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Chapter 13: Chapter 13: She Is My Younger Sister

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“Yes, Ill go and prepare now.” The butler finished speaking and was about to leave.

“Wait a moment.”

“Sir, is there anything else you need me to do”

Li Jingran pretended to ask unintentionally, “What did Xu Wanwan do at home today”

“Miss Xu went out in the morning. She has been studying in her room since she came back in the afternoon,” the butler answered after some thought.

Li Jingran found it more and more interesting after listening to it.

“She has been studying all the time”

The butler nodded repeatedly. “Yes, Miss Xu is really diligent and eager to learn. She doesnt even rest during the holidays.”

The corner of Li Jingrans lips inadvertently curved up a little.

He was not mistaken. It seemed that this girl did not rely on luck in getting the top scorer in Science.

The butler observed the subtle changes in Li Jingrans facial expression and could not help but feel that Xu Wanwan was amazing.

As long as this girl was mentioned, Director Lis mood would improve.

“Alright, the banquet will be held in three days. You should go and prepare.”

Seeing that Li Jingran attached so much importance to this matter and was extraordinarily attentive, the butler decided to make a big deal out of it and invited many celebrities in the industry.

The Xu family.

Xu Zhongyi looked at the invitation letter sent by the Li family and couldnt help but frown. “Ha, I think the Li family must have no good intentions in hosting this banquet. It might be a Hongmen banquet.*”

“Li Jingran is a ruthless person. We offended him last time because of Xu Wanwan. We have to be careful this time,” said Mother Xu, Sun Yuelan.

“Mother, Sister is still in the Li family. We have to bring her home.” Xu Yue held the invitation letter sent by the Li family tightly. Her seemingly innocent eyes were filled with hatred, “Im really worried about letting her stay by the side of a man like Li Jingran alone.”

Xu Yues words reminded Sun Yuelan. She slapped her thigh and made a decision. “Yes! Since Xu Wanwan refuses to come back from the Li family, dont blame us for using force at the banquet.”

When Xu Yue heard this, a sinister glint flashed across her eyes.

Xu Wanwan, youre not worthy to fight with me!

Three days later, the banquet was held as promised. The Li family was packed with guests.

On the second floor, Xu Wanwan sat in the dressing room and allowed the makeup artist to dress her up.

A few hours later…

The makeup artist stood behind Xu Wanwan and fixed her hair. He praised her with satisfaction, “Miss Xu, youre really beautiful today.”

Xu Wanwan was wearing a pink princess dress. Looking at her wearing exquisitely made-up self in front of the mirror, the emotion in her eyes was strange and surprised.

In her previous life, she had been trapped in the Xu family and had never been properly dressed. Therefore, when she saw such a beautiful and dignified self, her first reaction was disbelief.

Xu Wanwan looked at herself in the mirror. The corners of her lips curled up slightly and she smiled. “Thank you. Youve worked hard too.”

“Then I wont bother you anymore.” The makeup artist packed up her tools and smiled. “Im sure Mr. Li has been waiting for you for a long time.”

After the makeup artist left, Xu Wanwan didnt stay too long and walked downstairs.

She dragged her gorgeous dress and walked steadily down the crystal staircase. Her gaze was calm and composed as she slowly appeared in front of the crowd.

The guests who were conversing stopped and looked at Xu Wanwan in surprise.

Facing so many meaningful gazes, Xu Wanwan was not flustered at all and walked down the stairs calmly.

Li Jingran saw the girl walking over from afar. He strode over and locked his gaze on her. He smiled slightly. “Not bad.”

His taste was indeed very good.

Xu Wanwan looked even more stunning after she had dressed up. No wonder she attracted everyones attention.

Xu Wanwan was not nervous at first, but now that she saw Li Jingran, she actually felt a little nervous.

She met the mans deep eyes and asked carefully, “What should I do now”

“Hold my arm.”

Xu Wanwan hesitated for a few seconds, then slowly reached out her hand and gently put it on the mans arm.

Feeling a soft and warm force on his wrist, Li Jingrans heart suddenly warmed up. His eyes darkened, and he slowly walked to the center of the banquet hall with the girl.

Not long after, the people in the banquet hall started a heated discussion around Xu Wanwans identity.

“Oh my God, am I seeing things Director Li, who has never been close to women, actually has a girl on his arm”

“The key is that this girl came down from upstairs. Could it be that the rumors outside are fake Director Li is hiding a mistress in a golden house.”

“Who is this girl She is really amazing to be able to take down Li Jingran.”

“But she looks quite familiar. Why does she look like the adopted daughter of the Xu Family”

Accompanied by the continuous noise of discussions around them, Xu Wanwan held Li Jingrans arm and came to the center of the banquet hall.

A mans cold and indifferent voice rang in their ears—

“Everyone, quiet down.”

Once Li Jingran opened his mouth, the entire hall instantly fell silent.

“The purpose of holding this banquet is to introduce my familys young lady to everyone. Everyone can consider her as my younger sister.”

After saying that, everyone present lost their composure again.

“Younger sister Ive never heard of CEO Li having a younger sister... have you heard of her”

“Weve never heard of her either. Could she be a new one”

Listening to the chatter around her, Xu Wanwan felt a little nervous. She could not help but grip the mans sleeve tightly.

Li Jingran looked down at the girl and saw a flash of panic in her eyes. He said in a low voice, “Dont be afraid.”

Xu Wanwan let out a light breath and met his deep eyes. She nodded firmly.

Li Jingran looked at the people in the banquet hall and finally fixed his eyes on the Xu family members. His eyes were cold. “The person standing next to me is Xu Wanwan. She is now a member of the Li family.”

“At the same time, the purpose of this banquet is to celebrate her being the top scorer in Science.”

The venue was in an uproar again.

“This girl is actually Xu Wanwan! If I remember correctly, she is the adopted daughter of the Xu family.”

“Whats going on with the Xu family Why did they give away their adopted child to someone else”

“Who knows But at the banquet of the Xu family, this girl seemed to have left the venue directly. Perhaps she has long fallen out with the Xu family.”

At the same time, the Xu family members, who were pushed to the forefront of the storm, were exceptionally shrewd in their calculations.

Xu Yue tried her best to hold back her smile, but the hatred for Xu Wanwan grew deeper and deeper in her heart.

How hateful!

This country bumpkin was really lucky. It was one thing for her to seduce Li Jingran, but now she was even living a better life than her.

What right did she have She was not worthy!

Xu Yue turned to look at Sun Yuelan pitifully. “Mother, it seems that Sister has made up her mind to stay in the Li family this time.”

“Thats impossible!” Sun Yuelan felt especially aggrieved. After hearing these rumors, she became even angrier. “Since she deliberately went against us and didnt come back home, we should teach her a lesson.”

“But Sister now has Li Jingrans help, and shes the top scorer in Science. How can we control her” Xu Yue said deliberately.

“Yueyue, your sister got the top scorer in Science this time because she was lucky..” Sun Yuelan defended Xu Yue wholeheartedly, “We raised you since you were young. How can you be worse than a country girl”


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