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“Nonsense!” When Shangguan Wan heard this, she immediately retorted.

“Why would the Tianling Power Staff do this out of nowhere Im of the Tianling royal familys bloodline!”

Even if there were people who failed in picking the Tianling Power Staff up, we have never heard of the staff attacking anyone! Chu Liuyues words are a joke!


With your identity, why would the Tianling Power Staff do this to you” Chu Liuyue smiled slightly and asked in return.

“If I didnt recall wrongly, the Tianling Power Staff seemed quite resistant toward you when you tried to pick it up just now.”

Just as Shangguan Wan was about to rage at Chu Liuyue, she was instantly stumped when she heard this.

Her remaining words got stuck in her throat, and she felt very uncomfortable, but she couldnt say a single word.

She instantly felt guilty, and her gaze became dodgy.

Actually, she had also noticed this problem. Since the start, the Tianling Power Staff has been very rude to me and has shown no signs of becoming obedient.

When I invited Senior to help me after that, it directly exploded and caused me to fly backward… Could it be because of this

As she was furious just now, she scolded without a care.

However, Chu Liuyues sentence instantly made her uncertain.

If its really because of this… She clenched her teeth and insisted on saying, “I dont know what youre talking about!”

The surrounding peoples gazes became incredulous. Chu Liuyues words make sense! When Shangguan Wan tried to hold the Tianling Power Staff in the beginning, it wasnt successful, and there seemed to be something wrong… Even if she couldnt lift the TIanling Power Staff up and receive its recognition, there is no need to attack her and cause her to roll down the nine flights of stairs… Is there really something wrong with Shangguan Wan

“Y-you—dont try to shirk responsibility! You clearly know about my face.

It became like this because your fiend scratched it, yet youre treating me in this way in public.

Dont you clearly want me to humiliate myself!”

Seeing that things were going south, Shangguan Wan immediately changed her tune and retracted her vengeance and anger on her face.

Then, she started crying as if she had been wronged.

Chu Liuyue sneered in her heart. Youre trying to make me your scapegoat You have to see if I agree with it first!

“Third Princess, youve misunderstood me.

When your face was scratched, I hadnt even made an agreement with it, so its really not my fault.

Besides, even though the trouble that Tuan Zi previously caused was unrelated to me, I felt bad and directly went into the palace to give you and His Majesty the blood of a legendary fiend once I came back.

If I really dislike you, why would I do this”

Chu Liuyue spoke lightly, and she looked sincere.

Shangguan Wan was so enraged that her chest heaved up and down as she widened her eyes.

However, she couldnt say a single word. I was the one who asked for the legendary fiends blood, but why did Chu Liuyue make it seem like she willingly gave it up Shes lying through her teeth!

Though Shangguan Wans blood was boiling, she couldnt retort. How can I admit in public that I forced Chu Liuyue to give out the blood of a legendary fiend

Seeing Shangguan Wans stumped expression, quite a few people despised her in their hearts. Since it was a mistake that happened before they made an agreement, it naturally has nothing to do with Chu Liuyue.

Its already very rare for her to offer her help willingly, yet Shangguan Wan played the blame game! One can easily tell what their personalities are like!

At this point, Jiang Yucheng finally spoke.

“Even if so, its true that you hurt the Third Princess.

Hence, you must take responsibility for this.”

In front of the crowd, he naturally had to stand on Shangguan Wans side.

Besides, he wasnt even sure of Chu Liuyues identity now, let alone what she was planning.

Thus, he was naturally very guarded.

Chu Liuyue glanced at the Tianling Power Staff. You cause even more trouble than me…

The Tianling Power Staff trembled undetectably.

“After this ends, Ill naturally do what I have to do.

But now… We can decide on the winner of this gamble, right” said Chu Liuyue as she raised her arm and twisted her wrist.


She held the Tianling Power Staff tightly in her hands and pointed the dragon head toward Jiang Yucheng.

Jiang Yuchengs heart skipped a beat.

For some reason, he felt anxious when facing that pair of golden dragon eyes.

It was like… they could see through everything!

He instinctively averted his gaze and knitted his brows.

“Ive already lifted this Tianling Power Staff up and received its recognition.

Then…” Chu Liuyue dangerously squinted her eyes as her red lips curled up, but her eyes were cold and nonchalant.

“Can we reinvestigate the Princesss death”

The large Lang Kun Hall was completely silent.

Chu Liuyue held the Tianling Power Staff up high, and its dragon eyes were burning brightly.

Everyone knew that Chu Liuyue had indeed won this bet.

When they heard her mention the reinvestigation of the Princesss death, quite a few of them had conflicted gazes.

Who wouldve thought such a grand and solemn ceremony would end up in this manner

Almost everyone looked toward Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng.

With everyone watching, they couldnt go back on their words on the spot.

This time… They had to investigate!

Jiang Yucheng stared at Chu Liuyue closely and said after a while, “Okay! Since youve done it, then… The Third Princess and I will admit our defeat!”

The crowd broke into an uproar. This means he has agreed! Theyre really going to reinvestigate the Princesss death! Everything happened too quickly two years ago, and there are indeed many doubts.

And now… Is it finally going to be checked clearly

“Do you think theres really something wrong with the Princesss death The Tianling Power Staff felt that the Princess died wrongfully, so it let Chu Liuyue succeed in exchange for this chance”

“It cant be… Wasnt it already concluded back then Even the Princesss confidants didnt really make much of a ruckus… If theres really a problem, why would they take this lying down”

“Why not The Princesss confidants from back then are either dead or injured now, especially the Thirteen Yue Guards, who are still being pursued.

The remaining confidants are only a handful.

If you must talk about it, only Mu Qinghe can still do something…”

“I think so too! If not, it really cant explain how Chu Liuyue managed to lift the Tianling Power Staff! If shes so persistent, was she one of the Princesss people back then”

The crowd discussed, and all sorts of guesses emerged.

Jiang Yucheng roughly heard what they said, and his heart was in a mess.

He looked at Chu Liuyue and boomed, “Put the Tianling Power Staff back onto the black Xuan stone first.

We can talk about these things later.”

After all, this was a holy item of the Tianling Dynasty.

Why should Chu Liuyue keep holding it in her hands Especially when theres an unkempt Shangguan Wan at the side!

The comparison was miserable—A joke!

Chu Liuyues eyebrows rose slightly.


Then, she flung her wrist.

The Tianling Power Staff rapidly flew out!

But not long after it flew out, the Tianling Power Staff suddenly changed its direction and flew back to stand in front of Chu Liuyue.

The dragon head lightly tapped the back of Chu Liuyues hand before it shook.

It was as though it was fishing for a compliment. Hehe, Im back again! Did you miss me

The corner of Chu Liuyues lips twitched.


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