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“What did you say” Lan Xiaos voice was filled with shock.

“How can she not be the Princess anymore”

Rong Xius expression didnt change, and his voice was clear.

“If you dont believe me, you can personally ask her or anyone from the Tianling Dynasty.”

Hearing that Rong Xius tone didnt sound like he was joking, Lan Xiao also noticed that something was wrong. There is no need to lie about such things, and it must be true since Rong Xiu said it! Previously, we were just excited for Girlie to be back and didnt ask her much.

“What exactly is going on Could it be because she lost her Tianjing Yuan meridian”

Back then, that was indeed why she became the Princess.

But if they remove her status as the Princess because of that… It doesnt seem very appropriate, right They really accumulated luck for thousands of years to produce a talent like her in the Tianling Dynasty.

If they have brains, they definitely wont do such a thing!

Rong Xiu looked down and hid the murderous intent in his eyes.

His thick brows cast a light shadow below his eyes, and it made his surrounding aura much colder.

“Thats because her status as Shangguan Yue is already dead.”

“Big Baby! Big Baby!”

Dugu Mobao was watching Chu Liuyue fighting with that puppet when he heard Lan Xiaos hurried voice.

He knitted his brows.

“Whats the matter”

Lan Xiao always cares about his appearance a lot, including his voice.

If it werent because something major happened, he definitely wouldnt use such a tone.

Nervousness and anger—this made Dugu Mobaos heart jump as well.

Lan Xiao quickly returned, and his facial expression was terrible.

Even when Girlie didnt return for a few years, he didnt reveal such an expression.

Lan Xiao closed his eyes and forced himself to calm down.

“Wheres Diwu Get him to come back quickly!”

Dugu Mobao didnt understand what was going on as he knitted his brows and asked, “What exactly is going on What happened”

Lan Xiao didnt directly answer as he continued saying, “Let him come back first.

I have something to say.”

Dugu Mobao could only call Diwu Zhangze back as well.

“Whats the matter I was just teaching those few dolls just fine…” said Diwu Zhangze, but his voice trailed off when he saw that the duos expressions werent right. W-whats going on

The three of them had known each other for many years, and they understood each other very well.

Such an atmosphere was indeed too rare.

Something definitely happened!

Especially Lan Xiao, whose face looked like it had a layer of ice.

This expression was normal on Big Babys face, but it was too strange on him.

Dugu Mobao said, “Now that everyone is here, can you say what exactly is going on”

Lan Xiao raised his chin and first said to Diwu Zhangze, “Look after Big Baby first.”

The two of them exchanged glances and were confused.

“What exactly is—”

“Do you know why Yueer Girlie changed her body”

The two of them knitted their brows.

They always thought that it was related to her loss of memory, so they had never asked.

Lan Xiao took a deep breath in and said every single word clearly.

“It is because Girlie previously burned herself to death—those scum from the Tianling Dynasty coveted her throne and rebelled against her! While Yueer Girlie lost her memory, they pushed her to her death! And she really isnt Shangguan Yue now, but… Chu Liuyue!”

When she previously called herself Chu Liuyue, they didnt care much about it and thought that she didnt say her real name as she was being guarded.

Who knew this had happened!

This piece of news was indeed too shocking, causing Dugu Mobao and Diwu Zhangze not to react in a short time.

“W-what did you say”

That Girlie is so smart and witty, and shes very strong.

In the Tianling Dynasty, shes almost under one person but above millions.

How can…

Even though the Dahuang Swamp they were in was also considered as the Tianling Dynastys territory, the few of them didnt actually care about the Tianling Dynasty.

This was also why they didnt really notice much of the situation there and were ignorant about all of this.

Besides, in their eyes, only Girlie could bully the others.

Who could possibly set her up to her death

Dugu Mobao suddenly asked, “Continue speaking.

Who harmed her”

He was expressionless, and his tone was very calm, but Diwu Zhangze and Lan Xiaos hearts went cold. His behavior is too terrifying…

“Big Baby… Calm down first…” advised Lan Xiao.

“Im very calm.” Dugu Mobao interrupted him.

“Im asking you again: Who are they”

Xi Ling.

There were only four days left until the wedding between the Third Princess—Shangguan Wan—and Jiang Yucheng.

On this day, Xiahou Yushu also went to the Jiang Residence to pass them the bridal gifts.

They originally didnt plan on doing it so early.

After all, nobody wanted it to coincide with Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yuchengs big day.

However, the Jiang family requested them to send the bridal gifts first and would settle the wedding between Xiahou Yushu and Jiang Yuzhi after the other two matters were done.

The Xiahou family then acted according to their wishes.

Xiahou Rong also followed him.

Logically speaking, he didnt need to be around.

But he knew that Jiang Yucheng wanted the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill, so he could only bring the item over personally.

Doing this was for safety and also to show that the Xiahou Residence thought highly of this marriage.

The carts of gifts were all sent to the Jiang Residence.

In the living room, the two families sat together, looking very happy and harmonious.

After talking for a while, Xiahou Rong said that he had some things to discuss with Jiang Yucheng in private.

The crowd thought that the two of them were going to discuss imperial court matters, so they let them go to the study.

After entering the study, Xiahou Rong took out the black wooden box and passed it over.

“The item is inside.

Eldest Young Master, I hope you will stand by our previous agreement.”

Jiang Yuchengs lips curled up into a smile as he took the item.

“Of course—”

Suddenly, his expression changed.

“Someone touched this before!”


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