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Chapter 22: Chapter 22: Give Him a Massage

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The next day at noon, when all the employees in the company went to eat. Xu Wanwan carried her bag on her back and walked to Li Jingrans office.

Taking advantage of the fact that there was no one there, she quickly knocked on the door.

Li Jingran finished the last document in his hand and looked at the door. “Come in.”

Xu Wanwan was carrying a large canvas bag and holding a small bear and a cushion in her hands. She was struggling to squeeze through the door with great effort, her hair falling from behind her ears; she didnt bother to tidy it up. She walked quickly to the man with a smile on her face, “Good afternoon.”

“Hmm” Li Jingran looked at the backpack of the girl who was standing in front of him and felt inexplicably amused. “What are you doing”

“Nothing.” Xu Wanwan shook her head and said seriously, “My colleagues are not here at the moment. I want to help you decorate your office.”

With that, she took off her backpack and put it on the mans desk, taking out all the small items inside.

Li Jingran looked at her series of actions and was a little confused.

Was she going to play a cross-dressing game

Xu Wanwan had prepared everything. She winked at the man and asked seriously, “I think your office is too empty. I want to help you decorate it. Is that okay”

Li Jingran looked at the brown bear in the girls hand and sighed in his heart. He pinched the space between his eyebrows helplessly.

In his twenty years of life, he had never seen such a doll in his family.

Xu Wanwan had an expectant look on her face. Without waiting for Li Jingrans approval, she rolled up her sleeves and was ready to go all out.

Li Jingran pondered for a few seconds. In order not to spoil her mood, he compromised, “Well, you do it.”

Xu Wanwans eyes lit up. She began to look at the layout of the entire room, ready to make some modifications.

She first put the bear dolls on the sofa in the corner and then placed a few exquisitely made porcelain dolls in front of the office desk.

Then, she hung a small, exquisite rustic painting on the gray wall in front of the man and hurriedly ran out to get a few potted plants, all of which were placed in the office.

Li Jingran looked at the busy figure of the girl, completely losing his interest in work. He leisurely leaned against the office desk and watched her slowly renovate his office.

Xu Wanwan quickly placed the decorations and brought a soft cushion to put on the mans chair. She raised her small face and said, “You need to sit for a long time in the office. Its not good for your waist. A cushion might make it better.”

“I also bought an eye mask for you. This way, you can apply it on your eyes when youre resting and relax.”

As she said this, she took out a box of colorful eye masks from her bag like a treasure and stuffed them into Li Jingrans arms.

Li Jingran looked at her helplessly, but the corners of his mouth could not help but rise.

This girl still knew how to please him.

After doing all this, Xu Wanwan put her hands on the desk and looked at the man with a smile. “Are you satisfied”

“Yes.” Li Jingrans attention was entirely on the girl, so he nodded.

“As long as youre satisfied.” Xu Wanwan smiled contentedly. She did not waste any time and quickly put away her bag, ready to leave. “Then I wont disturb your work.”

She walked out, but her arm was pulled by a thick and warm force.

Li Jingrans eyes burned, and his thin lips curved into a playful smile. “Who told you that my waist isnt good”

“Ah” Xu Wanwan was stunned. Looking at the mans approaching face, her heart couldnt help but pound.

Li Jingran stretched out his long arm and took the cushion from the chair. He raised his eyebrows and looked at her. “My waist is very good.”

Xu Wanwan did not quite understand what he meant. She smiled awkwardly and grabbed the cushion. “Since you dont like it, its okay.”

“Who said I dont like it” Li Jingran let go of the girls arm and took the cushion from her arms again.

Xu Wanwans eyes were full of confusion. She quickly thought for a while, and her eyes lit up. “Its really okay if you dont want to use the cushion. I can even give you a massage! Why dont you lie down now, and Ill give you a massage”

Li Jingran didnt know whether to laugh or cry. “Is there anything that you cant do”

Who would have thought that he would pick up a girl who studied well, knew how to cook, tidy up the house, and even knew how to give a massage.

It seemed that he made a profit.

It was just a joke at first, but Xu Wanwan took it seriously and said in earnest, “There seem to be a lot of things that I dont know, but I can learn them all.”

“I need to know everything so that I can help you.”

Li Jingran was somewhat touched.

She had always been so innocent, and her smiling eyes were full of sincerity.

“You know enough already. You dont need to learn anything else.” Li Jingrans eyes softened a little, and he raised his hand to brush the loose hair on her forehead.

Xu Wanwans cheeks burned a little. She stood there in a daze, not knowing what to say for a moment.

In order to ease the slightly awkward atmosphere, she grabbed the mans arm and led him to the sofa. “Its break time now. Shall I give you a massage”

Li Jingran was dragged to the sofa by the girl and sat down. He actually wanted to refuse, but seeing the girls excited look, he did not say anything.

Xu Wanwan walked behind the man and put her hand gently on his shoulder, then she put pressure on it.

Feeling the gentle force on his shoulder and the slightly warm temperature, he could not help but restrain the restlessness inside...

After realizing what he was thinking, he scolded himself in a low voice and tried his best to suppress the fire in his body and relax.

Xu Wanwan pressed him seriously and didnt forget to ask, “How do you feel about the strength”

“Not bad,” Li Jingran replied calmly.

After pressing for a while, Xu Wan suggested in a low voice, “Why dont you lie down, and Ill massage your waist”

Li Jingran opened his eyes, his face full of black lines…

Xu Wanwan thought he was embarrassed, so she explained, “Its okay. I wont hurt you. Besides, youll feel much better after I massage you.”

Li Jingran didnt think much and compromised again.

He adjusted into a comfortable position and lay on the sofa. He turned his face to Xu Wanwan and closed his eyes.

Xu Wanwan smiled at him, rolled up her sleeves, and massaged his waist with her small hands.

Li Jingrans mood, which had finally calmed down, was stirred up again.

At that moment, the hands behind him seemed to have some kind of magic power, which always made his heart itch.

Xu Wanwan thought that he was enjoying it. The more she pressed, the more serious he became. She completely forgot about the working hours.

A short knock on the door suddenly sounded, and then the office door was opened. Sister Lius voice was heard—

“Director Li, this is the financial statement you asked for. Ive brought it.”

Liu Fang finished speaking and was stunned for a long time before she turned her gaze to the sofa in the corner.

Xu Wanwan straightened her back, but her hands did not stop massaging. The moment her eyes met Liu Fangs, she smiled politely.

The corners of Liu Fangs lips twitched, but her body was stiff.

She didnt see wrong, right

That president, who was always cold and serious, was actually lying on the sofa, letting a girl torture him


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