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Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Who Do You Think You Are

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All the guests present looked at Xu Yue with a strange gaze. Some of them could not help but laugh out loud.

Those attending this banquet were all elites of society. Therefore, when they saw that Xu Yue could not even speak such simple English correctly, they could not help but feel that it was laughable.

“Looks like the Xu familys young miss isnt very good at her studies either. She can even make mistakes with such simple grammar.”

“To be honest, my son, who is in primary school, speaks English better than her. With this standard, he really cant be compared to the top scorer.”

Xu Yues expression became uglier and uglier as she glared at Xu Wanwan. The pretense of kindness on her face could no longer be sustained. “Dont just talk about me. Arent you very good If you have the ability, you should also learn some English.”

She really did not know where this country bumpkin got her face from. She actually dared to compete in English with her!

Presumably, the English that this country bumpkin would recite will also carry a strong accent.

Xu Yue snorted lightly and felt a little better in her heart.

Xu Wanwan smiled and nodded. “Alright, then Ill recite a paragraph from my composition.”

At this moment, the gazes of the entire crowd were fixed on Xu Wanwan.

The eyes of the crowd gleamed. They wanted to see if this top scorer in Science really deserved it.

Xu Wanwan took a deep breath. The corners of her lips curled up slightly, and she used standard pronunciation to recite the College Entrance Examination composition.

Her English composition had a perfect score, and she was not afraid of being picked on.

The moment Xu Wanwan opened her mouth, the expressions of the people present became more subtle.

The difference between the two was obvious.

Xu Yue stuttered out incorrect pronunciation and grammar and said only two sentences.

Xu Wanwan directly used the standard pronunciation to recite an entire composition.

It could be seen that Xu Wanwan, the top scorer in the College Entrance Examination, had some skills.

On the other hand, Xu Yue, while saying that she had failed in the College Entrance Examination, could not even say a simple sentence in English correctly.

Xu Yue stood rooted to the ground in a daze. She was so angry that her legs were trembling as she listened to the words in her ears saying she was inferior to Xu Wanwan.

Since she was young, no one had ever said that she was inferior to Xu Wanwan!

She was just a country bumpkin who was raised in the countryside. She had not even seen the world. What right did she have to be compared to her

Xu Yue suppressed her anger and lowered her head to brew a few drops of tears. She looked at Sun Yuelan aggrievedly. “Mom—”

Sun Yuelan was also very angry. Her heart had always been on Xu Yues side. How could she tolerate her daughter being inferior to a country bumpkin

Xu Zhongyis face was ashen. He rushed into the crowd, raised his hand, and was about to slap Xu Wanwan. “How can you be a big sister You know that Yueyue didnt do well in the exam, but you still made her embarrassed in public!”

Li Jingran strode forward and stood in front of Xu Wanwan. He held Xu Zhongyis arm firmly, and his face was extremely cold. “You dare to touch a person from my Li family Are you courting death”

Xu Zhongyi was, after all, an old man. After being held by Li Jingrans arm, he tried to struggle but could not muster the strength to do so.

He exhaled a mouthful of turbid air and glared at Xu Wanwan.

Xu Wanwan stood behind Li Jingran and gently tugged at his clothes. She looked at the family coldly.

This time, she would not be soft-hearted anymore.

“Dad, dont blame sister. Its all my fault.” Xu Yues eyes were red, and she looked as if she had been wronged.

Li Jingran saw through Xu Yues disguise and sneered, “Since its your fault, then apologize to Wanwan in person.”

“I...” Xu Yue was speechless. She wiped her tears and explained, “I really didnt do it on purpose. I just want my sister to go home with us.”

“Let her go back and continue to be abused by you” Li Jingran said coldly while protecting the girl behind him.

The matter had already blown up. The Xu family saw that Li Jingran had mercilessly exposed them. They didnt want to lose face in the outside world, so they could only bite back.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Zuxuan had stepped forward first and stood in front of Xu Yue before they could even speak. He pointed at Xu Wanwans nose and scolded her harshly, “Ha, what Li family Youre my fiancée now, yet you shamelessly run to another mans house to live. Do you still have any face”

“Moreover, the Xu family treated you well and did not owe you anything. On the contrary, youre ungrateful and have forced Uncle and Aunt Xu into a difficult position.”

Li Jingran frowned, swatted Zhao Zixuans fingers, and said in an extremely displeased tone, “Who do you think you are”

These people had really taken themselves seriously, even daring to point at Wanwans nose to talk.

“Im her fiancé!” Zhao Zixuan said righteously. “The Xu family accepted our Zhao familys betrothal gifts, so shes already mine.”

Zhao Zixuans words made Li Jingran very unhappy.

He suppressed his emotions and sneered. “Ill pay you back three times the amount of betrothal gifts you gave the Xu family. Get lost now.”

A man like that wanted to get involved with Xu Wanwan He was obviously a disgusting person.

Zhao Zixuans animosity toward Li Jingran grew deeper and deeper, and he also hated Xu Wanwan even more.

No wonder she wanted to leave the Xu family no matter what. It turns out that shes entered the list of this person from the wealthy Li family.

It just so happened that this Li Jingran had immense power and was someone he could not afford to offend.

Zhao Zixuan could not swallow the anger in his heart. “Xu Wanwan, I think youve done something shameless and had betrayed me a long time ago. Otherwise, how could a piece of trash like you climb into the bed of the Li family”

“If you want to break off the engagement, then break off the engagement! Just treat it as if the Xu family was blind and adopted an ungrateful person like you.”

“Ha, I was right. Look, you cant even say anything to explain. Are you feeling guilty”

Xu Wanwan walked up to Zhao Zixuan, pulled up her sleeve, and raised her arm to reveal the scar on her arm. She said coldly, “These are burn marks from when I was cooking at the Xu family.”

After saying that, she stretched out her hands to the crowd. “I didnt live a pampered life in the Xu family. These hands often served tea, washed clothes, and cooked. They did work no different from servants, thats why they were full of calluses.”

“If the Xu family is really that good, I wont insist on leaving.” Her voice tightened as she looked at the Xu family members, who were standing on Xu Yues side. A bitter feeling arose in her heart.

How could she so easily forget the flattery and humbleness of her previous life

However, in this life, she finally had a choice. She could escape from that dark life.

When she finished her sentence, the whole place was silent.

Li Jingrans deep eyes locked on the girls hand, and he felt an inexplicable heartache.

It was hard for him to accept the fact that she had suffered so much at such a young age.

“As for Xu Yue framing me, I wont admit to it,” Xu Wanwan explained seriously. “She failed the College Entrance Examination not because she was in a bad mood but a matter of strength.”

“Also, I didnt know that I had a fiancé. The betrothal gifts and benefits were taken by the Xu family and had nothing to do with me. Moreover, I have nothing to do with the Xu family now, and I have no obligation to listen to them and marry someone I dont like.”

Xu Wanwans explanation was logical. Listening to her calm narration, the onlookers were inexplicably moved.

“Tsk, what are the Xu family thinking They didnt treat such a good girl well, or the Li family has good taste to pick up a top scorer in the College Entrance Examination.”


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