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Xiahou Rong stopped talking as he stared at the secret letter in Chu Liuyues hands with his eyes wide open and mouth agape.

His face was as white as a sheet, and he instinctively denied it.


Ive always kept that thing properly in my study.

Even Xiahou Tingan doesnt know where it is.

How can it be in Chu Liuyues hands!

“Officer Xiahou, what exactly is going on!” Jiang Yucheng demanded an answer with a low voice and a face as cold as ice. How could Xiahou Rong let Chu Liuyue get such an important thing! Isnt he courting his own death!

Xiahou Rong glanced at him and felt very guilty.

“I-I didnt…! Im very loyal to His Majesty.

How can I possibly do such a thing!”

“We can just look at it to see if youre telling the truth,” said Chu Liuyue as she passed the letter to Yuwen Wei.

“Officer Yuwen, youre very familiar with His Majestys handwriting.

Why dont you personally take a look to see if this letter is problematic”

Yuwen Wei looked solemn and took it with both his hands.

This secret letter had already been opened, but the remaining gold seal mark on it was obviously used only by the royal family.

Even the format and paper used for the letter were also strictly done according to the standards.

If one took a rough glance at it, it was really exactly the same as the real one.

He opened the envelope and retrieved a letter.

There were only a few lines of words on it.

The general meaning was that there were troubles at the border, and it commanded the Thirteen Yue Guard to go and handle the situation.

Logically speaking, the Thirteen Yue Guard was the Princesss personal guard and wouldnt listen to anyone elses commands.

But as the Princess did indeed usually handle many matters related to the borders and this letter kept hinting that this incident might threaten the Princess, it managed to convince the Thirteen Yue Guard to set off together.

Furthermore, it wasnt convenient for the Princess to leave as her wedding was around the corner.

Thus, the Thirteen Yue Guard left her in Xi Ling while they went to the border on their own.

They planned to handle the situation before coming back.

Later on, they realized that something was amiss and rushed back to Xi Ling, but they were still a step too late.

These people had set up many traps to deploy away all the dependable forces around the Princess before dealing with her.

Chu Liuyue had defended and guarded herself securely, but she had never expected that these two people would work together to kill her! How could she defend against them!

“This letter, this paper, this ink, and this seal are all His Majestys exclusive items, but the handwriting is not His Majestys.” Yuwen Wei furrowed his brows tightly.

“And this letter does look like it was from two years ago.”

The Yuwen family had always been loyal to the Tianling Dynasty.

Since Yuwen Wei has already said so, its an undeniable fact! In this way, everything makes sense! Back then, someone first fabricated such a letter to deploy the Thirteen Yue Guard out of Xi Ling.

Then, they took advantage of the Princess not having anyone by her side and secretly killed her! In the end, they didnt even forget to remove and handle all the people who wanted to investigate the truth!

This series of methods is almost flawless! If it werent planned in advance, they would never be able to do it to such a stage! They clearly wanted to drive the Princess to her death!

Yuwen Wei looked solemn and glanced at Chu Liuyue.


Chu, may I ask if you really found this letter in the Xiahou Residence”

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “Of course.

I think there arent many people close to His Majesty who can fabricate such a genuine letter, right”

Other than the handwriting, everything else was legitimate! One just had to think to know that it was done by His Majestys confidants!

After much thinking, as the Grand Preceptor of the three lords, Xiahou Rong usually accompanied His Majesty and interacted with him the most.

Hence, it was the easiest and most convenient for him to do such a thing!

This time, even the observing officials looked at Xiahou Rong with different expressions. Its a death penalty to fabricate the imperial edict! If things are serious, his family and relatives might even be implicated! Xiahou Rong must be crazy to do such a thing!

“Officer Xiahou, do you not plan to explain it” The gentle smile on Yuwen Weis face had already disappeared and was replaced by a cold and sharp gaze.

The Yuwen family had never intervened in the power struggle in the imperial court.

But if it concerned His Majesty, this incident was much more serious, and they had to get to the bottom of this!

Xiahou Rong made up his mind and was determined to deny it no matter what.

“Chu Liuyue, you said that this was found in my Xiahou Residence, but do you have any evidence Who knows if someone else did it, and you framed me for it I, Xiahou Rong, am very loyal to His Majesty and have never done anything to betray him!”

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes.

“Officer Xiahou, do you dare to swear on it since youre so insistent If you really betrayed His Majesty, your entire Xiahou family will be completely eliminated!”

Something was stuck in Xiahou Rongs throat for a moment, but he still braved himself and said, “M-my conscience is clear.

Why wont I dare to do it! I-if I really have betrayed His Majesty, Ill die without a proper burial ground!”

Chu Liuyue crossed her arms and touched her chin.

“You havent finished talking.

Isnt there the part about your entire family”

Xiahou Rongs eyelids twitched harshly.

“Chu Liuyue, dont go overboard!”

“Overboard Im helping you clean your reputation!” Chu Liuyue widened her eyes slightly.

“Didnt you yourself say that your loyalty toward His Majesty could be attested by the heavens What, do you not dare to continue”

Xiahou Rong was stuck in a difficult position. If I dont say it, Chu Liuyue and the rest wont let this lie, and it would make me seem guilty.

But if I say it…

“The gods are three feet away from you when you raise your head! Officer Xiahou, if youre open and just, whats there you cant say”

Chu Liuyue said this clearly, but every single word was like an extremely sharp blade that pressed Xiahou Rong to the corner.

The surrounding people didnt say a word, but every gaze landed on him substantially, forming an invisible suppression that suffocated him.

Jiang Yucheng coldly said, “Officer Xiahou, if your conscience is clear, why cant you swear on it”

If Xiahou Rong makes a mistake, the consequences will be unimaginable!

Xiahou Rong clenched his teeth.

“I, Xiahou Rong, swear! If I really did something to betray His Majesty, everyone in my Xiahou Residence will not have a peaceful death!”




Not far away, sudden applause came amidst the dead silence.

One after another, the claps were rhythmic.

At the same time, a middle-aged mans low voice sounded.

“Officer Xiahou, you have wise words!”

When Xiahou Rong heard this voice, his expression changed drastically.

Even Jiang Yucheng, Shangguan Wan, and the rest suddenly widened their eyes and turned around.

They saw a person in Lang Kun Hall, decked in a yellow dragon robe, walking out slowly.

Perhaps because he had stayed in bed for a long time, but he had become much thinner.

However, his bone structure was burly and large, and his back was straight as he still exuded an imperious, elegant aura just by standing there!

This was the Tianling Dynastys Emperor—Shangguan You!


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