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Chapter 26: Chapter 26: Such a Gentle Side

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Wu Mingyue was still in a state of disbelief. “What Are you seeing things Could it be the same name”

“Theres a photo of her on it. How could it be the same name” The male colleague said as he showed the photo to Wu Mingyue. “Take a look if you dont believe me.”

“How could this be!”

Everyone present was shocked. After confirming that the information on the data was not fake, they looked at Xu Wanwan with a complicated gaze.

Xu Wanwan looked at them and spoke calmly, “I have no reason to fake it. You came to the company to work and earn money. Dont waste too much time on this.”

“Alright, you guys go and complete your respective tasks. If you encounter problems you dont understand, you can always talk to me.”

After saying that, Xu Wanwan turned around and went back to work. She started to get busy.

On the other hand, the interns did not react for a long time. They surrounded her and kept talking around.

“Thats enough. Team Leader Xu has spoken. Hurry up and disperse.” Zheng Feng could not stand it anymore and took the initiative to speak up for Xu Wanwan. “No use asking in turns. Shes our team leader now. If you guys dont want to work in this company anymore, feel free to cause her trouble.”

“Look at some people, they only know how to curry favor. Shes just a girl who had just graduated from high school. Whats the big deal” Xia Nuaner felt very unhappy and reluctantly returned to work.

Xu Wanwan finished her work for the day when it was almost time to get off work. She leaned back in her chair and relaxed for a bit.

Although they were all sitting at work, she was still a little tired after not resting for the whole day.

Right at that moment, a handsome man walked over.

“Team Leader Xu, are you free to have a meal together after work I have some work-related problems and would like to consult you.” The person who spoke was Zheng Feng, an intern from the company.

Xu Wanwan gave the man in front of her a measured look.

Dressed in a proper formal suit, his mien leaned toward the cold and quiet. He was wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, giving off a scholarly and refined look.

It gave her a good feeling, but she did not want to go out for dinner.

Xu Wanwan smiled and politely rejected him. “Sorry, I have something to do tonight.”

“Its okay,” Zheng Feng immediately changed his words. “Then when are you free Lets go out again together”

This question really hit Xu Wanwan.

When was she free

She had to go home with Li Jingran after work every day, and it seemed like she was never free.

“Im sorry, but I have other things to do. Lets put the meal aside for now, but if you have any questions, you can ask me.”

A hint of disappointment flashed in Zheng Fengs eyes. “Okay then.”

“Okay, okay. Im off work now. You go back early too.”

After Xu Wanwan finished speaking, she packed her bag and walked toward Li Jingrans office.

Zheng Feng remained standing in place and watched her back. He could not help but frown.

It was already after work. Why did she still have to go to the presidents office

As usual, Xu Wanwan knocked lightly on the door a few times and walked up to Li Jingran softly. She reminded him carefully, “Mr. Li, its time to get off work.”

Li Jingran knew who it was without raising his head. He put down the work in his hands and stared deeply at the girls face.

From the looks of it, she was in a good mood today.

He got up, picked up his coat with one hand, and walked toward the girl. “How are you feeling today”

Xu Wanwan followed closely behind the man and told him everything that happened today.

However, she only picked out the good ones and as for the bad details, she ignored them all.

“The company has a lot of interns coming in. I can learn and study with them. Everything is pretty good.”

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to train. I definitely wont let you down.”

Li Jingran slowed down and listened to the girls words. The corners of his lips twitched. “I didnt want to train you.”


“The interns are all young people. You wont be bored if you stay with them.”

Xu Wanwan pursed her lips.

She didnt slack off at work, so how could she be bored

“But Im very serious about my work, I dont have time to play at all...” Xu Wanwan complained in a low voice. “Besides, I like this job very much, why would I be bored”

At this moment, Wu Mingyue and Xia Nuaner walked over and stood beside them, waiting for the elevator.

The two of them didnt greet Xu Wanwan, but their eyes were locked on Li Jingran. They couldnt help but feel excited.

Xia Nuaner looked infatuated as she secretly held Wu Mingyues hand tightly.

This must be the big boss of the company, Li Jingran. Other than him, who else would have such a powerful aura and such a handsome face!

Xia Nuaner was too excited. She gulped, the corners of her lips curling up into a standard smile. She was about to go up and talk to him, but she saw Li Jingran turn his head to look at Xu Wanwan.

Why would the president pay attention to a little girl

Li Jingran stared at Xu Wanwans contemptuous face and compromised once again, his tone inexplicably gentle. “So, I misunderstood you”

“Thats what it is.” Xu Wanwan pouted.

The elevator door opened, and the two of them walked into the elevator together.

Xia Nuaner was completely stunned. She only realized it after a while. She actually pulled Wu Mingyue and rushed into the elevator without fear of death.

Li Jingran looked down at the girl in the corner and asked patiently, “Where do you want to go after work”

“Home,” Xu Wanwan answered slowly. After a while, she seemed to have thought of something and her eyes lit up. “Why dont we go to the supermarket I havent cooked for you for a long time.”

At this point, Li Jingran naturally thought of the girls food and his eyes darkened.

It had indeed been a long time since he had tasted her food, and he actually missed it.

He agreed without hesitation, “Yes, I can.”

Xu Wanwans mood was high, and she suddenly became excited. “Then Ill make you some of my best dishes tonight. I promise itll amaze you.”

Li Jingran was secretly looking forward to it, but he still maintained his calm expression. “Okay.”

The elevator went down to the first floor. The door opened and Xu Wanwan followed Li Jingran out.

Xia Nuaner looked at the two of them with a complicated expression. The corners of her mouth twitched. “Are you kidding me Who is this Xu Wanwan Why is she so close to CEO Li”

“I really didnt expect CEO Li to have such a gentle side.” Even Wu Mingyue couldnt help but sigh. “The way he spoke in the elevator just now, the look in his eyes... Tsk Tsk, I cant bear to look at him...”

Xia Nuaner was angered when she heard that. She clenched her fists and snorted coldly, “Dont girls nowadays rely on their youth and looks to seduce others Who knows, she might be Li Jingrans mistress.”

“I dont think so.. CEO Li isnt the kind of man who lacks women. There have been so many women who have tried to get close to him over the years, but why did he choose Xu Wanwan”


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