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Chapter 20: Chapter 20: Ill Let You Have It

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Zhao Zixuans solemn promise came through the phone—

“Ive never liked Xu Yue from the start. Youre the only one in my heart. Ill definitely marry you.”

Xu Yues face instantly turned pale as her fingers clenched tightly together.

Damn it!

Xu Wanwan actually took out such a recording to humiliate her in public!

The last time she heard that recording, she thought it was a prank by someone and did not settle scores with Zhao Zixuan.

She did not expect that Zhao Zixuan had said these words to Xu Wanwan.

Zhao Zixuans expression also changed. He did not care about the wound on his head and grabbed Xu Yues arm. “Yueyue, let me explain to you...”

Xu Yue gritted her teeth and looked at Xu Wanwan, unwilling to give up. “Yes, Zixuan did not like me to begin with, but you still betrayed him. What else do you have to say”

“Is that so” Xu Wanwan laughed softly. However, her smile had yet to reach her eyes. She bent down and took out a stack of photos from her bag. She pointed the photos at the camera in the crowd, “This was taken when I was at the Xu familys house. Take a good look.”

In the photo, Xu Yue was holding Zhao Zixuans arm. The two of them were behaving intimately.

In the other photo, Zhao Zixuan was hugging Xu Yue, his lips pressed against her face.

Xu Yue was completely frozen. She reached out to snatch the photo. Xu Wanwan had expected this and kept the photo away in time, sarcastically saying, “I know you like to snatch things, but Im the one who lets you have what you can.”

“And there are some things that you can never get.”

“I will publish these photos. As for the things that you had framed me for, I will investigate to the end.”

Xu Yues breath was stuck in her throat. No matter how hard she tried, she could not get it down. Her chest rose and fell violently, and she almost collapsed to the ground.

What the hell is going on here!

Where did these photos come from When did she become so smart!

Xu Wanwan put away the photos. Seeing Xu Yues reaction, she finally let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, when she was reborn, she found an alternative course of action as she took photos of Zhao Zixuan and Xu Yue having a clandestine affair.

She didnt want to take it out at first, but since things had come to this, there was no need to hold back anymore. She might as well settle this once and for all.

Xu Yue finally couldnt stand the discussions and being secretly filmed. She covered her face and screamed before running away.

Seeing that the situation wasnt good, Zhao Zixuan wanted to run away as well.

Li Jingran took a step forward, grabbed his collar, and raised his hand to give him an extremely heavy punch. He said coldly in his ear, “The Zhao family wont be able to save you this time.”

His fist hit directly hit Zhao Zixuans nose and face. And under Li Jingrans repressive aura, he didnt even dare to breathe.

Li Jingran narrowed his eyes and kicked the man away.

He turned around, grabbed Xu Wanwans arm, and strode outside.

After getting into the car, Xu Wanwan looked at the night outside the window and sighed softly.

It was a good day, but because of her, Li Jingran didnt even eat properly.

She wanted to explain, but when she turned around, she saw Li Jingrans sullen face. The words she wanted to say were instantly swallowed back.

Was he angry

But Zhao Zixuan had played out this drama in public, and she didnt expect it either.

When she returned home, Xu Wanwan slowly followed behind Li Jingran. When she saw him sitting on the sofa, she also carefully followed him.

The maids at home had already finished their work, and there was only one light left in the living room. Xu Wanwan sat in the dark and looked at Li Jingran nervously. “Im sorry for the trouble Ive caused you today.”

Li Jingran pondered for a moment and pinched the space between his eyebrows. “You didnt do anything wrong. Why are you apologizing”

“But because of me, you didnt even have a good meal.” Xu Wanwans face was full of self-blame.

Li Jingran couldnt stand the girls pitiful look and sighed. “Eating is a small matter. Getting rid of those who bullied you is more important.”

Xu Wan looked at him quietly and didnt say anything.

“You did a good job today.” Li Jingran paused and said, “When dealing with a violent person, you should fight back.”

“You should do the same in the future. If anything happens, Ill take responsibility.”

Xu Wanwans heart warmed up.

He actually didnt blame her.

Li Jingran glanced at the girl again. There was a hint of worry on his seemingly indifferent face. “Does your face still hurt”

“It doesnt hurt anymore.” Xu Wan took a light breath and said in a low voice, “It doesnt hurt anymore after Ive vented my anger.”

Li Jingrans mood was originally very low, but when he heard the girls words, he couldnt help but laugh. “You only hit him once, and thats it”

“He slapped me, and I smashed his head open. That means were even.”

“Its far from enough.” Li Jingrans eyes darkened a little.

Xu Wanwan frowned slightly. She did not know what the man meant by these words.

Li Jingran looked at the lady and softened his tone. “Alright, you go and rest first.”

After a long day, Xu Wanwan was really tired. She did not think too much about it. She stood up, took off her coat, and hugged it in her arms. “Then you rest early too. Good night.”

Li Jingran nodded. “Okay.”

After Xu Wanwan had gone upstairs, he made a call and said coldly, “Tomorrow morning, I want to see the Zhao family come to our door and apologize.”

Zhao Zixuan dared to do such a thing to Xu Wanwan because he did not put him in his eyes at all.

If he did not make a move, he would really think that Xu Wanwan was easy to bully.

The next day, Xu Wanwan woke up very late. When she saw that it was already 8:30 a.m., she was shocked. She immediately changed her clothes and went downstairs.

It was already so late. Li Jingran had probably gone to the office long ago.

It was really not good for her to be late on the second day of work.

As soon as she went downstairs, she heard the sound of Li Jingran talking to someone.

Thats great, he had not gone to work yet, so she was not considered late.

Xu Wanwan ran quickly to the living room, but she saw the Zhao family members sitting opposite Li Jingran as if they were talking about something.

She stopped in her tracks, feeling puzzled.

He had just hit Zhao Zixuans head, and his parents had come to find her so quickly

Would Li Jingran be implicated

Xu Wanwans mood immediately sank. When she thought about how Li Jingran would take responsibility for what she had done, she lowered her head like a child who had done something wrong.

Li Jingran had already seen the girl come downstairs, so he called out lightly, “Wanwan, come here.”

Xu Wanwan slowly walked over, but she still lowered her head, not daring to look into the mans eyes.

“Sit down.”

Xu Wanwan obediently did as she was told and sat down beside him.

She was panicking when she heard Father Zhaos sincere apology—

“Little Xu, Uncle knows that youre a good child. Its our Zhao family that has let you down. We didnt know that that bastard Zhao Zixuan had done so many bad things to you behind our backs. Well definitely teach him a good lesson.”

Xu Wanwan was stunned. She looked up at Li Jingran with a shocked expression.

Li Jingrans expression, however, remained calm. His long arms rested on both sides of the sofa, sitting in an unrestrained posture, but the aura in his eyes was extraordinarily compelling.

Immediately afterward, Mother Zhao looked at Li Jingran and cried again, “Director Li, we really didnt know that Little Xu was one of your people. Its all because of that useless son of ours who caused trouble. Well ask him to apologize to Little Xu later.”

“Can you spare Zixuan this time, for the sake of the relationship between the two families working together for so many years”

Xu Wanwan was confused.

She didnt do anything to Zhao Zixuan. Did his parents have to exaggerate

Li Jingran snorted. “That wont do. Zhao Zixuan was sentenced for the crime of defamation.. It wont be a problem for him to be imprisoned for three to five years.”


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