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Chu Liuyues eyes turned sharp.

The moment she raised the Long Yuan Sword in her hands, the Tianling Power Staff immediately flew out from the side!


When they heard a sharp, ear-piercing sound, the black blade already met with the Tianling Power Staff!

Before the two objects could even touch, the two tremendous forces started killing each other! The surrounding space started to be ripped open, and turbulence flew out!

That black blade was sinister and cold, but it couldnt win against the Tianling Power Staff in the end as it suddenly disappeared amidst the dragon roar.

Taking this chance, Shangguan Wan suddenly stood up, tore open the space, and tried to escape!

Coincidentally, Chu Liuyue turned her wrist at this point, and the Long Yuan Sword flew toward Shangguan Wan!

The very harsh and dangerous cold wind attacked Shangguan Wan from the back of her head, and all the hair on her body stood up.

She immediately tried to escape, but she wasnt faster than the Long Yuan Sword!

The terrifying sword aura immediately covered her!

Forced and helpless, Shangguan Wan turned around and crossed her arms.

Then, a gigantic black symbol appeared in front of her!


The sharp sword hit the black symbol, letting out a loud sound as the strong and vigorous impact spread in all directions!


Cracks immediately appeared on the ground!

“Thats not Shangguan Wans strength!” someone cried out.

At this point, everyone could clearly see that the power exploding out from Shangguan Wan didnt belong to her.

The current her could only forcefully be considered a beginner stage-seven warrior.

She could still be compared to other average people, but she couldnt stand in front of the Long Yuan Sword.

One had to know that even the peak stage-seven Jiang Yucheng couldnt even withstand the sword auras suppression! His arm was also slashed, let alone the injured Shangguan Wan!

At this point, her bodily aura kept strengthening! One had to be a stage-eight warrior at the very least to release such a suppression!

Chu Liuyue half-squinted her eyes. Previously, I had already suspected that something was wrong with Shangguan Wans body, and it is indeed the case!

She was about to go forward when Shangguan Jing stopped her.

“Yueer, hold on!”

Chu Liuyue paused and looked back at her ancestor—who was staring closely at Shangguan Wan with a solemn expression.

“Ancestor, can you see something”

Shangguan Jing seemed pretty shaken as he muttered, “Could that symbol be… But how is that possible…”

Chu Liuyues heart tingled slightly. Ancestor seems to know the background of the black symbol!

But before she could ask in detail, the Tianling Dynastys ancestor had already moved and rushed in front! He waved his sleeves and immediately set up a gigantic barrier around Shangguan Wan.

When the violent aura was finally blocked, the surrounding crowd secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

This shocking blow wasnt something they could easily withstand!

Shangguan Wans eyes gradually turned completely black, gaining a hint of craziness.

Her expression became rather stiff and strange, a clear indication that she was being controlled by someone.

Shangguan Jing stood in the air and stared closely at the front as he loudly questioned, “Youre from the Black Demon Hole”

Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. Whats Black Demon Hole

When Shangguan Wan heard this, she raised her hand.

Following this, that black symbol suddenly started burning!

She glanced at the Tianling Dynastys founder coldly, and her lips curled up into a cold smile.

“You do know something.”

This voice was a little hoarse and lazy—it was clearly not Shangguan Wans voice anymore!

Shangguan Jings expression became even more serious.

“We have always stayed in our own lane.

Your Black Demon Hole has nothing to do with my Tianling.

Why would you do such a thing!”

At this point, that black symbol had completely burned, and the last bit of black star suddenly exploded!


The violent force started crazily spreading in all directions!

The marble floor suddenly silently turned into powder, and the violent winds hurled up!

Shangguan Wans gaze turned, and she looked at Chu Liuyue.

“What a pity…”

I was just a step away! Everything I planned for the past few years went to waste!

Chu Liuyue met with that gaze and was stunned.

For some reason, her instincts told her that the mysterious person hiding in Shangguan Wans body was saying this to her! What a pity… What is a pity This person doesnt seem to be coming for the Tianling Dynastys throne, but for me! However, what do I have that the person wants

The next moment, a black light suddenly exploded from Shangguan Wans chest!

The Long Yuan Sword sparked, but the black light suddenly disappeared at this moment!

The next moment, it actually appeared outside the barrier, forming into a sharp black arrow that went straight for Chu Liuyue!

The crowd gasped! This person broke through the ancestors barrier so easily.

Is he even stronger than the latter The key is that his target is clearly the Princess!

“Yueer, be careful!”



Shocked shouts could be heard everywhere.

Chu Liuyue suddenly looked up and was alarmed when she saw the black light quickly approaching her!

At the same time, the Tianling Power Staff and Long Yuan Sword rushed toward her! However, danger was already right in front of her!

Suddenly, the water droplet in Chu Liuyues dantian seemed to have been triggered by some force as it started rapidly spinning.

Just as Chu Liuyue was about to take action, she shockingly discovered that the water droplet didnt exude its force as it rapidly turned into the appearance of a transparent page.

It was exactly the same as it was in the beginning!

Suddenly realizing something, she looked up.

A hoarse and sinister voice clearly landed in her ears.

“You have no right to hold onto this!”

Buzz… Buzz!

Once he said this, Chu Liuyue felt that the transparent page in her dantian had signs of struggling free! It was as if an invisible hand wanted to take this item from her body!

Chu Liuyue instinctively wanted to retreat, but she discovered that her body couldnt move!

In the blink of an eye, that black light had already reached her eyes! The pulling force also became increasingly stronger!

Chu Liuyues force started turning uncontrollably and crazily.

Coincidentally, a silver light suddenly flashed across Chu Liuyues eyes at this moment and rushed forward!


That black light was instantly sliced apart from the middle, and the strange controlling force suddenly disappeared!

Chu Liuyue focused on it and saw that a dagger had stopped it—it was… the dagger Rong Xiu had given her before!

The snow-white dagger was gleaming at this point, vaguely showing a strange pattern with intense suppression.

The hoarse and sinister voice sounded again but with a hint of shock.

“How… is this—”

Before he could finish talking, the dagger glowed!

In the Red Moon Desert miles away, Rong Xiu slowly opened his ice-cold eyes.

“Get lost!”


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