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“Qi Dahe, come and say it for yourself!” Ignoring Jiang Yucheng and the others shocked expressions, Weichi Song suddenly turned around and waved to a person.

It was a youngster that looked like he was in his twenties.

He had previously been standing behind Weichi Song and the rest the whole time, so everyone instinctively thought that he was Chong Xu Cabinets disciple.

Due to this, nobody paid attention to him.

After hearing Weichi Songs words at this point, he stepped forward and felt around his collarbone before removing a thin mask.

Underneath the mask, his face looked thin and frail as if he had just recovered from an illness.

His ear on his left side was missing, leaving behind a bowl-sized scar that looked frightening.

It was Qi Dahe!

Looking at Qi Dahe—who shouldve long died in Chong Xu Cabinet—Jiang Yucheng tightly clenched his hands in his sleeves! He didnt die! He actually didnt die! The point is that his murky eyes have already recovered their clarity! Other than looking a little weak, he is no different from an average person!

Qi Dahe looked up at Jiang Yucheng, and he suddenly became agitated as anger and vengeance filled his eyes! His entire body shook, and he wanted to rush up and chop Jiang Yucheng into pieces!

Even though his blood was boiling, he couldnt say a single word.

He could only make bitter and incomprehensible cries from his throat.

“Someone used a pill on his throat, so he cant talk anymore.” Weichi Song looked at Jiang Yucheng lightly.

“I wonder what the culprit was worried that he would say.”

When Yuwei Wei saw this scene, his gaze flickered as he asked, “Cabinet Master Weichi, this Qi Dahe is—”

“Its a long story.” Then, Weichi Song simply explained the entire incident of him discovering the Messed Yuan Gravel and using this to find the murderer secretly.

“…Only Nan Jiang has Messed Yuan Gravel, and there arent many people in the entire Tianling Dynasty who have been to Nan Jiang.

Coincidentally, Eldest Young Master Jiang brought people there not long after the Princess died, so I asked him to help me investigate.

After a long time, he brought Qi Dahe over and said that he did it.

At that time, Qi Dahe had already been brutally punished and interrogated.

His consciousness was unclear, and he couldnt even answer any questions.

It was impossible for me to ask him anything.”

Jiang Yucheng coldly said, “Cabinet Master Weichi, are you saying this because you suspect me This Qi Dahe had signs of being backlashed by the Messed Yuan Gravel.

You clearly saw it that day as well! Are you not planning to admit to it now”

However, Weichi Song laughed.

“Qi Dahe, raise your arm and show it to everyone.”

Qi Dahe followed his instructions, folding his sleeves up and showing his arm.

On the inside of his arm was a red line that spread upward from his palm.

“Is this… the evidence of being backlashed by the Messed Yuan Gravel” Jian Shuye immediately went in to take a closer look and was stunned after doing so.

Only a handful of people could recognize this in the entire Tianling Dynasty.

If not, Weichi Song and the rest wouldnt have taken so long to find out about this incident.

“Thats right.

He indeed has Messed Yuan Gravel in his body, and this is the evidence of him suffering from the backlash.”

Jiang Yucheng heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

“Since you also said so, Cabinet Master Weichi, where is your suspicion coming from”

Weichi Song pointed at Qi Dahe.

“Its naturally because… the timing of the Messed Yuan Gravels backlash in Qi Dahes body happened much later than when we found out about the gravel! Honestly speaking, we found out about this Messed Yuan Gravel on the day Liuyue and Wanzhou entered my Chong Xu Cabinet.

Wanzhou has grown up in Nan Jiang since he was young, and he was the one who identified it.”

“In the following two days, we thought of a way to clear all the Messed Yuan Gravel in Qing Yuan Mountain.

Logically speaking, the culprit wouldve felt the backlash at that time, but all the injuries in Qi Dahes body only came about within this month!”

With every sentence Weichi Song said, Jiang Yuchengs heart sank by an inch!

“Other than myself, there are quite a few extraordinary heavenly doctors present.

If you dont believe me, you can come up and check it personally.

This injury of Qi Dahes clearly only appeared after I asked Jiang Yucheng for help!”

The moment Weichi Song said this, the crowd collectively fell silent as they looked at Jiang Yucheng with strange gazes. Since he has spoken to this extent, even a fool can hear what the problem is! If Jiang Yucheng didnt do this out of guilt, then why did he do this

“Qi Dahe, who injured you” asked Weichi Song.

Qi Dahe furiously pointed at Jiang Yucheng, and his throat let out a few hopeless and hoarse whimpers.

“During the interrogation, lets just take it as he did it.

Then, who planted the Messed Yuan Gravel in your body”

Qi Dahe still pointed at Jiang Yucheng.

Due to his anger and rage, his fingers trembled slightly.

Jiang Yucheng stared at him closely.

“Qi Dahe, were master and servant.

I have never done anything wrong to you.

Why do you want to smear me like this”

“Everyone can see clearly if he is smearing or not.

I heard that you once gathered all the subordinates who went to Nan Jiang together and interrogated them one by one.

After that, most of them went back respectively, and only this Qi Dahe went missing since then.

When he appeared again, you sent him to my Chong Xu Cabinet.

During the period of time in between, isnt it simple for you to do something Calculating the time, his injury from the Messed Yuan Gravel should be incurred around that period.”

Weichi Song spoke slowly, but every single word was like a heavy rock that harshly slammed on Jiang Yuchengs heart!

“What do you have to say for all of this”

Everyone looked at Jiang Yucheng, awaiting his reply.

In actuality, everyone already had their own guesses even if he didnt say anything.

Weichi Song couldnt fabricate what he said, so they could basically confirm that it was true!

Then—Jiang Yucheng was indeed problematic!

Facing the crowds burning gazes, Jiang Yucheng took a deep breath in and coldly said, “Back then, Qi Dahe accompanied me through life and death.

Why would I treat him like this Cabinet Master Weichi, you were the one who took the initiative to ask for my help back then, so I did this.

In the end, you said that I made everything up and lied to you Whats in it for me if I do this”

“You naturally fabricated a lie to cover the real one.” Weichi Song pulled at his lips without much smiling intent as his gaze was sharp and cold like a sharp sword that was about to shred Jiang Yuchengs hypocritical mask! “If you dont mind, can you show everyone your arm I have a problem that I have long wanted to ask you—why did your arm get injured on the day we cleared the Messed Yuan Gravel and caused the culprit to suffer from the backlash Jiang Yucheng, can you answer these questions one by one”


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