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Jiang Yuchengs expression finally cracked as he was so shocked that he blurted out, “Why would that thing be with you!”

Could the person who secretly barged into the zither room to steal the phoenix-tailed zither be Weichi Song! That person hid their aura extremely well, and I never thought that it could be related to Weichi Song!

“Didnt I already say just now that someone gave me a big present yesterday!” Weichi Song stroked his beard and presented the phoenix-tailed zither to the crowd.

“Everyone, take a look and see if this is the Princesss zither from back then.”

The crowd exchanged glances and fell silent.

“Eldest Young Master Jiang, you should be the most familiar with this.

Why dont you check it If not, someone might say that I produced a fake item to start rumors,” said Weichi Song as he pushed the zither to the front.

Jiang Yucheng was standing ten steps away from it.

With his eye power, he could already confirm that this was the zither lost from the zither room when he saw it the first time!

However, he really couldnt understand how this item landed in Weichi Songs hands! He said someone gave it to him yesterday… Who is that person

“Let me take a look.” A person walked out amidst the eerie silence—it was Yuwen Wei.

He smiled and walked over.

“Back then, the Princess liked this zither very much and specifically told me to prepare many accessories for it.

Hence, Im rather familiar with it.

Everyone will trust me if Im the one who recognizes it, right”

Weichi Song passed the item over.


Even though Yuwen Weis status wasnt as good as Jiang Yucheng, his family history ran far.

Thus, his status was also very distinguished.

The words he said had quite a lot of value.

Yuwen Wei meticulously took the phoenix-tailed zither and examined it carefully.

Then, his expression gradually became solemn.

After a moment, he nodded.

“This is the Princesss item, and… There is a Trap Dragon Formation on the inside of this zither!”

“Let me take a look too!” Jian Shuye couldnt hold it back any longer as he went forward and focused on it.

There seemed to be a faint light shimmering on the phoenix-tailed zither.

Flipping it over, one could see that there indeed was a palm-sized Xuan formation shining brightly underneath!

Jiang Yucheng was in a mess! Back then, I only cared about dealing with Shangguan Yue.

Hence, I didnt look at the phoenix-tailed zither at all.

And even though I have always wiped the fragrance on the phoenix-tailed zither in these two years, I have never discovered any of this!

Thinking of this, he immediately said, “This Xuan formation didnt exist before! Ive never seen such a Xuan formation on it before! Its just a third-grade Xuan formation.

Any Xuan Master could carve it on the zither.

Cabinet Master Weichi, you dont have to resort to such means to lie to everyone even if you doubt the Princesss death, right”

Upon hearing this, Weichi Song sneered.

“Of course, youve never seen this before.

This was because there was originally a seal on this Xuan formation! This Xuan formation was only revealed after I solved the seal!”

“W-what seal” Jiang Yucheng was stunned. I had no idea about any of this!

“This is a Trap Dragon Formation, and the aura… It was made by the Princess!” Jian Shuye nodded in confirmation.

“As this phoenix-tailed zithers material is extremely precious and unique, normal people cant even leave any marks on it.

Even though this Xuan formation is only a third-grade one, only a top Xuan Master can do this! If I didnt see wrongly… The phoenix-tailed zither shouldve used her Tianjing Yuan meridians force to seal the Xuan formation and hide its aura.”

Weichi Song stroked his beard.

“Thats right.

I only saw this Trap Dragon Formation after I broke the seal.”

At that time, Shangguan Yues abilities had already reached that of an eighth-grade Xuan Master.

If she intentionally wanted to hide something, it definitely wouldnt be difficult.

Jiang Yuchengs heart kept sinking, and his entire body turned cold. Careless—I was really careless! I forgot that I wasnt Shangguan Yues match at all, causing me not to even see her using such a method! Now, it has become concrete evidence!

Afterward, a few other people stepped forward to take a look, and all nodded to confirm that this was indeed left behind by the Princess back then.

As she had a Tianjing Yuan meridian, her aura was very easily recognized.

Any of the extraordinary characters in the Tianling Dynasty just had to take a look at it to confirm.

“Hm, what is this” Jian Shuye was talking when he suddenly realized there was something else below the Xuan formation.

He moved in closer, and his expression changed slightly.

“Its a blood word!”

Everyone was shocked when he said this. If it werent because something happened, why would this phoenix-tailed zither have a blood word hidden on it Besides, it was even hidden with all these complicated layers!

Jiang Yuchengs heart harshly skipped a beat and almost jumped out of his chest! All the blood in his body seemed to freeze at this moment. It cant be… It cant be! Everything happened very suddenly back then.

Shangguan Yue wouldnt even have the time and energy to do such a thing!

Jiang Yucheng kept convincing himself, but there was a voice in the depths of his heart that kept ringing. Why not She was smart and cunning.

Why would she not be able to do such small tricks

“The Princess also left this blood word behind!” Jian Shuyes expression completely turned cold.

Yuwen Wei and the rest who were standing nearer also had a change in expression.

They naturally could recognize it.

“Whats the blood word written on top” someone asked anxiously.

Weichi Song laughed, but there was no smiling intent in his eyes.

“Jiang Yucheng, you should know whats written on it, right”

Jiang Yuchengs temple throbbed! “I dont—”

“Jiang!” Jian Shuye suddenly raised the phoenix-tailed zither and sharply hollered, “The wordJiang is written on it!”

“Jiang Yucheng, isnt this yourJiang!”


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