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The surroundings were silent.

At that moment, it seemed like everything between heaven and earth had stopped.

All the light reflected on the woman in red as her clothes flew up, and her black hair flowed with the wind!

She held the Long Yuan Sword, and it shocked the world once it landed!

Her pair of black, gem-like eyes were burning with intense fighting desire as if she wanted to burn all of the vengeance from before! She had already waited for this day for too long!

That shout was like thunder exploding, clearly traveling to everyones ears and stunning them!

The terrifying suppression she exuded made her seem like she was the god of war that killed her way back from hell!

Excruciating pain traveled all over his body, and blood kept flowing down his half-cut arm.

Not long later, the ground below Jiang Yucheng was covered in bright red blood, looking horrifying.

Chu Liuyue just sent out one sword attack, and it made Jiang Yucheng unable to retaliate and become covered in injuries.

When the crowd saw this scene, they were shocked and couldnt help but gasp.

Jiang Yucheng and Chu Liuyue were quite a few cultivation levels apart, but the latter could easily suppress the former with the Long Yuan Sword!

The suppression of the Long Yuan Sword is actually so frightening! At this point, nobody dared to suspect the authenticity of that sword! Other than the true Long Yuan Sword, what other item in the world can have such a godly suppression!

Chu Liuyues sword attack cut off half of Jiang Yuchengs arm, as well as everyones doubts!

Jiang Yuchengs mind turned blank as the terrifying pain spread throughout his body, almost drowning him! He forced himself up and looked up at the woman opposite him.

She was thin, and her back was straight as she held the Long Yuan Sword tightly.

All the colors in the world seemed to be gathered in her eyes alone!

How familiar was this scene!

He had a moment of dazedness.

Two years ago, it was also such a scene—she finally decided to light a fire to commit suicide, ruining Shangguan Wans Yuan meridian and his arm! After that, he spent a lot of effort thinking of ways to recover.

But not long later, the same thing happened again!

Its her… It really is her! At this moment, Jiang Yucheng knew more clearly than anyone else that the woman in front was Shangguan Yue! She didnt die but came back with a heartbreaking vengeance, returning all the betrayals and pain she once suffered!

No wonder… No wonder I felt that she was so familiar the first time I saw her.

No wonder I could always feel somewhat distant when I interacted with her… No wonder I wrongly recognized her when she only revealed her side-profile as she brightly stood there on the day the streets were lit up with lanterns…

I even thought that I had fallen for her, so I told her to go to the lake beside the zither room, wanting to confess to her before my wedding.

It turns out… She is her!

The truth was out at this point!

His feelings overwhelmed him!

Jiang Yucheng had never felt as laughable as this before! When I couldnt sleep because of her; when I fell for her; when I told her,I want to marry you… What was she thinking

When he thought of everything that happened before, everything was now very ridiculous.

It was like a resounding slap that kept hitting Jiang Yuchengs face!

“No wonder… No wonder!” Jiang Yuchengs chest shook, and he vomited blood as his face immediately turned pale.

However, his eyes were still glued to Chu Liuyue. This face is so similar to that of the past Shangguan Yue, but her gaze is completely different! Back then, she was elegant, gentle, smart, and generous as if she had never-ending patience for everyone, and her eyes were always bright and brilliant.

She shone brightly like the sun, and one could only look up to her.

And now, she has experienced all sorts of pain and suffering, becoming stubborn and resilient.

Her every move is swift and decisive.

Even though she smiles, her face always seems to have cold intentions that cant melt away.

Its as if she had built up a thick wall to prevent anyone from entering.

Jiang Yucheng suddenly laughed to himself in a mocking manner.

“…It really is you!”

I had planned for so long back then and used a good three years to finally attack her, just to ensure that everything would go smoothly.

However, I never expected that she could still escape in the end and would come back with a different appearance! I thought that I did it flawlessly and perfectly, but it was a failure from the start.

“H-how can this be!” When Shangguan Wan saw the Long Yuan Sword land and heard that Jiang Yucheng finally admitted it, her heart oozed with endless hatred.

She looked at Chu Liuyue in disbelief, not able to accept everything.

The scenes that happened in the past few months kept playing in her mind.

At that time, she only felt that Chu Liuyue and Shangguan Yue looked very similar, so she instinctively disliked the former.

Later on, she discovered that Chu Liuyues talent and capabilities far exceeded hers, causing her to be upset.

After the trip to Dahuang Swamp, she even thought of Chu Liuyue as a thorn in her side, and she wanted the other girl to die outside forever!

Shangguan Wan originally thought that everything was going smoothly and that she could finally get her peace, but she didnt expect Chu Liuyue to come back in one piece.

The latter even made an agreement with a legendary fiend, plucked the Dancing Lotus, and had her abilities elevated!

At this point, she even directly exposed that she was Shangguan Yue!

Shangguan Wan suddenly rushed forward crazily, and her expression was contorted.

“I want to kill you! You should die! You ruined my wedding and stole my throne! You b*tch, you shouldve gone to hell a long time ago!”

Chu Liuyues gaze turned, and she suddenly laughed.

“Shangguan Wan, I should be the one telling you that, right”

Back then, these two people collaborated and destroyed my everything! They stole everything I had and gave me endless pain! Now, Ive only returned to take back everything that once belonged to me! What right does Shangguan Wan have to say this

Shangguan Wan disregarded her half-sister as she maniacally started moving her surrounding force!

Her expression filled with jealousy and vengeance made her scar-filled face even more contorted and terrifying.

At first glance, she looked like a harsh ghost.

But the moment the Third Princess took two steps out, Chu Liuyues wrist turned as she pointed toward the Long Yuan Sword in her palm!


It drew a crack in the black sky!


Following this, a whir was heard!

An invisible suppression suddenly rushed out of the Long Yuan Sword!

When the space felt this suppression, it started crumbling inch by inch as this collapse went toward Shangguan Wan!

Shangguan Wan knew that something was amiss, and anxiety and fear flashed across her eyes.

She immediately wanted to shun to the side!

But at this moment, she shockingly discovered that she couldnt move—her surrounding space had long been enveloped by the Long Yuan Swords tremendous suppression!


The Third Princesss shoulders seemed to be pressed down by heavy mountains, causing her to directly kneel down and her kneecaps to crack!


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