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Chapter 27: Chapter 27: Relying on Men to Get Ahead

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“Men, after all, are just greedy for a moment of novelty. Who knows, they might like her today and abandon her tomorrow.” Xia Nuaners tone carried a tinge of sourness, “Im saying that Xu Wanwan is younger than us. How did she become the team leader of the interns So it turns out that she has a relationship with Li Jingran.”

“Since shes so shameless, dont blame me for exposing her in public and making a fool out of her. When she cant stand those rumors and is chased out of the company, I want to see how Li Jingran will still like her.”


Getting out of the car, Xu Wanwan picked up the ingredients she had just purchased from the supermarket and walked toward the door with great effort.

Li Jingran saw the girls small body carrying several big bags. When she walked, she looked like a little penguin, cute but also a little nave.

He couldnt help but smile slightly as he strode over and took the bag from the girls hand. He said in a deep voice, “Didnt I say that you dont need to do the work at home This kind of thing can be left to the servants.”

“It doesnt matter. I just took it.” Xu Wanwan shook her sore arm and watched the man walk home with the bag. She said seriously, “Have a good rest today. Ill call you when the food is ready.”

“Okay. Let the people in the kitchen help you. Dont be too tired.”

Xu Wanwan nodded, then carried the food in the bag and rushed into the kitchen. She filled the refrigerator with fresh vegetables and fruits. Then she put on an apron and began washing and cooking the vegetables.

The two maids saw that Xu Wanwan was busy again. They were so scared that they broke out in a cold sweat. They quickly rushed over and snatched the work from her.

“Aiyo, Miss Xu, how can we let you do this work This is the work of our servants. Please go and sit down and rest.”

“Yes, yes. When Director Li later finds out, he will reprimand us again. You should go and rest. Well call you over when we are done.”

Xu Wanwan gave them a friendly smile. “Its fine. This is what Mr. Li Wants. He wants to eat my dishes.”

The maid hesitated for a moment. Seeing that Xu Wanwan was preparing seriously, she had no choice but to take aside, her tone a little ingratiating. “Miss Xu, it seems that your position in our boss heart isnt shallow.”

“Why do you say that” Xu Wanwan placed the washed vegetables on the chopping board and turned her head to look at her, looking puzzled.

“Im telling you, Ive been serving Director Li for nearly ten years, but Ive never seen him eat other peoples dishes,” the maid said in a hushed voice. “He likes to eat your dishes, which means that he has already accepted you in his heart. Outsiders cant compare to this.”

Xu Wanwan smiled awkwardly. She didnt think that it was such a rare thing.

If Li Jingran liked to eat her dishes, it meant that her dishes were delicious and it had nothing to do with anything else.

By 8 p.m., Xu Wanwan had prepared six dishes and a soup and served them on the table.

She was about to call the man down to eat when she heard footsteps coming from behind.

“Why are you making so many dishes”

Xu Wanwan turned around and saw the man dressed in new gray home clothes. His hair, which had just been washed, was dripping with water. It fell from the corners of his eyes and carried a hint of seduction...

She was stunned and did not answer his question. Instead, she carefully pointed at his hair. “If you dont dry your hair after washing it, youll easily catch a cold. Let me help you dry your hair.”

Li Jingrans face turned dark. This girl really paid attention to many things.

After Xu Wanwan said that, she took off her apron and went to get the hairdryer. Li Jingran grabbed her hand and bent down to look at her. He laughed and said, “How can a girl blow-dry a mans hair”

“What does this have to do with a boy or a girl” Xu Wanwan blinked and unconsciously stepped back. “Besides, its very uncomfortable if you dont dry your hair after washing it, so let me help you.”

Without waiting for Li Jingran to react, she shook her hand off and ran upstairs.

After a short while, she brought down the hairdryer and pulled Li Jingrans arm, pressing him on the sofa. After connecting the power source, she went behind him and started to blow his hair.

The girls small hand lightly touched his forehead back and forth, and the warm current went straight into his brain like an electric current.

Li Jingran frowned indiscernibly.

Why did his body have an inexplicable reaction when the girl touched him

He had lived for more than 20 years, but he had never had such a stimulating reaction.

Xu Wanwan did not notice the mans strange behavior but was rather blowing hair quite seriously.

Her palm caressed the mans hard and firm hair, rubbing it back and forth. Along with the warm current from the heater, the hair was blown dry in no time.

Li Jingrans eyes darkened. He looked at the girls slightly red face and tried his best to suppress the restlessness in his heart. He only said lightly, “Lets go eat.”

“Okay, quickly try the dishes I made tonight.” Xu Wanwan looked excited and pulled the man to the dining table.

Li Jingran sat down and looked at the delicious food on the table. His appetite increased greatly.

Xu Wanwan ate very little. When she was done, she propped herself up on the table and carefully observed the mans reaction, remembering his expressions as he ate each dish.

For example, she found that Li Jingran did not like to eat fatty meat or cauliflower, but he liked to eat lettuce and beef very much.

“Are you full” Li Jingran saw the girl staring straight at him and put down his chopsticks. “Am I that good-looking”

Xu Wanwan blinked her eyes and said truthfully, “Youre very handsome.”

Li Jingrans face darkened.

She actually gave such a perfunctory evaluation of him.

As she looked at him, Xu Wanwan felt sleepy. She yawned a few times and a layer of mist formed in her eyes. She looked a little pitiful.

Li Jingran said in a low voice, “If youre sleepy, go and rest.”

“Okay.” Xu Wanwan was really tired and didnt have the mood to continue looking at the man. She got up and went upstairs to sleep.

Li Jingrans face was full of black lines.

Just now, her eyes were full of him. Now, she was so tired that she did not even say goodnight.

How could there be such a real girl


The next day, when Xu Wanwan carried her bag to the Internship Department, she heard a lot of gossip.

She always felt that the way the people in the company looked at her today was strange.

Her colleagues in the Internship Department did not like her, but unlike today, their eyes actually carried a thick sense of disdain.

It was as if she was something so shameful…

Xu Wanwan had been living under someone elses roof since she was young, so she was particularly sensitive and could easily sense the emotions of others.

Such a gaze made her very uncomfortable.

She endured her emotions and walked to her seat. Just as she was about to put her bag down, she saw that her desk was in a mess.

The chair had been knocked over the ground, and the documents on the desk were scattered everywhere. Some of the important documents were even torn into pieces. The original office computer was smeared with red paint, and it looked particularly creepy.

On the calendar at the corner of the table, there was a card—

“Xu Wanwan, youre a shameless, stinking bitch! Trying to seduce men to get to the top!”


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