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The air seemed to stand still.

All those people inside the yard, who were prepared to see Chu Liuyues farce, were all stunned.

Chu Liuyue had eaten the guts of a leopard! How dare she slap Chu Liansheng twice

Chu Liansheng was the first one to react in this icy and embarrassing atmosphere.

The fiery pain on his face and the bloody taste on his lips were all reminding him of what had just happened.

“You b*tch! How dare you hit me”

Chu Lianshengs eyes widened in extreme anger, and he directly unsheathed the saber on his waist before ring towards Chu Liuyue ferociously.

The sharp saber was just about to cut Chu Liuyue into two.

When the saber landed, even if Chu Liuyue did not die, she would be crippled.

However, Chu Liuyue did not move at all, but nodded and stared straight into Chu Lianshengs eyes.

She enunciated her every word clearly, “Chu Liansheng, do you want to kill the Chu familys eldest daughter in front of everyone”

That one sentence was as if a lightning bolt zapped Chu Lianshengs ears.

The wordsChu familys eldest daughter was like a curse that made him stop in his tracks.

The tip of the blade was only inches away from Chu Liuyue.

He subconsciously looked toward Chu Liuyue and met her black and silent eyes.

At this moment, he actually felt a strong suppression that made peoples hearts weaken.

Chu Liuyues gaze was like a sharp blade that cut across his body inch by inch.


Chu Liansheng immediately cleared his head.

Oh, right! Even though the skinny young girl in front of him was wearing torn and tattered clothes, she… was indeed the legitimate eldest daughter of the Chu family while he was just a servant that used Chu Xianmins authority.

“The first slap was because you didnt know your place.” Chu Liuyue stepped forward.

Chu Liansheng actually backed away subconsciously.

“The second slap was because you committed insubordination.” Chu Liuyue inched closer toward Chu Liansheng once again.

Chu Lianshengs hand that was holding the knife trembled slightly.

“Even though I was born an invalid, the blood in my body is still the blood of the Chu familys first descendant.

All these years, Ive kept my place and have not caused trouble at all.

What about you All of you started to bully me and humiliate me countless times.

But have any of you ever thought of this What rights do you have”

Chu Liuyues repeated questioning finally made Chu Liansheng erupt as he rebutted, “Chu Liuyue! Youre just a good-for-nothing from head to toe! Youre the humiliation of the entire Chu family! How shameless must you be to say all of this In this world, only the strong are respected.

You deserve everything happening today!” Even though his words were harsh, Chu Lianshengs voice was cracking slightly.

He knew that nobody would care about it if he bullied Chu Liuyue privately, but it would be terrible if he had dragged the entire Chu family in.

He was always careful in doing things.

However, the Song Lian Trios unknown fate made him anxious.

Additionally, Chu Liuyues actions that came one after another made him bring people over impulsively.

He had never expected that the originally cowardly Chu Liuyue actually dared to retaliate.

Upon hearing his words, Chu Liuyues lips suddenly curved up, and she smiled.

“Yes, I might be an invalid, but you seemed to have forgotten who my grandfather and my fiancé are.”

Chu Liansheng immediately broke out into a cold sweat.

Chu Liuyues grandfather was naturally the master of the Chu family, and her fiancé was the Crown Prince.

Even though everyone thought that Chu Liuyue had no chance of marrying the Crown Prince, the marriage agreement still existed after all.

They could talk about these things in private, but absolutely nobody dared to say it to their faces.

“Did you call me a b*tch just now” Chu Liuyue smiled even more warmly.

“Then, are you scolding my grandfather and the Crown Prince”


Chu Lianshengs saber fell to the ground.

His legs turned into jelly; his face was pale, and he had almost collapsed onto the floor.

Chu Liuyue, of course, did not care about her so-called grandfather or fiancé.

If they had the slightest bit of sympathy or care for her, the original Chu Liuyue would not have ended up in this state.

However, it was still okay to make use of them at this stage.

