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A man dressed in white brocade with gold-colored clouds approached slowly.

He was tall, lean, had broad shoulders, and a narrow waist.

When he moved, a dark light seemed to be flowing on the hem of his clothes.

The sun was high, yet there seemed to be a layer of cold air lingering on his body, surrounding him.

He looked like an unattainable snowy mountain peak.

A pair of saber-like eyebrows slanted toward his temple.

His nose was straight, and his eyes sparkled like the stars in the Milky Way on a beautiful night.

One could easily lose themself just by looking into his eyes.

His scarlet lips curves were perfect.

It added warmth to the somewhat thin lips with the bead in the middle.

The mans eyes resembled the worlds most tranquil and brilliant starry night, while his lips had the colors of intimacy and seduction.

He was warm as jade, yet cold and noble.

The aloofness between his eyebrows made one yearn for him subconsciously.

Everyone fell silent.

Few had seen this man since his return to the city; most of the people here were even seeing him for the first time.

Nobody expected Prince Li, the one rumored to be weak and mysterious, would be born with such features!

Some of the women present blushed silently.

Rong Xiu was oblivious to those gazes.

He made a beeline towards the restaurants most inner part.

Chu Ning was the first to come to his senses.

He was pleasantly surprised and stepped forward.

“Your Highness, what brings you here today” In Chu Nings opinion, Prince Li was a great benefactor to them because he had saved his daughter from difficult situations time and time again.

When everyone had despised them, His Highness was the only one to lend them a helping hand.

Naturally, he felt differently about Prince Li.

He heard that Prince Li had been sick all this time and refused all visitors who had wanted to pay their respects.

He had sent the invitation out of courtesy without much expectation, but the prince actually came in person!

Chu Ning was simply delighted and surprised.

Rong Xiu nodded gently and smiled.

“Lord Chu Nings promotion is a joyous occasion.

My health has improved lately, so I thought I should come, take advantage of the celebration, and join in the fun.

However, I had been delayed because of some matters.

I hope you dont mind.”

Chu Ning hurriedly said, “Of course, not! Yueer and I are so happy that Your Highness is here!”

Rong Xius brows rose slightly.

He finally laid his eyes on Chu Liuyue at the side, quickly sweeping past her.

“Oh Does Ms.

Liuyue think the same” His tone of voice sounded polite.

However, who wouldve thought that this man had stayed in her room the previous night and refused to leave

Chu Liuyue was secretly cursing him. Since you want to put on a show, Ill go along with it!

She bowed.

“My fathers thoughts reflect my exact feelings.

We are humbled and honored by your presence.”

Rong Xiu watched her half-hearted appearance.

The smile at the corners of his lips deepened.

Everyone was astonished by what they saw.

His Highness, Prince Li, seems to be friends with Chu Ning and his daughter.

When did they get to know each other Otherwise, why would he choose to be here today when he has rejected all the other invitations

His Highness, the Seventh Prince, had a distinguished status and was a member of the royal family.

He might have spent most of his time away from the Imperial City, but he was bestowed the title ofPrince Li by His Majesty as soon as he returned.

It was proof of how much the emperor liked him.

When had Chu Ning forged a connection with him

“Your Highness, please come inside.”

Although many people came today, nobody had a higher status than Prince Li.

Naturally, they had a place for him upon his arrival.

In other words, he was seated at the same table as Chu Ning and Chu Liuyue.

Yan Ge was also seated at the same table.

“Your Highness, please sit down.”

“Lord Chu Ning, please dont stand on ceremony.

I will follow your lead.”

Chu Ning respected Rong Xiu, but His Highness didnt treat him with arrogance.

The latters behavior only made Chu Ning appreciate him more.

Chu Liuyue saw the way Rong Xiu and Chu Ning were talking to each other, and her mouth couldnt help but twitch.

Her own father had been completely deceived by Rong Xius appearance!

“Chu Liuyue, why dont you pour some tea for His Highness His Highness has helped us several times, but we have yet to thank him properly,” said Chu Ning.

A sudden thought came to Chu Liuyue.

She reached out and picked up a jug of wine, avoiding the teapot.

The clear wine drew a line in the air and flowed into a cup.

Its crisp, bamboo fragrance filled the air.

“Your Highness, please try this premium Green Bamboo Leaf Wine.

Youll definitely like it.”

A stunned Chu Ning stopped her with disapproval.

“Yueer, His Highness has just recovered.

How can he drink wine”

Chu Liuyue blinked and looked at Rong Xiu.

“Your Highness, I noticed that you are wearing thin clothing.

I was worried that youd catch a cold, so I poured you some wine to warm you up.

You dont like it”

Rong Xiu stared into her sparkling eyes.

He knew she was doing this on purpose.

“My body really cant take too much wine…”

Chu Liuyue raised an eyebrow, and she was about to take the jug of wine away.

Rong Xiu suddenly lifted his hand and gently pressed on her wrist.

His hand was cold, yet it seemed like a fire had started burning.

“Nevertheless, Ms.

Liuyue has poured the wine yourself.

How can I refuse”

He rested his hand for a moment, then withdrew it without fuss as if he was only stopping her from removing the wine jug.

Chu Ning didnt see anything improper.

He smiled helplessly.

“I have a wilful daughter.

Please forgive her, Your Highness.”

Rong Xius thin lips curled.

“Theres no need for that.” Im already used to it.

Chu Liuyue snorted inwardly, shifted her attention, and realized Yan Ge was still standing at the side.

“Second Master Yan, why arent you sitting”

Yan Ge smiled awkwardly.

“No, no.

I-Im… having a slight discomfort in my back.

Ill just stand!” He wouldnt dare to sit at the same table with his master, even if he had the gall to do so!


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