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Chapter 25: Chapter 25: Why Should She Be the Team Leader

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Xu Wanwan was stunned. She did not expect Secretary Lin to trust her so much.

The surrounding interns looked at Xu Wanwan with disdain.

Someone was too lazy to endure and asked directly, “Secretary Lin, youve seen our resumes. All of us here have graduated from prestigious schools. Why are you letting a girl younger than us be the team leader”

There was even someone who had a mocking look on his face. “Thats right. I graduated from a top university in A City. May I ask what kind of education this young lady has Could it be that she has come to work right after graduating high school”

“Everyone says that the Li Corporation is a leading company, but such a company uses people indiscriminately. Isnt this a little unfair”

The surrounding discussions and doubts were endless. After Xu Wanwan had heard them, she looked at Secretary Lin and sighed. “Theyre right. I dont have enough experience, so...”

Secretary Lin cleared her throat and interrupted Xu Wanwans words in time, whispering, “This is also Director Lis intention...”

“What” Xu Wanwan was surprised for a moment. “Is this really his intention”

“Yes. After all, I dont have that much power. Director Li said that he believes that youre definitely qualified for this job.”

Xu Wanwan was riding a tiger and could not get down. She met the dagger-like stares in front of her and could only nod helplessly. “Okay then, Ill try.”

Secretary Lin nodded and turned to the intern. “From now on, Xu Wanwan will be the team leader of Internship Department. She will lead you through the work. I hope everyone will cooperate.”

As soon as Secretary Lin finished speaking, someone raised a question.

“Shes younger than us, and her academic qualifications are not as high as ours. Why should she be our team leader”

“Thats right. She might even be muddle-headed herself. How is she going to lead us well”

“Everyone, quiet down.” Secretary Lin furrowed her brows and became serious. “Although Xu Wanwan hasnt worked as long as you guys, she had come to the company earlier than you guys. She has more experience than you guys, so naturally, she can lead you.”

“You guys are still just interns. Other than being skilled with your business abilities, you also have to learn to respect your own leaders. Do you all understand”

The interns reluctantly shouted that they understood before they returned to their workstations.

Secretary Lin relaxed her serious face and turned to look at Xu Wanwan. “Ive already arranged work for them. Your job is to manage them well and form a united team.”

“Okay, Ill do my best.” Xu Wanwan did not want to betray Li Jingrans trust, so her attitude became much firmer.

After Secretary Lin had left, Xu Wanwan also moved all her office supplies to the new department.

Before she left, Zhou Lin pulled her back and said reluctantly, “Wanwan, I didnt expect you to go to another department so soon. But still, congratulations, remember to come back and visit if you have nothing to do.”

“Okay, Sister Zhou.” Xu Wanwan smiled. After saying goodbye to her colleagues, she went to her new post.

She buried her head in packing up her things when she heard the voices of two girls.

“I heard that the president of the Li Corporation is very handsome, and he is not much older than us. How can you find a second man like him who is so high-quality and rich”

“Yeah, Ive long heard that there are a lot of women chasing after him. I really dont know what kind of person he will choose in the end.”

“Look at what youre saying. Arent you going to fight and give yourself a try If you ask me, our conditions arent bad either. We graduated from a famous school. As long as we can get in touch with Director Li, a promotion and a raise are just around the corner.”

“When that time comes, Ill definitely kick that Xu Wanwan. With that kind of person, what right does she have to control us”

Xu Wanwan maintained her calm throughout the whole process until she finished packing her things. When she saw that the two girls still had no intention of retracting, so she could only walk over.

“What are your names Have you completed all the work assigned to you”

“Team Leader Xu, are your eyes not working at such a young age” One of the girls deliberately pointed at her work badge. “My name is Wu Mingyue, can you see it clearly”

The other girl who was talking to Wu Mingyue also chimed in. “Since Team Leader Xu cant see it clearly, then let me introduce myself. My name is Xia Nuaner.”

After they finished speaking, they did not have any intention of stopping and instead urged the other interns, “Everyone, introduce yourselves to Team Leader Xu.”

“My name is Zheng Ming. I graduated from B City University.”

“My name is Liu Jie. I graduated from C City University...”

There were a total of ten interns, and everyone introduced themselves without exception.

Xu Wanwan listened patiently and memorized their names.

Xia Nuaner snorted lightly and deliberately made things difficult for her. “Team Leader Xu, weve already introduced ourselves. Dont you have to introduce yourself as well”

She wanted to see how this girl would introduce herself.

She knew a lot about people like that.

She must have used her familys connections for her to come to work before graduating from high school.

When she mentions her high school education, everyone would probably laugh their heads off.

Xu Wanwan glanced at Xia Nuaner and said calmly, “Hello everyone, my name is Xu Wanwan. Im nineteen years old this year and will be entering A University soon.”

“A University How dare someone like her claim that shes going to A University”

“Shes just bluffing. Shes probably just making up an excuse to scare us.”

After Wu Mingyue heard that, she laughed out loud without mercy, “You probably dont know how strict the enrollment quota for A University is this year, right Let me put it this way, my relatives teach at A University. The only ones who can enter A University this year are the top students in the city and the children of the teachers families.”

Xu Wanwan looked at her calmly. “Ive already said it. Whether you believe it or not is up to you.”

She did not want to waste too much time and directly skipped the topic. “Alright, you guys can continue working.”

However, this group of people did not want her to step down at all. They started to jeer.

“Team Leader Xu, you said that you could enter A University. Why dont you prove it to us”

“Yeah, dont you dare”

“I think this is just a guilty conscience. If you dont have any ability, what right do you have to be our leader”

Xu Wanwan was annoyed by their noise. She had no choice but to turn on her phone and look at the chat history with the president of A University. “This is the electronic version of the admission notice that the president sent me. After you read it, its best if you dont raise any more questions and focus on your work instead.”

The group of people did not wait for Xu Wanwan to finish her sentence. They immediately surrounded her and got closer to see the fine typography of admission notice with a few big words written on it

“We welcome the citys top scorer in Science to our school…”

Xia Nuaners pupils instantly widened. She was completely stunned after making sure that she had seen correctly.

She was actually the top scorer in Science!

Xia Nuaner was not the only one who was shocked. Everyone present was also shocked.

The difficulty of this years exam was already very high. To become the top scorer in Science, one had to rely on ones ability.

At this time, someone had already gone to check the information, but when he saw Xu Wanwans name appear on the Internet, he could not help but shout, “Oh my God, she really is this years top scorer in Science!”


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