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Chapter 24: Chapter 24: Bandaged Her Wound

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As soon as she left, the colleagues around her instantly exploded.

Zhou Lin gushed, “Hurry up, hurry up. Which one of you has any documents I have to go to the presidents office. Id like to see how the president and Wanwan get along.”

“I have documents here, but when you come back, you have to tell us properly. Otherwise, I wont give them to you.”

“Dont worry. No matter what I see later, Ill tell you everything.”

When Secretary Lin heard this, she sighed helplessly. “Ive never seen you guys so excited when working.”

“Secretary Lin, youve been by Director Lis side for so many years. When have you ever seen him like this” The colleague said righteously, “Its not our fault. After all, work is too boring. Its not too much to gossip about the boss, right”

Secretary Lin shook her head and laughed like them.

After all, who wouldnt want to read gossip about the Big Boss

Xu Wanwan walked into the office with a large file in her arms. She looked serious as she worked. “Mr. Li, these are the documents you asked for. Theyre all here.”

Li Jingran was working seriously. He looked up at Xu Wanwan and chuckled. “Isnt this Secretary Lins Job”

“Im helping Secretary Lin with her work now. Its my job to deliver the documents for her,” she explained as she placed the land purchase agreement in front of the man.

She wanted him to notice the document. Who knows, he might find something fishy

However, Li Jingrans gaze was fixed on Xu Wanwans cut finger. He frowned and pulled the girls hand. “How did this happen to you”

Faced with the mans sudden serious question, Xu Wanwan did not dare to hide anything. She said softly, “I used scissors when I was cutting the documents. I accidentally hurt my hand...”

Li Jingrans expression became even more serious. “The company has a printer. Why did you use scissors”

Xu Wanwan was stunned by the question. She watched the mans expression become more and more fierce, and her voice became softer. “Because the printer was broken.”

“Why didnt you tell me” Li Jingran sighed in his heart. Thinking that this girl got herself injured, his mood was inexplicably bad.

Xu Wanwan thought that he was angry at her. She lowered her head instinctively and began to apologize. “Im sorry. The next time something like this happens, Ill definitely tell you immediately.”

“Okay, go and get the wound bandaged.” He softened his tone when Li Jingran saw that the girl looked like she had been wronged, so he did not continue to ask.

Xu Wanwan was almost scared to tears by him. Hearing this, she wanted to leave.


Her heart tightened, but she could only stop. She turned around to look at the man and said carefully, “What...whats wrong”

“Come and sit on the chair.” Li Jingran stretched out his long arm and pushed the chair away. Then, he took out a box of band-aids from the office drawer.

Xu Wanwan didnt understand, but she still walked over obediently.

She sat on the chair and watched the mans slender fingers tear off the band-aid. She pursed her lips. “Why dont I do it myself”

“Dont move.” Li Jingran knelt on one knee and gently lifted her injured finger. The profile of his face gradually softened. He gently blew on her wound. “Does it still hurt”

Xu Wanwan only felt a wave of heat on her face and hurriedly lowered her head. “It doesnt hurt.”

“Be careful next time.”

“Mh-hmm, Ill be careful.”

As the two of them were talking, there was a knock on the office door.

Li Jingran was putting a band-aid on the girl and not raise his head. “Come in.”

Zhou Lin walked into the office in style with a pile of documents in her arms. However, as soon as she entered, her eyes became fixed.

Director Li was actually kneeling down on one knee and sticking a band-aid on Xu Wanwan!

Did he have to sprinkle sugar like that

Zhou Lin could not calm her excitement as she forced herself to look away. After she put down the documents, she peeked at them a few more times before reluctantly walking away.

Li Jingrans attention was entirely on Xu Wanwan, not even noticing Zhou Lins gaze at all.

After bandaging Xu Wanwans wound, Li Jingran passed the rest of the band-aid to her and leaned over to meet her gaze. “Be careful in the future, do you hear me”

Xu Wanwan clenched her fingers and looked nervously at the man approaching her. She nodded immediately. “Okay, I got it. Thank you.”

“What do you mean by thank you” Li Jingrans eyes darkened. “Am I an outsider”

“No, Im just used to it,” Xu Wanwan said softly.

“Go and pack up. Youre off work today.”

“Ah But its only three oclock now. Isnt it a little too early to get off work”

As if he had guessed that the girl would say that, Li Jingran picked up his coat from the chair. “Lets go. Ill send you back.”

“Can you wait for a while I have a question to ask you.”

Li Jingran said patiently, “Ask.”

Xu Wan looked at the land purchase agreement on the table. The corners of her lips moved, but she still asked, “I accidentally saw this document on the table. Do you want to buy this land”

Li Jingran observed the girls reaction and his eyes darkened. “Whats the problem”

“No, I just think that we should be more careful when buying such a large piece of land. If we make a mistake accidentally, it might cause a lot of damage.”

Li Jingran laughed lightly. “Dont worry, I know what Im doing.”

He thought that the girl was just joking and didnt take it to heart.

Xu Wanwans heart tightened, and she didnt say anything more.

Since Li Jingran didnt believe her, she could only quietly collect the evidence and show it to him later.

After all, it seemed that this piece of land had a bright future.

But this was inconsistent with the national policy. Even if the future had commercial value, it would be nipped in the bud.

After work, Xu Wanwan shut herself in her room and watched the news on her phone.

She wanted to find out the development policies for the next 20 years. She planned to work hard on the national policy and find enough arguments to convince Li Jingran of her words.

In the process of searching for information, she found out that this piece of land was actually a coastal development zone. If it was expropriated as private land, commercial buildings could be built. The future development value was immeasurable.

However, this piece of land went against the countrys development will. In the future, they would not build a bridge going to this coastal area. The pieces of land connected to both sides of the bridge would naturally become useless.

She carefully read through the information and recorded down the important places, waiting to show them to Li Jingran.

Ten days later…

Xu Wanwan had worked with Secretary Lin for a period of time and had learned a lot. Most of the work was effortless.

On this day, many interns from famous universities had come to the company. Secretary Lin arranged for them to work in the new department.

Xu Wanwan was also called over. She thought that there was a new job, so she took the initiative to ask, “Secretary Lin, are you going to arrange a new task for me”

“Yes, you have been by my side for a long time. Its time for you to take charge of things on your own,” Secretary Lin said very pertinently, “The people standing beside me are all interns from the company.. I plan to set up a new internship department and make you the team leader.”


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