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People in the Imperial City always kept their eye on the course of events.

After Ou Xiangtian and the others found out that Zhen Bao Pavilion had booked the whole Phoenix Restaurant for Chu Liuyue, they immediately changed their attitude and came without stopping.

The news of their arrival caused many—who had previously maintained a neutral stance—to fall in line and come one after the other.

They couldnt afford to offend the Crown Prince and the Chu family, but the consequences of offending Zhen Bao Pavilion were much worse!

When the Crown Prince had suffered a loss at Zhen Bao Pavilion, he hadnt been able to retaliate.

As such, people from all over Imperial City began to arrive in waves.

By noon, the large Phoenix Restaurant was actually filled to the brim.

“Manager, all the private rooms on the second floor have been filled up.

The first floor is also full.

We still have a dozen guests outside yet to be seated!”

The pageboys at Phoenix Restaurant were so busy that they hadnt had time to rest their feet.

Business in the restaurant was usually good, but the second floor was rarely open.

Thus, things had never been this hectic.

Chu Liuyue and the others had booked the venue.

Although the first and second floors were packed to the brim, it still wasnt enough!

Su Hui had a bit of a headache.

He apologetically looked at Chu Ning and the others.

“Lord Chu Ning, Ms.

Liuyue, Second Master Yan, what do you think we should do”

Phoenix Restaurant was an extremely high-end and elegant place.

They never had this many people in the restaurant before.

Chu Ning was at his wits end as well.

“The visitors are all guests.

Besides, theyre not of ordinary status.

It will reflect badly on us if we do not treat them with the hospitality they deserve.

Manager Su, is there really no place for them”

Su Hui sighed helplessly and smiled.

“Lord Chu Ning, theres really no room.

We cant possibly seat them at the cloister in the center of the lake, can we”

The four of them fell into instant silence.

Chu Liuyue looked at Yan Ge.

“Second Master Yan, youve invited too many people…”

“Oh, Ms.

Liuyue, youre mistaken.

I didnt invite those people that came towards the end!” Yan Ge quickly waved his hand.

Those on his invite list were all respectable and dignified.

The people that came later hadnt even popped up in his mind when he was drafting the invitation list.

However, all of them came with an invitation!

“Lord Chu Ning, youve sent out too many invitations!”

Chu Nings hands balled into fists as he coughed.

“At first, I thought not many of them would bother to come, so I sent a few more…”

At the time, he thought it would make a difference if only one of the people he invited did come here.

However, he didnt expect all of them to be here!

They had now run out of room in the restaurant!

Chu Liuyue naturally knew what was on her fathers mind.

For a moment, she was caught between laughter and tears.

She pondered for a moment and suddenly had an idea.

“Officer Zhao, I wonder if it will be possible to trouble you for an errand”

Zhao Ming—who had been standing to their side—immediately replied, “Ms.

Liuyue, Im at your command.”

Chu Liuyue pulled out an invitation and handed it to him.

“Officer Zhao, please deliver this invitation to the Chu family.”

As soon as she said that, several peoples expressions changed.

“Yueer, what are you planning to do” Chu Ning frowned slightly.

He didnt want to deal with the people from the Chu family on this joyous occasion!

Zhao Ming took the invitation hesitantly.


Liuyue, are you sure you want to do this”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

Yan Ge also couldnt figure out what she was thinking.

He couldnt help but ask, “Ms.

Liuyue, we dont have enough space in Phoenix Restaurant.

Why are you still sending out invitations, and… to the Chu family”

Chu Liuyue glanced and smiled at Chu Ning, who was wearing a disapproving look.

“Father, do you remember that pageboy sent by the Chu family this morning”

“Of course.

Why are we talking about him”

This morning, before they came to Phoenix Restaurant with Su Hui, they had already sent the pageboy away.

“Have you forgotten He said we could ask them for help if we dont have a venue to hold our banquet.

The Chu family happens to own a few restaurants, right”

Chu Nings eyes widened slowly.

“Do you mean…”

Chu Liuyue tapped on that invitation as her red lips curved.

“Their restaurants are not up to the standard, so naturally we cant let our VIPs go there and suffer.

However, we can have them bring over some tables and chairs and set them up on the street outside Phoenix Restaurant.

Im sure we can put quite a number of tables outside.”

“Phoenix Restaurant will still provide tea, wine, and food.

At the same time, their staff can stay behind to help with the chores and save us from the manpower shortage.

Its a win-win situation, isnt it”

Zhao Ming foolishly asked, “I-is this okay”

“Why not Didnt they also say theyll give us a discount for old times sake” Chu Liuyue smiled brightly.

“I, Chu Liuyue, can still afford to pay for this!”

All those present were flabbergasted by what she said.

It took them quite a long time to regain their senses.

Yan Ge couldnt help himself from giving her a thumbs up.


Liuyue, youre simply amazing!”

This is no longer a slap; she is literally ripping the Chu familys face off, throwing it on the ground, and stomping on it! When this invitation arrives at the Chu family, it will antagonize them so much that they will vomit blood! She is indeed worthy of Masters love.

This strategy is fantastic!

Chu Liuyue urged, “Officer Zhao, please.”

“Oh! Sure! Ill do it right away!” Zhao Ming broke into a wide smile.

He took the invitation and headed to the Chu family without further ado.

Su Hui regained his senses and cupped his hands in admiration.


Liuyue, thats really clever.”

“Manager Su, Im flattered.

However, I hope you dont mind the trouble weve caused.”

“How could I” Su Hui shook his head.

Then, he sighed inwardly. The Chu family must have eight generations of bad luck to offend this lady! They thought they could teach her a lesson by utilizing their familys resources, but who would have expected them to meet their match! The Chu family is going to be a laughingstock in the Imperial City again!

Chu Liuyue looked towards the door.

She rested a hand on her cheek, then tapped her chin as she thoughtfully asked, “As I recall, the Crown Prince also seems to own a restaurant under his name”


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