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Xiahou Rong was confused.


He hurriedly glanced at the dull wooden box, knitted his brows, and said very surely, “Impossible! Ive been taking care of this very carefully.

Nobody touched it!”

Jiang Yuchengs expression turned ice-cold, and his surrounding aura turned sinister.

“The seal on this item has clearly been touched before.

I personally passed it to you back then.

Do you think I wont know what it looked like back then”

Xiahou Rong was stumped.

“What about the key” Jiang Yucheng stretched out his hand.

Xiahou Rong was very indignant and threw the key over, his expression rather ugly.

“Eldest Young Master, I wont go back on my words since I agreed to return the item to you.

If you want to look at it, just do it!”

Back then, Jiang Yucheng personally promised to hand him the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill as a reward.

But now, the former wanted it back before he could even use it.

Xiahou Rong had words of displeasure about it and was very upset with Jiang Yucheng in his heart.

Hence, he was talking very rudely as well.

Jiang Yucheng took the key and ignored him as he directly opened the black wooden box.


The wooden box opened with the sound—it was empty!

Jiang Yuchengs face immediately darkened as he sneered and glanced at Xiahou Rong.

“Officer Xiahou, what do you say about this”

Xiahou Rong widened his eyes in shock as he stared at the empty wooden box with a deadly gaze.

“How is this possible How is this possible! I clearly took great care of it! Why is it missing”

Jiang Yucheng threw the black wooden box to Xiahou Rong, and it dropped to the ground and let out a low sound.

“You can see for yourself if its true or false.”

Xiahou Rong didnt care too much as he directly picked up the black wooden box and took a closer look.

When he flipped it around to check and confirmed that there was nothing inside, his face flushed white.

Tiny beads of sweat immediately covered his forehead as his lips trembled slightly.

The black wooden box in his hands instantly became a hot potato!

Xiahou Rong couldnt hold it or throw it as his facial expression changed incredulously.

Jiang Yucheng stared at him coldly, and his eyes turned sinister.

The next moment, Xiahou Rong finally recovered his senses and hurriedly looked up.

“I dont know! I really dont know!”

Ever since I received this item, Ive been taking care of it meticulously.

Why would it suddenly disappear

Jiang Yucheng pulled at his lips without much smiling intent.

“Then, do you mean that the item inside ran off”

Xiahou Rong started recalling rapidly as countless scenes flashed across his mind.


I personally went to the study to retrieve this item, and there was nothing strange during the entire process.

I didnt see any traces of someone touching it! This also means that the other party mustve silently taken the item away! The one who can do this… Hang on!

Xiahou Rongs facial expression immediately changed. There are only a few people who know about these things so clearly, especially the ones who know how to find it and take it away…

“It seems like you already know who did it, Officer Xiahou” Jiang Yucheng spoke lightly, and his gaze was filled with mockery.

Xiahou Rongs lips moved as he muttered in disbelief, “Impossible… Thats impossible…”

“Ive always trusted your character, Officer Xiahou.

This time, Ill just take it as you failing to safeguard it.

If you can find the person in one day and bring the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill back in one piece, Ill forget about this incident and treat it like it never happened.

What do you think”

Jiang Yucheng looked down and turned the ring in his hands as he slowly said, “As for the person who did this, Ill have to trouble you to deal with him, Officer Xiahou.

After all, the fewer people who know about this, the better.

Im also doing this for your reputation.

What do you think”

He felt that he was already very kind by handling the matter in this way.

But to Xiahou Rong, this was undoubtedly an extremely difficult issue.

This was because… The person who did it was most likely his second son, Xiahou Tingan!

Xiahou Rong kept quiet for quite some time before he swallowed his saliva with much difficulty and said, “Eldest Young Master, c-could you spare that persons life if we find them”

Jiang Yucheng looked up and glanced at him nonchalantly.

Seeing Xiahou Rongs nervous look, he suddenly laughed.

“It seems like my guess was right—Xiahou Tingan did do it.

I didnt expect his guts to grow so much and for him to do such a thing.”

Xiahou Rongs hands trembled.

“T-this hasnt been concluded yet.

It might even be someone else… You also know that I just chased him out of the house a while back.

Im afraid he hasnt even recovered from his injuries yet.

Why would he…”

His voice became increasingly quiet.

Honestly, even he didnt believe his own words.

To be able to sneak into the Xiahou Residence successfully, silently enter the barrier outside the study, smoothly find the key to open the wooden box, and take the item away… Other than Xiahou Rong himself, only Xiahou Tingan could break these layers of defensive barriers.

Jiang Yucheng looked at Xiahou Rong as if he were looking at a joke.

“Its a pity for all the parents in the world.

Officer Xiahou, youre here begging for mercy for him and want to protect him no matter what, but its a pity that he doesnt even care about you as a father.

If he considered you or the entire Xiahou family, he definitely wouldnt do such a thing.”

Jiang Yuchengs words were like knives that kept stabbing into Xiahou Rongs heart.

He closed his eyes, suppressed his emotions, and cupped his fists.

“Eldest Young Master, dont worry.

Ill definitely send the item back in perfect condition! If that rebel really did it… I hope youll let him off for my sake!”

Xiahou Rong had never used such a humble tone to beg someone before.

Even to obtain the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill back then, he had a bidirectional discussion with Jiang Yucheng.

It was the first time he begged like this.

After pausing for a long time, Jiang Yucheng finally nodded.


After Xiahou Rong went out, he left with Xiahou Yushu and the rest very quickly.

Other than him and Jiang Yucheng, nobody else knew what the duo talked about in the study.

Almost everyone thought that the marriage was settled easily and smoothly.

After the wedding, the two aristocratic families could merge and join!

Back at the residence, Xiahou Rong ordered his subordinates to bring Xiahou Tingan back.

The entire Xiahou Residence was shocked. He was just evicted.

Why does Xiahou Rong want him back so quickly However… Xiahou Tingan is his biological son after all, and hes the one Xiahou Rong doted on the most for so many years.

Its normal for him to feel reluctant.

Very quickly, news came back.

It was said that Xiahou Tingan had been staying with that lady from Chun Feng Restaurant.

When Xiahou Rong heard this, he was enraged and immediately went forward personally.


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