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Chapter 90: He Came

“Get him out of here!” First Elder tore the invitation to shreds, shaking with anger.

“Get him to tell Chu Liuyue that whatever happens in the future has nothing to do with us since they have severed their ties with the Chu family!”

“Yes, yes!” The pageboy looked at the irate First Elder and retreated hastily.

He didnt dare stay any longer.

The others in the hall didnt look good as well.

“Who sent that person this morning” First Elder asked angrily.

No one spoke.


First Elder slapped the table so hard that the corners splintered immediately!

“Answer me!”

Chu Yan cringed.

Finally, he stepped forward and whispered, “I-I was going to humiliate them.

I-I… didnt expect…”

“Humiliate them Open your eyes wide and take a look! Who is humiliating who If this gets out, itll embarrass our family.

This is all your fault!”

The unfairness suffocated Chu Yan.

At the time, First Elder had been aware of his actions and had agreed to send the pageboy, too.

Now that things had taken a turn for the worse, he flipped out and made it look like it was all Chu Yans fault.

“… Nobody knows shes capable of doing this…”

The gloom on First Elders face was horrifying.

This wasnt the most important thing.

What troubled them the most was that half the citys most respectable people had already gone to Phoenix Restaurant! No matter what, it was a done deal! This event would certainly solidify Chu Nings and Chu Liuyues statuses in Imperial City!

“First Elder, I hear that the Lu family head has gone to Crown Prince Mansion.

What do you think… What should we do now” someone asked.

First Elder breathed in deeply.

The Crown Prince is still fuming about what happened between Chu Liuyue and Chu Xianmin.

He wont show the Chu family any kindness! We thought we could rely on Chu Xianmin when she climbed the social ladder with the princes connections, but who would have expected things to turn out this way However, this isnt the time to lose the support from Crown Prince Mansion!

“Ill have to go there myself!”

Chu Liuyue had expected the Chu familys rejection.

Instead of panicking, Chu Liuyue asked Su Hui to send his men to the other restaurants to seek help.

At the same time, she also sent someone to send an invitation to Crown Prince Mansion.

Chu Liuyue didnt care whether Rong Jin came or not.

However, she was happy to give some problems to others.

Unlike the previous repeated refusals, quite a few restaurants immediately agreed this time.

Their attitudes were completely different from this morning.

Table after table was set up outside Phoenix Restaurant, occupying almost half the street.

People mingled around, and the aroma of the wine was overwhelming.

It was really lively!

The focus of everyones discussions naturally didnt stray away from Chu Ning and Chu Liuyue.

Who would have thought that the father-daughter duo, who had been constantly bullied, would be in the limelight This truly reflected the ever-changing world with an unpredictable future.

As Chu Ning listened to his peers countless congratulatory words, he couldnt help but feel sad.

He knew very well that all this happened because of Yueer.

“Brother Chu Ning, if I remember correctly, Liuyue is of marriageable age.

Now that shes single, and youve just been promoted, I wonder if youve been considering the sons from any families”

“Yes! Your daughter is simply outstanding.

Many people in the Imperial City will be keeping an eye on her! Haha!”

“Brother Chu Ning, what do you think of my son”

“And my nephew! Hes also a student at Tian Lu Academy! They must have something to talk about together!”

Chu Ning was beginning to get anxious.

After what happened with the Crown Prince, he had become more cautious.

For the time being, he didnt see the rush in getting Yueer engaged.

“Gentlemen, Yueer is still young.


“Prince Li has arrived!” Chu Ning was interrupted by this announcement.

It also got everyones attention!

Countless pairs of eyes turned towards the door!

Prince Li!

This person hadnt received many guests since his return to the Imperial City.

Many still didnt know what he looked like.

Why was he here on this occasion


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