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The moment she said it, they heard a few familiar footsteps from behind.

Chu Liuyue turned around and saw Qin Yi and Lei Laosi walking at the front.

“Were back!” Lei Laosi yelled to the few of them excitedly.

Qiang Wanzhou was following behind the two of them.

Chu Liuyues eyes lit up, and her lips curled up into a smile.

Qiang Wanzhou had changed into a moon-white robe with a white jade belt around his waist, which easily outlined his young and handsome stature.

His soft golden hair exuded a faint light under the candle fire, and a few strands of hair dropped down, covering his sharp eyes.

This caused his surrounding aura to be much gentler.

His nose was straight, and his lips were as red as a rose.

His intricately carved chin was a little round, but he still looked very youthful.

In the past, Qiang Wanzhou always wore his torn and tattered clothes, and his skinny body swung around emptily within.

He looked very wild, like a lone wolf moving around.

Even after he entered Chong Xu Cabinet and followed Chu Liuyue, he was still like a gray shadow.

This was the first time Chu Liuyue saw him like this, and she couldnt help but exclaim. Indeed, a good-looking person will definitely look amazing as long as you tidy them up.

At first glance, I would really think that hes a distinguished young master from some aristocratic family.

Mu Hongyu and Ye Ranran also sized Qiang Wanzhou up in shock and surprise as if they had never seen him before.

As if noticing their gazes, Qiang Wanzhous entire body stiffened.

He didnt know where to place his hands and legs as he quickly glanced at Chu Liuyue and became even more nervous when he saw her smiling happily at him.

After momentary embarrassment, he turned around and planned to go back.

“Let me go back and change.”

I really feel extremely uncomfortable in this!

“Hey—” Chu Liuyue pulled him back and couldnt help but laugh in her heart when she saw his face of rejection and embarrassment.

But since he was already this awkward, she naturally couldnt add oil to the fire.

Hence, she lightly patted his shoulders and seriously said, “Little Zhou, you look good like this.”

Qiang Wanzhou was dazed for a moment and looked at her doubtfully.


Chu Liuyues eyes and brows all seemed to have smiles.


In the past, he was always alone.

In order to survive, he fought with groups after groups of beasts for resources and had a wild nature.

However, it was different now.

He had her and so many others.

He would no longer have no place to stay in the future and would no longer be lonely without any dependence.

Looking into that pair of black, gem-like eyes, Qiang Wanzhous uneasy heart gradually calmed down.

“Hehe, I knew this will definitely incur her—their pleasure!” Lei Laosi smiled delightfully at the side. At the start, this kid refused to cooperate no matter what, and I spent a long time convincing him.

In the end, I had to bring up Her Highness to finally make him do it.

Look! This is what a normal youngster should look like!

He long wanted to say that Qiang Wanzhous usually dirty and dusty appearance wasnt enough.

Upon hearing this, Qiang Wanzhous face—which was very white to the extent where it was almost transparent—started burning.

He awkwardly turned around, but his ears were as red as a tomato.

Chu Liuyue secretly laughed in her heart. This kid is like a porcupine.

He looks like hes filled with thorns and is hard to approach, but in actual fact, his heart is very soft.

His skin is also extremely thin.

He will easily blush after being teased for a few sentences.


She raised her brows slightly and glanced at Lei Laosi. Does this person want Qiang Wanzhou to replace him temporarily because he can no longer see people with his real appearance After all, he was indeed a young and fine gentleman back then.

Yet, he needs to act like this burly character now…

Seeing that Qiang Wanzhou was about to become cooked, Chu Liuyue finally spoke kindly.

“Since were all here, lets get on our way then! Mentor and the rest must be anxious from waiting!”

Chu Liuyue spoke as she looked at the Qin Yi duo.

“Then… Well bid farewell here.”

Qin Yi lightly nodded.

“Since were already at Xi Ling, we wont send you any further.

Four and I will stay at that inn.

If theres anything you need help with, feel free to look for us.”

Chu Liuyue calmly said, “Okay!”

After seeing Chu Liuyue and the rest off until they couldnt see their figures, the smile on Lei Laosis face then gradually faded as he looked in a direction alertly.

“Big Brother, that man just now…”

Qin Yi smiled.

“Its him.”

Fire burned in Lei Laosis eyes.

“Pfft! How shameless!”

They were previously a distance away, so they couldnt see the situation here clearly.

They only vaguely saw a man speaking to Her Highness for a while before leaving.

However, they were extremely familiar with that persons aura.

Even if he turned into dust, they could still clearly recognize him!

God knows what he said to Her Highness!

“Then, should we follow them and take a look” asked Lei Laosi softly.

Qin Yi paused for a moment and shook his head.

“No need.”

“Why” Lei Laosi found it weird.

Qin Yis eyes sparkled.

“Its naturally because… someone is already doing it.”

“What” Lei Laosi was a little confused, and he suddenly thought of something the next moment.

“Could it be Seven”

Previously, Her Highness had mentioned that Qi Han came back with her.

The two of us used a special Yuan instrument to hide our auras, and Qi Han seems to have used Xiao Bas medicine…

“Even though Seven is good at this, someone seems to have superseded his master.” Qin Yi revealed a meaningful smile.

“I didnt expect him to change so much in just two years…”

Lei Laosi was still confused. Does Big Brother mean that… someone else is secretly following Jiang Yucheng But who else could it be other than Seven—

“Lets go.

I think Seven still doesnt know that were back,” said Qin Yi as he moved forward.

Lei Laosi hurriedly followed.

As he walked, he thought to himself, Could it be that other than Qi Han and us, the other Thirteen Yue Guards have already come back to Xi Ling

Jiang Yucheng walked on the streets, and his mind was in a mess.

The previous scene seemed to keep replaying in his head. Shes not her…

He rubbed his glabella and wanted to throw away everything in his mind.

But for some reason, the more he thought, the clearer it got.

The people were bustling on the streets.

That red woman stood there quietly and smiled when she turned around.

That was—Chu Liuyues face!

For some reason, Jiang Yucheng felt faintly anxious.

He stumbled forward and almost collapsed onto the ground.

“Eldest Young Master!” Sun Qi—who was following him in the dark—hurriedly went forward but was pushed aside by Jiang Yucheng.

“Eldest Young Master, you—” said Sun Qi rather worriedly. I can count the number of times Eldest Young Master has gotten drunk with my hands, and the day hasnt even come yet.

So why—

Jiang Yucheng closed his eyes.

“Lets go back!”


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