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Chapter 28: Chapter 28: Strength Speaks Louder than Words

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A mix of grievance and anger surged inside her chest.

This was too much!

Xu Wanwan gripped the corner of the table tightly with both hands and turned to look at those people. “Who did this”

Xia Nuaner burst out laughing. She felt so comfortable in her heart.

A shameless girl like that deserved to be taught a lesson.

She thought she was amazing just because she was able to get on Li Jingrans good side, but she still wanted to fight with her No way!

Xu Wanwan took a deep breath and saw Xia Nuaner gloating. She walked up to her and asked coldly, “Did you do it”

“Dont you slander me, okay” Xia Nuaner stood up, her tone was particularly arrogant. “Youre not that likable, so why are you framing me”

“There are surveillance cameras in the company. It doesnt matter if you dont admit it.” Xu Wanwan gradually calmed down. “If you did this, youd better be prepared to pay for it.”

“The companys computer screen is damaged, and important documents are damaged. Youll have to compensate for it. Also, you have to clean up my desk and chair.”

Xia Nuaner scoffed. “Hmph, youre just a sellout. Youre lucky to be on the rich list. Do you think you have the right to act like an official here”

“Youd better think it through before you say anything. After all, its illegal to spread rumors.”

“I broke the law Ridiculous!” Xia Nuaners tone became even more arrogant. “Then, arent you also breaking the law by selling yourself off”

Xu Wanwan looked at her coldly and did not say another word.

She did not want to argue with a red face. She only wanted to solve the problem.

Xia Nuaner, however, seemed to be under the impression that she was afraid. She immediately stood on top of the chair and urged everyone, “Let me tell everyone that Xu Wanwan is Director Lis mistress. She used this kind of improper relationship to become our team leader. We should protest!”

“Why should we let a person who knows nothing control us We should chase such a person out.”

Under Xia Nuaners urging, the discussion around them grew louder and louder. They looked at Xu Wanwan with disdain and indifference.

Xu Wanwans heart tightened, and she tried her best to calm her emotions. “Ill go check the surveillance footage now. If I find out that youre the one who did this, youll pay the price.”

“Are you threatening me Im so scared!”

Xu Wanwan bit her lip and took a step to leave.

Xia Nuaner grabbed her arm with full force, making her unable to move at all.

“What are you trying to do” Xu Wanwan asked in a displeased tone as she looked down at the hands on her arms.

“Of course, Im trying to let everyone see your ugly face. If I were you, I wouldnt be able to stay here and just obediently get out of here.”

Xu Wanwan retorted mercilessly and shook her hands off. “Youre the one who should take a hike.”

Feeling provoked, Xia Nuaner raised her hand and rushed forward to push Xu Wanwan. “Who do you think you are How dare you ask me to get lost!”


A cold and dignified voice was heard.

Xia Nuaner was stunned.

This voice... seemed to be Li Jingrans.

She quickly retracted her hand and pretended to be unstable. She fell to the ground. “Ah, Team Leader Xu, why are you targeting me like this”

Xu Wanwan looked at her self-directed and self-staged play and felt that it was ridiculous.

“You were the one who wanted to rush over and hit me, but now you deliberately fell and blamed it on me.”

Xia Nuaner fell to the ground, tears welling up in her eyes. She did not forget to look at Li Jingran with a pitiful look. “Director Li, you must do right by us new employees, ah.”

Li Jingran snorted coldl, the corners of his lips curling into a sarcastic smile. “Ive seen many women like you. Dont play games with me.”

He was not blind. It was obvious that she had fallen on purpose, yet she had the nerve to blame others.

He walked behind Xu Wanwan and placed his palm directly on the girls slender waist. He looked nervous. “Are you hurt anywhere”

“Im fine...” Xu Wanwan lowered her eyes and stared at the ground.

“What did they say about you just now Tell me.” Li Jingrans tone was eerily cold.

The people who bullied him in his territory were really tired of living.

He was only passing by on his way back from a meeting, but he could see Xu Wanwan being bullied.

It meant that this was not the first time these people have bullied Wanwan.

Although Xu Wanwan was being comforted by Li Jingran, she still had a lot of worries in her heart.

She sighed softly, feeling that she had caused trouble for him again.

“Actually, its not a big deal. They have some misunderstandings about me...” Xu Wanwan gently pulled the mans arm and explained in a low voice.

Li Jingran narrowed his eyes and immediately saw through it. “Is it a misunderstanding, or are they deliberately targeting you”

Under his questioning, Xu Wanwan tried hard to calm her emotions down again. She sniffed aggrievedly and said in a low voice, “Im younger than them, and Ive become their team leader. Its inevitable that Ill be questioned.”

Li Jingrans heart tightened.

How could he have forgotten about this

It was his idea to let Xu Wanwan manage the interns, but he had neglected this point and pushed her to the point where everyone doubted her.

Li Jingrans gaze became even colder, and his grip on Xu Wanwans hand tightened a bit. “Listen up, all of you. Wanwan is a member of the Li family. Who dares to touch her again”

“In the company, we never look at age when we hire people. If anyone has the ability, then show it to me for approval instead of using despicable means to express dissent,” he said as his gaze fell on Xia Nuaner. The gloominess in his eyes sent chills down peoples spines. “Our company doesnt need people like you. You can scram now.”

Xia Nuaner propped her hands on the ground, and the corners of her lips trembled violently. “CEO Li, are you being fair to us new employees by brazenly defending your own people”

“Youve said it yourself. In the company, strength speaks for itself. How do you know that my strength is inferior to Xu Wanwans”

Li Jingran laughed sarcastically. “A truly capable person would disdain to use such despicable methods.”

“Then isnt Xu Wanwan also an empty vase What does she know”

Xu Wanwan looked at her indifferently. “Since youre not convinced, I can prove it to you.”

She picked up a stack of documents and placed it in front of Xia Nuaner.

“What is this” Xia Nuaner glared at her resentfully.

“This is the information of the companys new project. Well make a copy on the spot and let the people present rate it after were done. Well see who did a better job.”

Xia Nuaner picked up the documents and said in a mocking tone, “Its just the simplest thing, and you have the nerve to compare it with it.”

“Since you think its so simple, lets have a competition. Well talk based on strength.”

“Lets have a competition. Whos afraid of whom” Xia Nuaner said and got up from the ground. “But I have a condition. If you lose, get out of here.”

Without the slightest hesitation, Xu Wanwan nodded. “Okay.”

“But if you lose, you have to pay the compensation before you leave the company.”

Xia Nuaners face was full of disdain. “I specialized in this field for four years in university. How could I lose to you”

There was no point in talking anymore. Xu Wanwan went back to her seat and looked through the documents seriously. She planned to come up with a plan in the shortest amount of time.

Li Jingran looked at her determined expression and did not stop her. He walked over and knocked on her table.. “No rush, Ill stay here with you.”


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