“I-I didnt…” stammered Chu Liansheng.

If word of this incident got out, no matter if it was the Crown Prince or the Chu family, he wouldnt be let off, even if it was just to maintain their reputation.

Chu Liuyue said calmly, “Now, are you going to cut off your right arm and pay for your sins, or… do you want me to get my grandfather and the Crown Prince to uphold justice for me”

Chu Liansheng was shocked.

Chu Liuyue actually wanted him to pay such a painful price!

Cutting off his right arm on his own… That would mean that his entire cultivating career would be ruined!

He clenched his teeth and secretly glanced at the people around him.

Now, he needed to stall for time and wait for Third Missy to appear.

“Since you cant do it yourself, then, Ill do it for you!” Chu Liuyue did not even give him time to react as she moved at lightning speed to pick up the saber from the floor and chop down mercilessly.

Chu Liansheng was a stage three warrior; logically speaking, he could have avoided Chu Liuyues strike.

However, for some reason, when the brandished saber cut through the air, he didnt even see Chu Liuyues actions clearly!


Chu Lianshengs right arm was cut off there and then.

Blood spurted everywhere.

“Ah!” Chu Liansheng let out painful screams when the excruciating pain hit him.

Everyones hearts trembled as they stole glances at Chu Liuyue.

That skinny young girl stood there with her back straight as she held the saber calmly.

It was as if she had just cut down a tree branch and not someones right arm.

This made them even more afraid.

Chu Liuyue had really changed into someone else! Even the people who were originally surrounding Chu Liuyue had canceled their plans to bully her after seeing the scene play out.

What a joke! She had just made use of the Chu family master and the Crown Prince.

Who would dare to go against her

Someone hesitated and wondered if he should help Chu Liansheng up, but he did not dare to step forward.

What if Chu Liuyue went crazy and cut them too

At this point, everyone was still in utter shock; nobody thought about how an invalid like Chu Liuyue could defeat Chu Liansheng.

Chu Liuyue casually threw the saber onto the floor, and it rolled beside Chu Lianshengs cut arm.

The fresh blood was still dripping from it; it was very bloody and scary.

“Get lost!” As she said that, she turned around and walked towards the pile of herbs in her yard.

Todays incident was just a warning to the rest of them.

She must make all of these people suffer 100 times more and pay for all the sufferings and grievances the original Chu Liuyue had gone through.


What could a 200,000 silver tael debt amount to

What could a broken arm amount to

Compared to Chu Liuyues life, these were nothing.

In and outside of the yard, the crowd looked at each other dazedly.

Originally, they wanted to watch Chu Liuyues farce play out, but they did not expect…

At this time, familiar footsteps sounded from the outside.

A woman shrieked loudly in shock.

“Liansheng! What happened to you”

The crowd turned around; their faces were filled with excitement once more.

The person who came was none other Than Chu Lianshengs master—Third Missy Chu Xianmin.

Chu Xianmin had lost out previously; she was very indignant every time she thought about it, so she did not want to let Chu Liuyue live peacefully and sent Chu Liansheng over.


On the one hand, she wanted to find out what kind of herbs Chu Liuyue bought, and on the other, she wanted to take the chance to teach Chu Liuyue a lesson.

However, she did not expect for her subordinates to pass on words that a problem had cropped up halfway through the plan.

She hurriedly rushed over and saw Chu Liansheng lying on the floor and groaning in pain, while his right arm had been cut.

Chu Liansheng moaned non-stop as he crawled over and bawled loudly.

“Third Missy! Third Missy, you must uphold justice for me! That b*t- Big Missy has cut off my right arm!”

Chu Xianmins blood boiled instantly.

Everyone knew that Chu Liansheng was her servant.

Chu Liuyues actions were akin to slapping her in the face.

She glared at Chu Liuyue and tried her best to suppress the anger in her heart.

“Sister, may I know what is going on Shouldnt you give me an explanation”


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