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Shangguan Wan instantly felt endless horror and panic as she let out a shrill and instinctively used her hands to cover her face.

However, the crowd had already seen her very clearly when she was dazed!

That originally petite and beautiful face suddenly became as ugly as ever, being filled with scars.

From afar, it looked like worms were scattered all across her face, causing ones heart to shudder!

The surrounding crowd instantly fell into an eerie silence.

Quite a few people exchanged glances and secretly conversed. Its no wonder the Third Princess kept saying she was ill and refused to leave Huayang Palace after she came back from Dahuang Swamp.

She only started to see people again after a long period of time, when increasingly more people wanted to see her and the things she had to handle became increasingly troublesome.

But in most situations, she still wouldnt leave the palace.

The crowd really thought that she was injured because of His Majesty, so she needed to rest in bed properly.

However, they didnt know that this was the reason behind it!

Her face was completely disfigured!

Feeling the countless gazes from the surroundings landing on her, Shangguan Wan felt hatred, frustration, and vengeance!

Even though she had already ingested the legendary fiends blood that came from Chu Liuyue earlier and her facial injury had already taken a turn for the better, it still hadnt fully recovered as she hadnt used the medicine for long.

The deep and faint scars were much better than her face that kept rotting, but it was still terrifying to the crowd!

Shangguan Wan trembled and immediately wanted to disappear!

The surroundings were deadly silent, which made her feel extremely tortured!

“Your Highness—” Chan Yi—who was standing at the back—was the first to react when she saw this scene.

She hurriedly rushed over and wanted to help Shangguan Wan up.

“Get lost!” Shangguan Wan pushed Chan Yi away.

At this very moment, everyone was watching her as a joke!

She swiftly struggled to stand up, and from the corner of her eyes, she saw her broken mask on the floor.

It was a thin layer that was stained with dust and blood, looking extremely dirty.

It was as if someone ripped off her face and harshly stepped on it!

She slowly raised her head and glared at Chu Liuyue, her eyes filled with vengeance.

It looked as though she wanted to eat Chu Liuyues meat and drink her blood!

“You… did it on purpose!” Shangguan Wan squeezed out every single word from the gaps of her teeth with deep anger and vengeance! Only a few people know that my face is disfigured, and Chu Liuyue clearly did this to expose my ugly appearance in front of everyone!

Chu Liuyue looked at her and revealed a hint of apology on her face.

“Ah! Third Princess, Im really sorry! My hand slipped.

Are… you okay”

H-a-n-d s-l-i-p-p-e-d!

Shangguan Wan became so furious at this sentence that she almost laughed! I really underestimated Chu Liuyue as she can even make up such a reason! Chu Liuyue held the Tianling Power Staff, but why did it choose her out of so many people present! Furthermore, she even caused my mask to drop!

If one said she didnt do it on purpose, Shangguan Wan wouldnt believe it even if she was beaten to death.

“You bitc—”

“Waner!” Just as Shangguan Wan was about to blurt out vulgarities and scold the other girl, Jiang Yucheng immediately spoke up at the side and forcefully interrupted her sentence.

He darkened his face and walked over with arrow steps.

“Youre injured.

We should check your injury first.

Leave the remaining things to me.”

At this point, Shangguan Wan has already lost it.

If she continues making a commotion, something might really happen.

“Physician Zuo!” he yelled at Zuo Mingxi.

Zuo Mingxi hurriedly went forward.

“Please take care of the Third Princesss wound.”

“Yes!” Zuo Mingxi agreed readily and took out a pill.

“Your Highness, please take this!”

Seeing this, let alone the external injury, her internal injury might also be serious…

“You…” Shangguan Wan was just about to fling Jiang Yuchengs hand away when she felt excruciating pain as her face suddenly turned white.


Her cold sweat dropped down.

Jiang Yucheng took the medicine.

“Waner, eat the medicine first.”

Shangguan Wan looked up with much difficulty and glanced at him.

There was no heartache in his eyes at all, only coldness, nonchalance, and a hint of warning.

This was warning her not to cause trouble at this point!

Sourness overwhelmed Shangguan Wans heart.

Even though she long knew that he had no feelings for her, she was injured and exposed in front of so many people at this moment.

She was utterly humiliated, yet he still didnt have any form of pity for her.

Ever since they fought the day before, he didnt even want to act any longer! He wasnt at all worried about how much she would be mocked after this day.

Shangguan Wan felt hopeless in her heart as water rushed up and gradually drowned her.

Jiang Yucheng fed the pill to her, and she mechanically opened her mouth to swallow it.

Then, under Jiang Yuchengs instructions, both Chan Yi and Zuo Mingxi went forward to check on her injury.

After taking her pulse, Zuo Mingxi was stunned. Two forces seem to be crazily going for each other in Shangguan Wans body! If she doesnt settle it as soon as possible, it will spell danger!

“Your Highness, your injury seems more serious.

Why dont we go down and treat it” said Zuo Mingxi carefully.

However, Shangguan Wan directly rejected it and stared closely at Chu Liuyue.

“Im not leaving!”

Today is my wedding day and the day I ascend the throne! Im the main star today, so why should I leave! The ascension ceremony hasnt even started.

Why should I leave I want to see what kind of trouble this Chu Liuyue can cause today!

Zuo Mingxi looked at Jiang Yucheng to ask for help.

Jiang Yucheng didnt force Shangguan Wan, as long as she knew her limits. If she really leaves, the scene will be even more terrible.

He nodded.

“Take good care of the Third Princess.”

Then, he turned around and looked at Chu Liuyue.

The gentle smiling intent on his face at the start of the wedding had already disappeared, now replaced by coldness with hints of anger.

“Chu Liuyue, do you know how serious it is for you to harm the Third Princess!”

Even if it were him, he also felt that Chu Liuyue did it on purpose.

Chu Liuyue lightly sighed and glanced at the Tianling Power Staff in her hands.

At this point, the golden light that shot through the sky had already gradually disappeared, leaving the pair of dragon eyes still glowing with light.

It was bright and oppressive!

How must I explain it to them so that they believe I didnt do it on purpose and that the Tianling Power Staff did it itself… It was about to awaken earlier on, and its aura exploded.

Before I could even react, it had already attacked Shangguan Wan!

In her eyes, that move was more of a warning than an attack.

If not, Shangguan Wans injuries wouldnt be this light.

Thinking of this, she squinted her eyes and looked at Shangguan Wan.

“Honestly speaking, the Tianling Power Staff did it itself just now.”


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