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The voice was like thunder that landed heavily, instantly shocking everyone present! The blood word hidden in the phoenix-tailed zither is actuallyJiang! Anyone with a brain can guess that the Princess had other intentions for using such a complicated method to leave this clue behind on the phoenix-tailed zither! Trap Dragon Formation… Blood word… Jiang… When all of this is combined together, isnt it secretly hinting that Jiang Yucheng was the one who harmed her!

Lang Kun Hall fell into dead silence!

Jiang Yuchengs ears whirred!

Jian Shuyes sharp questioning was like a heavy fist that slammed down, catching him off-guard and causing him to be completely stunned.

He originally thought everything was done perfectly without a single mistake and that nobody could find any clues.

However, he never expected Shangguan Yue to leave something behind!

The phoenix-tailed zither actually hid such a shocking secret!

Everyones gazes gathered together—suspicion, shock, anger…

All sorts of gazes wrapped around Jiang Yucheng like fire!

His entire person was about to burn up as a never-before-felt sense of danger overwhelmed him!

Jiang Yucheng had never felt so humiliated before in his life, until this point!

He tried his best to calm himself down and tried hard to make his voice sound calm.

“AJiang cant mean much.

Let alone the Tianling Dynasty, there are many people with the surnameJiang in just one Xi Ling City.

Why do the few of you immediately think its me What if this word doesnt refer to someones last name but something else”

Jian Shuye was so angry that he laughed.

“Jiang Yucheng, dont act stupid here.

There are indeed quite a few people with the last nameJiang, but the Princess doesnt know many of them, right If she wasnt driven to a corner, the Princess would never leave such a clue behind.

This also means that its very likely she was harmed in the zither room! And you—arent you the one who most regularly goes to the zither room Do you really know nothing about this”

Jiang Yuchengs gaze suddenly faltered.

“Master Jian, youre right.

However, this really has nothing to do with me.

Back then, the Princess and I were in love, and we were about to get married.

Why would I have any reason to harm her”

“You have to ask yourself!”

Weichi Song suddenly carried on and nonchalantly said, “Your so-called love….

Didnt you get together with the Third Princess and even throw a majestic wedding in less than two years after the Princesss passing”

“Thats right!” The moment Weichi Song said this, another burly voice sounded.

It came from the person who was very upset with this wedding from the start—Meng Jingzhi! “Lets not say that you will never marry in your entire life for the Princess, but you should at least express your feelings, right In the end, you got together with the Third Princess the moment you finished handling the Princesss funeral, yet you have the cheek to sayin love Hah, you cant even be considered a man if this is in the western frontier! Even women will look down on you!”

It was fake that Jiang Yucheng and Shangguan Wan were together for feelings, but it was true for status! If Shangguan Wan didnt have such a status, why would Jiang Yucheng fancy her

Even though Meng Jingzhi was stationed at the western frontier most of the time and didnt return to Xi Ling, this didnt mean that he knew nothing about Xi Lings events.

He was a warrior, but he had good eyesight.

If not, he wouldnt have stayed in his position for dozens of years!

Back then, even Mu Qinghe bringing troops to appease the rebels in Dahuang Swamp couldnt allow the former to replace his position!

It was obvious how capable he was!

Jiang Yuchengs face turned black for a moment.

Shangguan Wan was originally quite shocked and worried about the phoenix-tailed zither when she heard herself being scolded the next moment.

She was so angry that her face turned white, but after glancing at Meng Jingzhi, she swallowed her ugly words.

That person was a bull!

There were already many troubles today.

Another Meng Jingzhi would be adding oil to the fire!

Jiang Yucheng didnt care about him as he lightly said, “My wedding with Waner has nothing to do with this.

Even if theres really something else behind the Princesss death, you guys cant push the blame to me just based on this blood word, right”

He was bent on using this point! The word on it is indeedJiang! At that time, I was indeed one of the closest people to the Princess! Hence, anyone who sees the blood word will connect the two together.

But if they dont take out any other evidence, I still have a chance of survival!

“Thats right! Your words arent concrete evidence.

If you smear Jiang Yucheng like that, my Jiang family definitely wont take this lying down!” Jiang Lizuo stood up and hollered.

“I want to see who exactly wants to drag my Jiang family down and smear my sons reputation!”

Jiang Lizuo was the Grand Elder after all, and he had a distinguished status.

Additionally, Jiang Yucheng was already married to the Third Princess, so the status of the entire Jiang family had been elevated.

Ordinary people really couldnt afford to offend this Jiang family!

However, Weichi Song suddenly laughed.

“Everyone will eventually know who is being smeared.

Since you want evidence… Ill give it to you!”

Jiang Yuchengs brows harshly twitched. Seeing how confident Weichi Song is, does he really have any other evidence

Weichi Song stared at him and gradually said, “I personally saw the Princess grow up, and I had the privilege to be loved by her, to be half her mentor.

Ever since something happened to the Princess, my Chong Xu Cabinet has also been impacted continuously.

Not many elders or disciples were left in the cabinet, and we can barely even hold up our clan now! And the reason for all of this is because I wanted to investigate the Princesss death.”

Weichi Songs expression gradually turned cold and solemn, and the surrounding space seemed to freeze as well.

“But its not only my Chong Xu Cabinet.

In the past two years, quite a few people wanted to investigate the cause behind the Princesss death.

However, these people either ended up dead or injured.

Some even silently disappeared, never appearing again.

Its as if someone has been secretly using all sorts of methods to stop them.

Everyone, you should know clearly that the people who dont want the truth to be revealed the most will most likely be the ones who harmed the Princess!”

A few people secretly nodded.

Even though nobody talked about it on the surface, everyone knew what was going on.

Jiang Lizuo was so enraged that he laughed.

“What Weichi Song, are you saying that its my son that went for your Chong Xu Cabinet”

Jiang Yucheng knitted his brows as well.

“Cabinet Master Weichi, Ive already sent that Qi Dahe to you personally before.

He did use Messed Yuan Gravel on Chong Xu Cabinet, but I really had no—”

“Whether its true or not, wont we know when we invite him over and confront him” said Weichi Song lightly.

Jiang Yucheng felt that it was very ridiculous and couldnt help but say, “You clearly know that Qi Dahe isnt sane.

How can we confront him”

“Oh, youre talking about this” Weichi Song suddenly laughed.

“Ive already treated him!”


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