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Chapter 18: Chapter 18: Going Out for Dinner

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Xu Wanwan nodded obediently. “Okay, thank you, Secretary Lin.”

“Youre welcome. Watch how I organize the documents first, then do it by yourself after you have learned how to do it.”

Xu Wanwan had never done this before, so she was exceptionally obedient. She quietly followed behind Secretary Lin and learned with an open mind.

Fortunately, she was smart. Some things could be learned at a glance. If there were things that she did not know, she would humbly consult other employees.

It just so happened that everyone here treated her very well, and they never complained that she had many problems. They even took the initiative to greet her and help her.

After a day of work, Xu Wanwan had already learned a lot of work.

When it was almost time to get off work, her colleagues, who had already settled their work, came around and pulled her in for a chat.

“Little Xu, Im the corporate finance officer. You can just call me Sister Liu.” A slightly plump-looking woman brought a few packets of snacks over. “You must be tired after a day of work. Eat something to fill your stomach first.”

Xu Wanwan looked at the nuts and milk on the table and smiled sweetly at the woman. “Thank you, Sister Liu.”

“Aiya, whats there to thank”

“Yeah, our Sister Liu is usually like this. She has the most snacks in the office.” A colleague beside her also started to tease her.

“Come on, youre not going to give me face in front of Little Xu, are you”

Soon after it was said, they all started laughing, and the office was filled with laughter.

Xu Wanwan was also affected by the relaxed and warm atmosphere. She pursed her lips and smiled faintly.

“What are you all staying here for”

A cold questioning voice came from behind her.

When they turned around and saw Li Jingran, the people instantly moved and quickly dispersed.

“Director Li, well go back first. Goodbye.”

“Director Li, goodbye!”

Xu Wanwan stood up awkwardly and walked up to the man. She carefully explained, “I thought we could chat after work...”

Li Jingran frowned. “If youre too bored at work, you can find me in the office.”

“Im not bored,” Xu Wanwan said seriously. “I learned a lot from Secretary Lin today. Ill be able to help you soon.”

“Theres no rush.” In a light voice, Li Jingran asked, “How are you feeling today Are you tired”

“Did anyone bully you”

There were all kinds of people in the company. He was worried that this girl was simply too innocent and would be bullied.

“No, no. My colleagues are very friendly. Im not tired, everything is fine,” Xu Wanwan answered truthfully, her eyes glinting with sincerity.

She really felt that the people here were very good. The environment was relaxed, the atmosphere was pleasant, and she was in a good condition.

Perhaps this was the charm of the son of Fate

Thinking of this, Xu Wanwan smiled in satisfaction.

Her smile made Li Jingrans worries disappear.

He was in a good mood. “Lets go. Ill take you to dinner.”

Xu Wan thought she was going home for dinner, so she followed the man out of the company without thinking too much.

After getting into the car, she realized that the driver was not on the way home.

“Didnt you say you were going home for dinner” Xu Wanwan looked at the man in confusion.

“I occasionally go out to eat for a change.”

Li Jingran sat leisurely in the car, closed his eyes to rest, and answered the girls question indifferently.

Xu Wanwan felt that it was very extravagant, but when she thought of Li Jingrans material conditions, she did not say anything.

He was very rich, after all, and could enjoy a better life.

The drivers car stopped in front of a high-end western restaurant.

This was the best western restaurant in the city. Li Jingran was a VIP customer here, so he did not need to wait for a seat. He could also choose the best seat by the window during the peak dining period.

Xu Wanwan sat primly opposite the man and looked at the magnificent restaurant. She silently sighed in her heart that it was so good to be rich.

She could not help but think that she must also earn a lot of money in the future.

After all, Li Jingran cared about his reputation.

She could not be a good-for-nothing vase and lose Li Jingrans reputation.

A male waiter in a white shirt walked over with the menu. “Sir, what do you need”

Li Jingran handed the menu to Xu Wanwan. “Order.”

“I dont know what you like to eat.” Xu Wanwan pushed the menu back and said hesitantly.

“Dont worry about me. Order what you like.”

Xu Wanwan held the menu and looked at the high price of each dish. She was not in the mood to order.

In order not to spoil Li Jingrans mood, she randomly ordered two desserts and handed the menu back. “Ive ordered.”

Li Jingran did not look at it and said to the waiter, “Serve one of the special dishes, a bottle of red wine, and a glass of fruit juice.”

“Yes, sir.” The waiter took the menu and jogged away.

Xu Wanwan sat down obediently, turned her head to look at the neon night sky outside the French window, and lamented inwardly.

It was great to be able to sit in such a place to eat.

She was looking at the scenery, while Li Jingran was looking at her.

The dim light shone on the side of the girls face. There was a faint sadness in her eyes, but it was not annoying. On the contrary, she looked exceptionally cute.

Li Jingran smiled lightly.

Why was he being led astray by this girl again

Why did he want to protect her the moment he saw her

He had lived for more than twenty years and had never felt this way before.

At this moment, Xu Yue was sitting opposite Zhao Zixuan in a corner of the restaurant. She plunged her knife and fork deeply into the steak and stared at Xu Wanwan with a bitter look in her eyes.

She was so jealous!

Xu Wanwan could actually come to such a high-class place to eat!

Ever since this country bumpkin entered Li Jingrans list, there was never a trace of her being rustic from head to toe. She had been wearing the most expensive branded clothes, using the best cellphone, and even the bag she carried was something she could only dream of.

She was just a country bumpkin from the countryside. What right did she have to enjoy all this!

Zhao Zixuan noticed Xu Yues strange attitude and asked with concern, “Yueyue, whats wrong with you Are you not feeling well”

“No.” Xu Yue retracted her gaze. A dark light flashed in her eyes as she sighed softly. “Zixuan, I really didnt expect to meet my sister here.”

“What did you say Xu Wanwan is here too”

Xu Yue nodded and deliberately looked in Xu Wanwans direction. “She came here with Li Jingran.”

Zhao Zixuan immediately reacted and followed Xu Yues line of sight. He saw Xu Wanwan sitting opposite Li Jingran, and the two of them were eating happily.

The mood on his face instantly darkened. He said unhappily, “Xu Wanwan is really living happily now. If it werent for her, your parents wouldnt have suffered such a great loss.”

“I really cant vent my anger. I should teach her a good lesson!”

Xu Yue shook her head. “How would we dare to teach her a lesson now Last time, I was sued by Li Jingran, and my family lost a lot of money.”

“Yueyue, its because youre too kind that Xu Wanwan bullied you so brazenly,” Zhao Zixuan said indignantly. “If we let her go, shell definitely step on your head in the future.”

Xu Yue saw Zhao Zixuans emotions getting agitated and said deliberately, “But I dont dare to show my face now....”


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