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Tuan Zi nodded and used its claw to scratch the other claw gently, causing a bright red blood pearl to emerge immediately.

That blood pearl then floated up slowly.

Chu Liuyue extended her hand, and the blood pearl silently landed on her palm.

Upon closer inspection, there seemed to be a vague rainbow light glowing on it.

An immense suppression also exuded from it!

This… is the blood of a legendary fiend—the red-tailed phoenix! Shangguan Wan and Zuo Mingxi looked at the two items in Chu Liuyues hands shockingly and expectantly. This is the only one in the entire Tianling Dynasty! Quite a few people might not even see it personally in their whole lives! But at this point, it actually appeared in front of us!

Chu Liuyue looked toward Zuo Mingxi.

“Physician Zuo, these should be enough, right”

“Its enough! Its enough!” Zuo Mingxi recovered his senses and hurriedly nodded, unable to conceal his excitement.

As a heavenly doctor, he was already extremely excited to see such rare treasures in the world.

Now that he had a chance to personally boil it into medicinal soup, it was an even rarer opportunity!

“With these items, I believe His Majestys health will definitely take a turn for the better!”

Chu Liuyue then nodded in satisfaction as she handed that drop of blood and the wooden box over.

Zuo Mingxi took the items over carefully.

For safety reasons, he still moved out his own cauldron and started refining.

An orange fire burned within the cauldron!

Zuo Mingxi continuously threw a few herbs inside.

When the refinement was almost done, he meticulously threw the Dancing Lotus in.

Those beautiful, transparent petals immediately curled up and then melted, forming a snow-white droplet.

At first glance, it looked like a tiny snowball.

In the end, Zuo Mingxi put Tuan Zis blood into the cauldron, and the two droplets started merging.

After about 15 minutes, all the herbs in the cauldron had successfully merged!

As there was no need to produce a pill, this process didnt cause too much of a commotion.

However, the bowl of medicinal soup in the cauldron had a vague suppression within, causing one not to underestimate it!

Zuo Mingxis body seemed to be drenched in sweat, and his lips were also slightly pale.

It was obvious that he had exhausted much of his force in this relatively short period of time.

No matter if it were the blood of a legendary fiend or the Dancing Lotus, they each contained great strength.

Hence, it was indeed not easy to mix the two together.

In the end, Zuo Mingxi whipped his sleeves and scooped that bowl of medicine into a jade bowl.

Shangguan Wan stood at the side and stared at that bowl of medicine with much temptation. If only I could use this medicine myself… My capabilities would definitely strengthen greatly, and the scar on my face might even recover!

Thinking of this, her desire burned even greatly. Its a pity that there was only one Dancing Lotus, and it has already been used up earlier.

But the blood of a legendary fiend… Isnt Chu Liuyues red-tailed phoenix still here

“Your Highness.” Zuo Mingxi passed that bowl of medicine over.

“May you feed His Majesty the medicine”

Shangguan Wan looked up and recovered her senses.

She then nodded, took the item, and went forward.

Following this, she moved the mesh and sat by the bed.

Chu Liuyue looked up and wanted to see her fathers face, but it was a pity that Shangguan Wan blocked her.

Due to this, she couldnt see him clearly.

Her heart tingled, but she still retracted her gaze and hid the longing and worry in her eyes. With this bowl of medicine, Fathers health should take a turn for the better.

The reason why she purposely let the news out and insisted on watching personally was that she wanted to ensure that everything on her fathers side wouldnt go wrong.

Now, she could finally be slightly more assured.

On the other hand, Shangguan Wan turned around and looked at the duo after feeding a few mouthfuls of medicine to the Emperor.

“Ill take care of the things here.

You can go down first.”

Zuo Mingxi acknowledged her words and was about to leave when Chu Liuyue spoke in a seemingly smiling manner.

“Since I dont have any important things to do anyway, Ill just stay here and check His Majestys condition after he finishes the medicine.

After all, the items were taken from me.

If I really leave now and something happens in the future, I cant explain myself clearly.

Third Princess, dont you think so”

Hearing this, Zuo Mingxi—who planned to leave—also stopped. Thats right! I refined the medicine.

What if something really happens

“T-then, Ill wait here too” Zuo Mingxi tried to ask and stood at the side.

Shangguan Wan was stumped.

She originally wanted to dismiss the two of them and occupy the remaining half of the medicine for herself, but it now seemed like it was impossible.

Under the duos stares, Shangguan Wan could only honestly feed the entire bowl of medicine to her imperial father.

In the end, she placed the empty bowl neither heavily nor lightly at the side and nonchalantly said, “Okay.

Since the medicine is finished, lets allow Father to rest properly.”

Chu Liuyue took a glance and faintly saw that her fathers expression seemed to be much better.

With that, she relaxed a little.

“Since His Majesty has already consumed all the medicine, then… I wont disturb you further if theres nothing else.” Then, she turned around to leave.

“Wait a minute!” Shangguan Wan suddenly spoke and called her back.

“I still have something to discuss with you.”

Without waiting for Chu Liuyue to reply, Shangguan Wan then glanced at Zuo Mingxi.

“Its best if someone watches over Father.

Physician Zuo, can I trouble you to stay here for a while longer”

Zuo Mingxi hurriedly said, “Ill definitely do my best.”

Shangguan Wan walked outside and brushed past Chu Liuyue, looking at her with deep meaning.

“Follow me.”

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes and followed her.

The duo left the main hall of Qingfeng Palace and arrived at the side hall.

The moment they went in, Chan Yi sensibly closed the door.

Chu Liuyue turned around to take a look at the tightly shut door and laughed.

“Third Princess, what are you doing”

Shangguan Wan raised her chin slightly and commanded in a high and mighty manner, “I want the blood of your legendary fiend.”

Chu Liuyue already guessed what she wanted to do, so she wasnt shocked when she heard this.

Instead, she raised her brows slightly.

“Third Princess, you should know that its not easy to gather the blood of a legendary fiend with strong bloodline power, right Tuan Zi already presented one droplet earlier.

If it gives you another droplet now… Im afraid its force would be greatly damaged.”

Shangguan Wan kept sneering.

“Chu Liuyue, dont pretend in front of me! When this beast scratched my face and left a scar back then, its already very nice of me not to hold you accountable! If youre sensible, you better give me the blood of the legendary fiend obediently!”

If it werent because this red-tailed phoenix has already made an agreement and couldnt change its owner, I wouldve definitely snatched the legendary fiend over as well!

Chu Liuyue looked at her, crossed her arms, and lightly knocked her chin.

“What you said does make sense.

After all… ones face is extremely important to any woman.

Tomorrow is your wedding day, and it wont be too good if you have a scar-filled face.

Besides, you can hide it for a moment but not forever.

Your true appearance will eventually be exposed for the world to see clearly! Dont you think so”


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