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For once, it was really lively at Chong Xu Cabinet that night.

Everyone excitedly crowded around Chu Liuyue and her gang and looked at them expectantly, waiting to hear their story.

Thus, Chu Liuyue recounted the events that took place at Dahuang Swamp.

Of course, much of the details were glossed over.

Mu Hongyu and Ye Ranran, on the other hand, shared the things that had happened outside while Chu Liuyue was trapped underground.

Everyone felt rueful upon hearing the recount.

Lu Zhiyao couldnt resist saying, “No wonder you guys took so long to come back.

You encountered so many things… What happened at the Red Moon Desert though You guys mustve suffered a lot.”

Naturally, Chu Liuyue didnt reveal the presence of Big Baby and the others.

All she said was that she had no idea what was going on either.

“Actually, we didnt really suffer much… In fact, weve gotten much stronger,” rebutted Ye Ranran softly. Now that I think about it, we benefited the most from this trip to Dahuang Swamp, although it was quite a tiring experience.

We were indeed quite lucky.

“Although the Dahuang Swamp is quite unpredictable and dangerous, its also true that one can get lucky there.

You all have gained a lot from this trip, so your efforts arent wasted!” said Elder Xia Yi joyfully. Its already very fortunate that they returned safe and sound, but the improvement of their cultivation bases is a complete surprise! Liuyue, in particular, is now a stage-six warrior! Her cultivation speed is incredibly fast! Everyone else came back with nothing but injuries, so people assumed that our disciples would surely die in Dahuang Swamp.

Who wouldve thought that were the ones who gained the most! We will be the center of envy once news of their return spreads!

The sharing session lasted for a long time as the seniors kept throwing questions at them.

It was only when Chu Liuyue and the others felt so overwhelmed that Weichi Song finally stepped in to save them.

“Alright, thats enough.

Its already very late.

They just came back, so they need some rest.

We can always talk later.”

Since Weichi Song had given the word, the seniors had no choice but to stand up and leave despite their reluctance.

That said, given how excited they were, it was unlikely that they could fall asleep even if they retired for the night.

Mu Hongyu, Qiang Wanzhou, and Ye Ranran left as well, leaving behind Chu Liuyue and Weichi Song in the room alone.

Chu Liuyue knew that Weichi Song had questions for her.

Sure enough, after everyone left, Weichi Song looked at her and asked, “Earlier, you said that you picked a Dancing Lotus”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

Weichi Song knitted his brows slightly as a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes.

“Did you meet a tall man in black”

Is he talking about… the owner of Hundred Herbs Building wondered Chu Liuyue.

Weichi Song knew what her answer was, for her reaction had said it all. It looks like she mustve met him too.

But the thing is, he said that the Dancing Lotus belongs to his wife… So why did he allow Liuyue to pick it

“He… didnt stop you from picking the Dancing Lotus”

“Why would he” asked Chu Liuyue as she blinked her eyes curiously. He even urged me to pick it!

The look of shock on Weichi Songs face made Chu Liuyue fall deep in thought for a moment.

“Actually… We sort of know each other.”

“You know each other” This news surprised Weichi Song even more. Liuyue knows someone so formidable

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“I received quite a lot of help from him, so—”

“Then, do you know who he is” asked Weichi Song. I dont think anyone like him exists in the Tianling Dynasty…

“His background is unknown.

I dont know anything else about him,” answered Chu Liuyu with a shake of her head.

Weichi Song was a little disappointed to hear that, but he knew that there was no point in asking more questions since Chu Liuyue looked like she really didnt know anything else about the man in black.

A thought suddenly struck his mind, and he said, “By the way, the news of your return with the Dancing Lotus will soon spread… The Third Princess—”

“Master, are you worried that Her Highness will look for me to ask for the Dancing Lotus” Chu Liuyues lips curled up slightly. Thats just putting it nicely.

Given Shangguan Wans character, the odds are that she will snatch it from my hands, and nothing will seem wrong about that as the esteemed Third Princess has been going around looking for a cure for the Emperor.

Weichi Song hesitantly nodded, and he felt sorry for his disciple. The Dancing Lotus is such a precious herb, and it doesnt even exist in the Tianling Dynasty.

One would surely treasure it dearly if they managed to get their hands on one.

They would surely be reluctant to give it up to someone else… Besides, Liuyue went through so much at Dahuang Swamp…

Liuyue, however, didnt seem the slightest bit worried.

Her eyes twinkled a little when she smiled.

“If she wants it, she can just come and get it from me.”

While things were lively at Chong Xu Cabinet, this wasnt the case for someone in Xi Ling City.

As Jiang Yucheng made his way back, the cool night breeze gently blew at his clothes hem.

He initially thought that the walk and the wind would help sober him up, but he soon realized that it didnt work, for his mind kept replaying the earlier scene of the beautiful lady in red with lush black hair and a pure and captivating smile.

She was all he could see on the bustling street.

When Jiang Yucheng arrived back at the Jiang Residence, he stopped for a moment in the courtyard before heading to the study alone.

He then closed the doors and windows and went to sit in front of his desk.

Following that, he took out a rectangular sandalwood box from under the table and opened it.

Inside lay a painting scroll.

He hesitated for a bit but eventually took the scroll out and slowly unrolled it to reveal a painting of a lady.

She was standing by a lake, and she looked dignified while dressed in luxurious court attire with gold hairpins in her hair.

In the painting, she turned her head back while smiling radiantly as if she had heard something.

Unlike her usual gentle and polite smile, that smile was mischievous and soulful, and it reached her sparkling eyes.

The lady in the painting was none other than Shangguan Yue.

From her youthful appearance, it seemed like she was only in her teens, but she had already begun to show hints of her stunning beauty.

This was a scene from many years ago, and not even Shangguan Yue herself knew the existence of this painting.

Jiang Yucheng had wanted to show it to her back then, but…

All of a sudden, familiar footsteps could be heard coming from outside, which made Jiang Yucheng frown. What on earth is Shangguan Wan doing here at this late hour!

Without further ado, he rolled the painting up and put it back into the box.

Just as he did so, someone pushed the door open and entered without any notice.

“Yucheng…” Shangguan Wan noticed that Jiang Yucheng seemed a little flustered as he hurriedly hid something under the table.

She knitted her eyebrows.

“What are you hiding”


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