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How should I put it In her previous life, she naturally didnt see the Tianling Power Staff since she didnt make it to her wedding day.

In Chu Liuyues heart, the Tianling Power Staff was a very solemn and holy existence.

It was high and mighty, and nobody could go near it.

Hence, when the Tianling Power Staff took the initiative to fly over to her today, she was shocked and surprised.

With the staff in her hands, it was also a sort of repayment for the emptiness she had felt back then.

However… Nobody ever told me the Tianling Power Staff was so clingy! Seeing the excited and energetic Tianling Power Staff that was waiting for a compliment, even Chu Liuyue—who had a very strong mentality—almost broke down at one moment. You are happy, but please think about me! There are so many people watching!

Normally, Chu Liuyue didnt really care much about the other peoples gazes.

It was only at this moment that she actually felt the burn.

“Ahem!” Chu Liuyue clenched her fist, placed it by her mouth, and coughed.

Then, she stretched out her hand and pushed it.

“Um… I think you should go back…”

As if the Tianling Power Staff didnt hear those words, it still shook its dragon head and spun around, having zero intention of going back.


Something flashed across Chu Liuyues eyes.

Tuan Zi suddenly flew out and stared straight at the Tianling Power Staff with its pair of watery eyes. She already told you to go back.

Why are you still sticking around

The Tianling Power Staff paused, changed to another position to shake, and moved back and forth by Chu Liuyues hand. Why do you care Im not even a legendary fiend.

Why are you jealous of me

Tuan Zi was confused.

Chu Liuyue was speechless. Clearly, one is a legendary fiend, and the other is a holy object.

Bringing out either one of them will cause others to be extremely envious, but why do I feel humiliated for some reason

Seeing that they were about to continue quarreling, Chu Liuyue swiftly grabbed Tuan Zis wings and placed the fiend on her shoulders.

But the moment she let go, Tuan Zi struggled to rush out.

The Tianling Power Staff also jumped back as if it were challenging the fiend.

Chu Liuyue held her forehead helplessly and loudly yelled when she couldnt take it anymore.

“Stop being a nuisance!”

It was finally quiet.

The Tianling Power Staff stood obediently at the side, and Tuan Zi stood on Chu Liuyues shoulders.

Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Jiang Yucheng.

“Uh… Ive already tried my best… I really cant do anything about this either…”

Jiang Yuchengs expression was strange.

There was no choice.

Whoever saw the previous scene would not be calm.

However, Jiang Yucheng had seen all kinds of scenarios before, so he quickly calmed himself down.

Seeing that the Tianling Power Staff was really sticking by Chu Liuyues side and refused to leave, harping on this matter would only cause Shangguan Wan to be even more humiliated.

The best way was to ignore it first.

Hence, Jiang Yucheng directly changed the topic.

“Lets not talk about this matter first.

About what you said earlier… Well send people to form a team later to specifically investigate—”

“No need.” Chu Liuyue smiled and interrupted Jiang Yuchengs words.

“Thats too troublesome.

Well just start from here directly.”

“W-what” Jiang Yucheng was stunned for once as he didnt know what Chu Liuyue meant.

Even Shangguan Wan couldnt help but open her mouth and coldly say, “Start from here How can this be done Chu Liuyue, you have to be clear that this is Lang Kun Hall! How dare you cause a ruckus here!”

Forget her stealing the limelight by using the Tianling Power Staff, but she wants to start investigating Shangguan Yues death here directly! Shes thinking too much!

Jiang Yucheng knitted his brows.

“After all, today is my wedding with the Third Princess…”

Even though Jiang Yucheng didnt really care about Shangguan Wan, he still thought highly of this wedding. Shangguan Wan has already been humiliated enough.

If Shangguan Yues incident is brought in, it will become an even bigger mess!

Hearing what Jiang Yucheng said, Shangguan Wan had a few hints of vengeance on her face.

“Chu Liuyue, if you insist on doing so, arent you just jealous of me being happy Its my wedding day, yet you purposely brought these matters up.

Are you sincerely cursing me”

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes and looked confused.

“Third Princess, why would you say that Didnt you always say that the Princess is your most respected elder sister Why would you feel that bringing her up today is a curse to you”

Shangguan Wan was instantly stumped.

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “The Princess has always doted on you.

If she knew that you were marrying Prince Consort today, she would definitely be happy for you.

Dont you think so”

A chill suddenly went down Shangguan Wans spine and shot through the skies!

“Enough!” She violently interrupted Chu Liuyues words.

“Just do whatever you want!”

Back then, Shangguan Yue had already died to the extreme.

All the evidence and clues have basically been destroyed as well.

There is no way of investigating it! I dont believe these people can really discover something after two years!

“Wan—” Jiang Yucheng instinctively wanted to stop her, but Shangguan Wan had already said it.

He clenched his hands in his fists tightly.

For some reason, he felt anxious.

“Thank you for your understanding, Third Princess.” Chu Liuyue smiled and agreed as she took a step forward.

Everyone looked over and had various expressions.

Chu Liuyue looked straight at Jiang Yucheng, and her smile faded away.

There seemed to be a cold gaze in her eyes.

“Back then, the Princesss funeral was handled by the Third Princess and the Prince Consort.

Then, the two of you should understand the incident the best, right”

Jiang Yucheng didnt understand what she wanted to do but still nodded.

“Thats right.”

He was still a lowly fiancé at that time, and Shangguan Wan was the only slightly older one out of all the royal familys descendants, so they naturally were in charge of it.

Everyone knew this.


I have a few questions for you then.” Chu Liuyue raised one finger.

“First question: Prince Consort, you were the first person to discover what happened to the Princess, right”

“Yes,” replied Jiang Yucheng without hesitation.

Actually, countless people had already asked these questions before, so he, Shangguan Wan, and the rest had already come up with a story.

Even if Chu Liuyue asked another hundred times openly, he would still say that.

“Back then, the Princess said that she wanted to cultivate and try to break through to become a stage-nine warrior.

Hence, she chose to seclude herself.

I was guarding her from outside, but not long later, I felt that something was amiss.

When I barged in, I found that the Princess was on the verge of dying.”

Jiang Yucheng said it very smoothly and calmly as if the scene was indeed this that day.

Chu Liuyue raised her second finger.

“Okay, the second question then.

Why would the Princess not cultivate earlier or later and specifically choose the day before her wedding—which was very important to her—to try and break through to become a stage-nine warrior All cultivators know that breaking through has risks to it.

The higher ones cultivation level is, the more time they require for the breakthrough.

If she did this, was she not planning to participate in the wedding the next day”


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