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Weichi Song followed up closely, and his series of interrogative questions almost suffocated Jiang Yucheng!

The latter originally thought that Qi Dahe would die not long after he arrived at Chong Xu Cabinet.

Even if his subordinate didnt die, the people in Chong Xu Cabinet would also kill him due to their vengeance.

Even if Weichi Song and the rest suspected anything, they couldnt cause any uproars, and the incident would just be concluded.

However, he never expected that not only did Weichi Song and the rest not kill Qi Dahe, but they even tried their best to save him!

After considering all of this, I actually left a huge problem for myself! Jiang Yucheng felt extremely regretful. If I knew this, I wouldnt make this extra move back then! Even if Weichi Song and the rest kept suspecting me, it would be a waste of their efforts if they couldnt find any evidence! If I had just thought about it a while longer back then, I wouldnt have landed myself in such a state! Now, the time misalignment of Qi Dahe being backlashed by the Messed Yuan Gravel has become their best evidence to go against me!

Jiang Yucheng knew that if he couldnt give them a logical explanation, he would have to bear the responsibility for this crime!

“Cabinet Master Weichi, I really dont know whats going on.

Qi Dahe used to be my subordinate, but I dismissed all of them after we came back from Nan Jiang.

If not to help you this time, I wouldnt even look for them again.

During this long period of time, nobody knew what they were doing and who they were with.

Perhaps they have already changed their master and are specifically going against me!” Jiang Yucheng clenched his teeth and said that he had nothing to do with this matter.

“Theres something perhaps some might still remember.

I was once attacked in my residence and injured.

As a result, I have been tracking that persons whereabouts during that period, and the person I wanted to find that time was coincidentally Qi Dahes good friend!”

“To be honest, that person is called Xia Mu.

Hes good friends with Qi Dahe, and they have experienced life and death together.

The two of them didnt have other relatives, so they became neighbors and took care of each other after I dismissed them.

They are on very good terms.

If Xia Mu could try to assassinate me, why wont Qi Dahe have the same thoughts”

Even though Jiang Yuchengs explanation was a little weak, it was not void of convincing power.

After all, the news of him being attacked in the Jiang Residence had spread far and wide amongst the aristocratic families.

If he was acting, this was too much…

“During this period of time, Qi Dahe was locked up in my place.

But at the start, I only detained him because I wanted to investigate Xia Mu.

Who wouldve thought that I later discovered that he actually suffered from the Messed Yuan Gravels backlash Hence, I thought that he was the person Cabinet Master Weichi wanted to find.

After a series of interrogations, I sent him over.

I really dont know about the rest.”

Saying this, Jiang Yucheng cupped his fists toward Weichi Song.

“Speaking of this, I was negligent in this incident.

Cabinet Master Weichi, I hope you wont blame me, but I really have nothing to do with this.

Back then, Chong Xu Cabinet was extremely strong.

How can I execute and kill more than half of the cultivators in Chong Xu Cabinet overnight Cabinet Master Weichi, youre thinking too highly of me.”

Hearing Jiang Yucheng say this, the crowd had various expressions.

Quite a few people looked like they had faltered.

Chu Liuyue listened at the side and couldnt help but laugh coldly. Jiang Yuchengs mouth can really talk as usual.

He can turn black to white and right the wrongs.

The previous evidence Weichi Song showed had no chances of argument, yet he could use his glib and sharp tongue to fight for a loophole for himself! I really underestimated him.

“Eldest Young Master Jiang,” said Chu Liuyue suddenly.

“According to what you say, theJiang on this phoenix-tailed zither and the Messed Yuan Gravel have nothing to do with you, right”

Jiang Yucheng looked nonchalant as if he was very sincere.


I was about to get married to the Princess back then.

Why must I do all of this and bitterly plan to harm her”

The crowd exchanged glances.

Actually, this was the point they were most curious about.

With Jiang Yuchengs status and position back then, he definitely wasnt worthy of the Princess.

To him, this wedding would only be beneficial and not disadvantageous at all.

Any normal person wont personally ruin their future and happiness, right

One had to know that many youngsters wanted this chance back then, but they all failed.

This was because the Princess was already engaged.

Due to this, Jiang Yucheng was the target of envy amongst the many aristocratic children in Xi Ling City for a very long period of time.

At that time, he also seemed to be rather serious about the Princess, so there was no reason for him to do so.

No matter what he wanted to do, wouldnt it be completed if he successfully married the Princess Why would he spend so much effort to kill the Princess and remove all her roots In the end, he just changed and married the Third Princess, Shangguan Wan.

Compared to the Princess, the latter was still lacking in some areas.

Chu Liuyue nodded thoughtfully as if she was convinced by him.

“Thats true… I heard that the Princess was quite nice to you back then and that you won her liking with much difficulty.

Everything was originally going smoothly, so you really had no reasons to betray her, right”

She spoke slowly as if she was narrating, but it was also with faint doubt.

For some reason, Jiang Yucheng felt apprehensive and anxious when he saw such a Chu Liuyue. Her words seem to have another meaning…

Chu Liuyue suddenly laughed, and there was unconcealable curiosity and mockery on her pretty face.

Jiang Yucheng was dazed for a moment when he saw her smile.

Her clear and black gem-like eyes seemed to have secret light flashing across like sharp knives coming straight at him!

“Since you had such deep feelings for the Princess, then why did you join hands with Xiahou Rong, fabricate a document to deploy her troops outside, and lie to get the Thirteen Yue Guards out of Xi Ling!” Chu Liuyue said this sentence very clearly and understandably!

At that moment, almost everyone was stunned. Thirteen Yue Guards Didnt they betray their master back then As a result, Jiang Yucheng even ordered people to get the guards back dead or alive.

This order hasnt even been retracted to this date.

What does Chu Liuyue mean byfabricating documents anddeploying people away

The crowds gazes landed on Jiang Yucheng.

Even Xiahou Rong—who was standing amidst the crowd—suddenly became under the spotlight.

He never expected that Chu Liuyue would suddenly mention him and even directly expose the matters from back then, so his entire person was dazed as he looked pale.

He almost instinctively hollered, “Chu Liuyue, what nonsense are you saying!”

Chu Liuyue lightly laughed.

“I was just speaking the truth.”

“You—how dare you! Dont think that you can be arrogant just because you have Chong Xu Cabinet backing you up.

If you dont produce any evidence today, dont blame—”

Before he could even finish his sentence, Chu Liuyue raised her hand and shook it slightly.

A secret letter appeared in front of the crowd.

“Inside is the imperial edict that Officer Xiahou personally fabricated back then.

Why dont we get Officer Xiahou to identify it himself”


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