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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Rebirth

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Chapter 1: Rebirth

“Xu Wanwan, youre really too selfish! How could I have a sister like you”

“So what if were related by blood I only acknowledge Yueer as my sister!”

“Yueer has no parents, so what if we favor her a little Why do you want to steal everything”

“You dont deserve to be a member of the Xu Family!”

Countless accusations were still ringing in her ears. Xu Wanwan opened her eyes and looked at the familiar room decor with a self-deprecating smile.

She had been reborn.

Reborn at her 18th birthday party.

Not long ago, she was recognized back to the Xu family. From then on, she began to curry favor with her biological family.

She was clearly the daughter that the Xu family had gone through so much trouble to find, but she did not receive any love from her family. In the eyes of her parents and brothers, the fake daughter that was mistakenly brought back eighteen years ago was actually a part of their family.

In her previous life, she did not believe in evil. She thought that as long as she treated her family sincerely, she would be accepted by them sooner or later.

In the end, she was ordered around like a servant until she was in her twenties. Eventually, she contracted cancer and died alone in her rented house on the day her family went out to celebrate their adopted daughters birthday.

The funny thing was that it was not until after her death that Xu Wanwan realized that the world she lived in was actually just a book. In the book, she was a vicious supporting character who did all kinds of stupid things to make the female protagonist kind and beautiful. In the end, even the heavens could not stand her, and she personally took her life.

And that female protagonist was the adopted daughter of the Xu family, Xu Yue.

Her fate was countered by the female protagonist, and the closer she got to her, the unluckier she would be.

On the contrary, the closer she got to the son of Fate, the longer she would live.

Xu Wanwan blinked, and a tear fell from the corner of her eye, but her gaze was deep and calm.

In her previous life, because she was not liked by her family, she would cry in the middle of the night from time to time. Now she understood that perhaps she was not fated to be with the Xu family in the first place.

This was the last time she would shed tears for the Xu family.

Xu Wanwan got down from the bed and opened the wardrobe. From the depths of the wardrobe, she found a washed white school bag and then pulled out a set of her old clothes.

She had saved up a lot of money for this set of clothes so that she could wear it for when she would meet with the Xu family. She had wanted to make herself look better.

However, Mother Xu had despised her for being rustic. When she picked her up, she threw all her things away. She had begged for a long time to keep this set of clothes and this schoolbag.

After taking off her high-end dress, Xu Wanwan changed into her own clothes and carefully smoothed out every wrinkle. She looked at her plain self in the mirror and revealed a genuine smile.

In the Xu familys living room.

A group of girls gathered around a girl who was dressed exquisitely like a little princess. They were all talking at the same time.

“Yueyue, what are your parents thinking They already have you. Why do they still want to acknowledge an adopted daughter”

“Thats right. Shes just a country bumpkin from the countryside. I dont know what tricks she used, but she actually made Uncle and Aunt acknowledge her as an adopted daughter. It shows how scheming she is. You must be careful!” The person who spoke curled her lips and worried.

“Dont say that.”

Xu Yues expression was not very good, but she still tried her best to smile. In the eyes of other people, she was clearly unhappy but was forced to protect herself from the outsider who had come to steal her family. She was simply pitiful.

“She... is quite good. Father and Mother like her, I dont have any objections.”

“You, youre just too soft-hearted!” Someone said angrily. “Youre the legitimate eldest daughter of the Xu family. If it were up to me, you should teach her a good lesson and let her know her place!”

“Thats right!”

When more people heard the commotion over here, they could not help but show pity for Xu Yue.

Xu Yue lowered her eyes, as if she did not want to say anything more.

From an angle that no one could see, the corners of her lips curled up, and she felt a little happy.

She did not say anything about her being the adopted daughter. It was all a misunderstanding.

Even if others bullied Xu Wanwan because of this, it had nothing to do with her.

She had been the daughter of the Xu family for eighteen years. No one could take away what belonged to her!

There were also people who looked like they were watching a show. They were waiting for the adopted daughter of the Xu family from the countryside to come out and embarrass herself. They thought that todays incident would definitely become a joke in the circle.

In the blink of an eye, the banquet was about to begin.

Xu Wanwan had yet to appear.

Not only were the people surrounding Xu Yue getting impatient, even Father and Mother Xus expressions had turned ugly.

Some people whispered to each other, “She really is from the countryside. She doesnt know the rules. How can she be late for such an occasion”.

Father Xus expression darkened and he said, “Yueyue, go and call her down.”

Just as Xu Yue was about to stand up, Zhao Zixuan, who was wearing a suit and sitting handsomely beside her, stood up and smiled at Xu Yue and said, “Uncle, Yueyue is the birthday girl today. How can I let her work hard Ill go and call Xu Wanwan.”

On the surface, he was smiling gently, but when he mentioned Xu Wanwan, his eyes were filled with disgust.

“Youre looking for me”

At this moment, a clear and cold voice rang out.

Xu Wanwan had been standing in the corner for a long time, listening to everyones words.

She met everyones astonished eyes and nodded lightly.

Even though she was dressed plainly and did not fit in with the opulence of the banquet, there was not a hint of cowardice on her face. When she met Xu Yues hostile gaze, she suddenly smiled.

She was born very well. She had picked up almost all the good points of her Xu family parents. Her long eyelashes were thick, and her skin was fair. The tip of her small nose was perky, and her lips naturally curved into a smile. Her pair of big eyes were clear and bright; and when she smiled, it was like a spring breeze. She was so good-looking, with no trace of aggression, that people couldnt help but feel happy.

This was... that adopted daughter that had deep thoughts

Everyone was instantly shocked.

This appearance... Why was she so pure and cute It made people want to protect her the moment they saw her. She wasnt as arrogant as the rumors had said.

However, why did Xu Wanwan look more like the Xu couple compared to their biological daughter, Xu Yue…

The gazes of everyone present became complicated.

“Sister, why are you down here”

Xu Yue immediately put on a smile, but her heart skipped a beat.

She knew that Xu Wanwan was good-looking, but she was timid in the past. She did not dare to look people in the eye when she spoke. She always had a timid look on her face. She was so unpresentable that no matter how good-looking she was, she was not eye-catching; she would still be the most dazzling one in the crowd.

She did not expect that she would change her usual behavior today and steal her limelight.

Xu Yue sensed the gazes of the people around her and secretly gritted her teeth.

Heh, she was just a clown, yet she wanted to steal her things

In her dreams!

“Why arent you wearing the dress that Mom prepared”

She hurriedly took a step forward and blocked everyones line of sight. She smiled and said, “That dress is really beautiful. Ive been eyeing it for a long time, but Mom did not buy it for me. Now that youve come back, Mom has bought it for you. Dont waste it.”

As soon as she said this, it was as if something that she, as the legitimate daughter of the Xu family, couldnt even get was taken away by an adopted daughter.

The little bit of good impression that everyone had in their hearts instantly vanished.

As expected, this adopted daughter wasnt a good thing!


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