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Chapter 876: A Face

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Nobody expected things would develop to this stage.

Chu Liuyue actually used her life as the wager to exchange for a chance to reinvestigate the Princesss death!

After a temporary silence, the crowd broke into an uproar.

“Is Chu Liuyue crazy What exactly is she thinking She actually wants to reinvestigate the Princesss death no matter the cost”

“Didnt they say that shes born in a small place outside Heavens Canopy Why would she be related to the Princess”

“I dont understand… I really dont understand… These past two years, people did think of doing this, but they gradually gave up in the end.

Isnt she just causing trouble for herself What can she do alone”

“Um… Arent you curious why Chu Liuyue is so confident to say this Seeing the Tianling Power Staffs attitude toward her, I think she might be able to do it! Since when could someone without the Tianling royal family bloodline do this”

This question was actually what the crowd was most curious about.

No matter how they thought about it, this Tianling Power Staff shouldnt be related to Chu Liuyue at all, right

Jiang Yucheng also heard quite a few of these whispers.

He looked at Chu Liuyue and stared at those familiar eyes and brows.

Suddenly, a ridiculous thought surfaced in his mind.

But the next moment, he immediately shook his head with strength to dispel this thought! Impossible! Back then, Shangguan Yue had already committed suicide by burning herself to death! Shes definitely not alive! At that time, I repeatedly confirmed it and wouldnt be wrong!

Even though he kept convincing himself like this, the doubtful voice in his heart couldnt go away.

If Chu Liuyue really has nothing to do with Shangguan Yue, why would she involve herself in this matter And that Tianling Power Staff… It didnt care about all of these people—not even Shangguan Wan, a legitimate princess of the royal family—yet it treated Chu Liuyue differently!

Finally, he couldnt help but look at Mu Qinghe, who wasnt far away.

However, the latter was also staring at Chu Liuyue in confusion and shock.

As the Black Guards assistant commander, he was in charge of the security within and outside of the palace today.

Lang Kun Hall was the most important place, so he had been guarding it the entire time.

Jiang Yucheng knitted his brows tightly.

Mu Qinghe was the one who personally brought Chu Liuyue back.

When I first saw Chu Liuyue, I suspected her and told Mu Qinghe to investigate her secretly.

The results were that there was no problem with Chu Liuyues identity.

Shes indeed a girl that was abandoned by a desolated family in Country Yao Chen when she was young, and she coincidentally defied the gods and changed her fate after a twist of fate.

After surviving so many ordeals, she finally made it to Xi Ling.

But now… What is going on

Jiang Yucheng became even more nervous and uneasy as he felt that things had spiraled out of control and was swiftly moving in an unknown direction! Even he couldnt be sure what would happen in the end!

But at this point, Jiang Yucheng wasnt the only one who was completely stunned.

Mu Qinghe stared at the nearby Chu Liuyue and was shocked when he heard her words.

She wants to reinvestigate the Princesss death Who exactly is she

Coincidentally, Hong Yao also flew over at this point.

Seeing it flap its green wings in a seemingly frustrated manner as its pair of round eyes stared closely at Chu Liuyue as if it were waiting or expecting something, a thought suddenly surfaced in Mu Qinghes mind as his entire body stiffened.

His lips moved slightly, and he called Hong Yao back.

“Hong Yao.”

Hearing that his voice sounded amiss, Hong Yao finally turned around to take a look.

There seemed to be endless ripples in Mu Qinghes eyes.

“Who… exactly is she!”

Everyones gazes seemed to be gathered on Chu Liuyue at this moment.

The girl lowered her head and glanced at the Tianling Power Staff.

Originally, I didnt want to be this open about it.

But since it gave me face, then… I dont need to restrain myself!

Thinking of this, Chu Liuyue fixed her gaze and reached out for the dragon head engraved on the top.

The Tianling Power Staff was actually right beside her, and it was within her reach! Hence, Chu Liuyue just had to move her arm, and her fingers could already touch the Tianling Power Staff!

The crowd unwittingly held in their breaths and were very nervous as they stared at it closely.


The expected resistance and rejection didnt happen.

As Chu Liuyues hands officially held the Tianling Power Staff, a whirring sound was heard.

At the same time, the light quickly gathered in the eyes of the dragon head!


The tightly shut dragon eyes suddenly widened, and a golden light shot out from within, going straight for the skies!

At that moment, the bright light shone everywhere as the holy light landed and wrapped around Chu Liuyue!

The winds howled, and her clothes swayed with it as her hair flew up!

At first glance, she was more distinguished than ever!

At that moment, Chu Liuyue felt that her force seemed to be led by something as it quickly gathered and almost burst out!

It was as if something that originally belonged to her finally came back—it was a perfect union!

Almost instinctively, she held the staff and raised it high!

In the skies, clouds rapidly gathered.

With the Tianling Power Staffs light as the center, they quickly gathered to form a whirlwind!

It covered the entire sky, and the aura was formidable!

The next moment, Chu Liuyue moved her wrist slightly!

A heavy aura, together with harsh murderous intent, went straight for Shangguan Wan!

Shangguan Wan was stunned and immediately wanted to retreat! However, how could her speed be compared to the Tianling Power Staff!


That terrifying force brushed past her left shoulder and instantly shaved off a large piece of meat.

“Ah!!!” Shangguan Wan screamed and directly flew backward, harshly landing on the floor.


She suddenly spat out blood!

Her back and left shoulder hurt excruciatingly, and her ribs seemed to be broken.

Her organs and tissues were squeezed into a ball, and it was so uncomfortable that she felt like she was about to explode.

She struggled to get up with a vengeance and was about to scold Chu Liuyue when she suddenly heard gasps from the crowd.

Shangguan Wan instantly felt that something was amiss, so she looked at the crowd and immediately saw countless pairs of shocked and disgusted eyes!

They… were looking at her!

Suddenly, Shangguan Wan realized something was wrong and felt that her face was burning!

She knew something bad had happened, and she instantly touched her face.

It was rough and sticky to touch—extremely terrifying!

Her mask actually fell!



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