunned and a little lost.

“Brother, are you going to... chase me away”

“Im not your brother.”

Li Jingran frowned as he said that lightly.

After that, he stood up and went upstairs.

Half an hour later.

Li Jingran went out a little later than usual. He guessed that the girl had left, so he came downstairs.

However, as soon as he went out, he saw a figure.

The thin and small girl was holding her school bag, huddling under the eaves. The rain splashed on the ground, making the corner of her clothes wet. Her hair was wet and stuck to her face. Her palm-sized face had lost its color and looked even more fragile; she looked listless. There was a touch of pink at the corner of her eyes, as if she had just cried.

She raised her head and met his gaze. Immediately, with tears in her eyes, she cried out, “Brother.”

It was obvious that her soft voice was trembling, as if she had been wronged. Even Li Jingran was stunned.

Xu Wanwans legs were actually numb from squatting.

She did not know how to leave this place at all. Since it was raining, she could only hide under the eaves and wait for the rain to stop before she left. When she saw Li Jingran just now, she wanted to stand up; but in the end, an unspeakable pain had rushed to her head, and it almost made her fall to the ground. Her eyes started to feel warm.

“Why didnt you leave”

Li Jingran was silent for a moment. It was probably because she looked pitiful, but his tone was not as cold as when he was at the dining table.

“I dont know where to go.”

Xu Wanwan pursed her lips and said with tears in her eyes, “I only know you, Brother. Dont leave me, okay I dont eat much, and I can sleep on the sofa. Please dont chase me away, okay...”

She was gambling.

She had to get close to the son of Fate in order to live long, and this person in front of her was the only one she knew. For her own sake, she had to thicken her skin and think of a way to get a hold of him.

Xu Wanwan cried as she recalled the events of her past life. She felt that she was really too miserable. The more she cried, the fiercer she became. In the end, she cried until her eyes were swollen and she was out of breath.

Li Jingran pinched the headache at the space between his eyebrows. After a moment of silence, he looked at her with an expressionless face.

No matter if her amnesia was real or fake…

Her cries were quite real... as if he had angered the heavens that made people complain.

It was really troublesome.

Li Jingran and Xu Wanwan looked at each other for a moment. In the end, he lost. With a dark face, he ordered the housekeeper in the room, “Go and find a set of clothes that she can wear.”

It worked!

Xu Wanwans eyes lit up, and she hurriedly rubbed her legs and stood up.

Li Jingran didnt look back until the girls figure completely disappeared at the stairs.

He then saw the school bag that the girl had left on the sofa. It was slightly open, revealing a corner of white paper of what seemed to be an admission ticket.

Li Jingrans brows creased into a frown as he raised his hand unceremoniously to take it out. The girls face was printed on the black and white paper, along with her name, the exam venue, and the admission ticket number.

“A high school student” His face turned even darker.

Who would be willing to send a child who had just come of age here

Li Jingran did not believe Xu Wanwans words at all, but she did have an innocent look on her face and did not seem to be scheming. She was more inclined to be used by others.

After thinking for a moment, he took a photo of the admission ticket and sent it to his assistant.

“Check this person.”

The admission tickets were all given one number per person. There was no possibility of forgery.

Xu Wanwans body was not in good condition to begin with. After half an hour of being in the cold wind, she felt a little uncomfortable when she entered the room. She asked the butler for medicine and fell asleep in a daze after drinking it.

When she woke up again, she was shocked by the figure beside the bed!

“Its me.” A low voice sounded slowly. Xu Wanwan rubbed her eyes and recognized it was actually Li Jingran.

“Brother Whats wrong” She asked blankly.

“The college entrance exam results are out today. You didnt know” Li Jingran raised his eyebrows. The look in his eyes was different from before, as if he admired her.

The shock in her eyes didnt seem fake. Could it be that she had really lost her memory and couldnt even remember something as important as the college entrance exam results

Xu Wanwan had really forgotten about this. After thinking about it carefully, she remembered that in the original book, Xu Wanwan had announced before the college entrance exam that she would compete with the female protagonist for the results. Whoever had a lower score would get the hell out of the Xu family.

Of course, one could imagine the consequences. Not only did she perform terribly, she had just passed the second scoreline. When she filled out her application, she also faced the risk of slipping. Moreover, because she had broken her promise in public, she had become the laughingstock of the entire city.

It also highlighted the female protagonists intelligence and wit once again.

She had thought that she would return at the right time and change her fate. Unexpectedly, she was still a step too late. The college entrance exam results were already out. She must have failed the exam just like in the original book.

Lowering her eyes, Xu Wanwan nodded after a long while, as if she was not very happy.


Li Jingran sensed her depression, and a trace of suspicion flashed across his eyes. He then said lightly, “You are the provincial Science top scorer this year.”

Xu Wanwan suddenly raised her head, her face full of disbelief.


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