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Lan Xiaos lips twitched.

“Peak stage-seven Girlie has just broken through to become a beginner stage-six warrior not long ago, yet youre treating her so harshly Its inappropriate, dont you think”

Seeing Girlie filled with injuries makes my heart ache.


“I only have that one stage-six puppet, and she damaged it.

Therefore, I can only change to this one,” said Dugu Mobao without a change in expression or the quickening of his heartbeat.

Lan Xiao was stumped and was speechless. You clearly produced this puppet on your own.

How can you not have the standard that you want What do you mean you dont have… Its just an excuse!

Lan Xiao couldnt help but feel emotional.

“Every time Girlie is here, I get to see your shameless appearance.

I really miss it…”

“If you dont have anything to do, I can help you find somejoy.” Dugu Mobaos voice was filled with murderous intent.


I still have something on, so Ill take my leave first! Ill hand Girlie to you!” Lan Xiao then swiftly disappeared as if he were afraid that Dugu Mobao would do something to him.

What a joke! Its fine if he tortures Girlie Yueer on her own because Big Baby wants to strengthen her abilities.

Due to this, he will know his limits.

But if it were me… Big Baby will definitely push me to my grave! My body is very petite and precious! Especially this face—it cant be hit again!

Lan Xiao swiftly left, and Dugu Mobao was quickly left alone in this place again.

His attention was naturally all on Chu Liuyue.

When Chu Liuyue broke through to become a stage-six warrior, the change in weather that she triggered surprised Dugu Mobao.

Originally, after he knew that Girlie had changed her body and had a Dijing Yuan meridian instead, he already planned to train her using the standard of an average Dijing Yuan meridian cultivator.

However, he didnt expect her to be much more outstanding than they had predicted!

Dugu Mobao always had high hopes for her, so he swiftly gave up on the previous plan as he clenched his teeth and directly increased the difficulty of the training to the same as her previous one.

Firstly, he threw out a peak stage-six warrior to test the waters and shockingly discovered that Girlies adaptation skills seemed to be much stronger than before! Therefore, when Girlie could tie with that peak stage-six puppet, he immediately changed it to the current peak stage-seven one.

And in actual fact, she didnt disappoint him as she quickly grew after each battle!

At first, she couldnt even retaliate when she fought against this peak stage-seven warrior and could only get beaten up.

But now, she could already try her best to avoid its attacks and even counterattack from time to time.

Even though her current cultivation level wasnt high, her abilities had long exceeded what she presented on the surface.

And the current Chu Liuyue placed all her focus on the puppet in front of her.

The longer the two of them fought, the fiercer the battle, and the more injured she was.

At this point, there wasnt a single good spot in her entire body.

But for some reason, the willpower in her heart grew even stronger!

And gradually, her retaliation and attacks became much sharper and scarier! Sometimes, even she didnt know how her moves came about.

It was as if… it was her instinct.

She gradually realized that inside her body, there was another her that had been hibernating this whole while.

And now, thather was gradually awakening!


That puppet bent its arm and hit its wrist against Chu Liuyues chest.

Chu Liuyues body shook, and a sweet, fishy smell swarmed up her mouth.

The next moment, her gaze became cold and focused as she didnt retreat and went forward.

At the same time, she clutched the puppets elbow tightly and flung it forward.


The puppet harshly fell to the floor.

Chu Liuyue seized the opportunity and stepped on the back of the puppets head!


A crisp sound was heard! The puppets metal-like body had a dent from Chu Liuyues stomp!

Chu Liuyue spat out bloody saliva and roughly wiped away the bloodstains from the corner of her mouth as she looked at the sapphire lake.

Her eyes were dazed for a moment, and she vaguely heard her own voice.

“Big Baby, again!”

Chu Liuyue progressed very rapidly, even faster than Dugu Mobao had expected.

There seemed to be endless potential lurking around inside her body as she became stronger with every stronger opponent she met.

As long as she was agitated to a certain extent, she could rapidly unleash the energy within her body and become stronger!

Could this be related to the strange Yuan meridian in her body Dugu Mobao thought to himself.


The puppet beneath her feet instantly disappeared, and another puppet—exactly the same—appeared in front of her.

“This is the same as the one before.

As long as you can settle it within 15 minutes this time, you pass!”

If someone were here, they would definitely be shocked until their jaws dropped if they heard this.

Not only did he demand Chu Liuyue—a beginner stage-six warrior—to win against a peak stage-seven warrior, but he even wanted her to do so within 15 minutes!

This was nuts!

However, Chu Liuyue seemed to be used to it already as she lightly nodded in agreement.

These puppets were meticulously produced.

They were very strong and attacked very precisely.

Her advantage was that she could circulate her force to fight against the puppet.

After all, the puppet only had pure physical strength.

However, there was one aspect she couldnt compare with the puppet—it didnt know pain or exhaustion!

When Chu Liuyue previously fought with it for so long, she wouldve long collapsed if it werent for the rich force within her body.

It wasnt easy for her to shorten the time to 15 minutes.

“If I do it this time, can I make a request” asked Chu Liuyue suddenly.

“What do you want” replied Dugu Mobao.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath and said, “I want to make a trip back to Xi Ling.”

Counting the time, it should be the sixth of July soon.

I dont want to miss the wedding between Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng.

Upon hearing this, Dugu Mobao agreed rather quickly.

“No problem.”

That place was originally her territory, so its naturally fine for her to go back.

Chu Liuyue then relaxed and looked at the puppet in front of her as a harsh glow flashed in her eyes.

Then, she took action first!

Chu Liuyue and the rest were training harshly at different parts of the Red Moon Desert.

Only one person was having it rather easy—Rong Xiu!

Without asking, he also knew that Dugu Mobao and the rest definitely brought Chu Liuyue to the Red Moon Deserts center.

The center had the only lake in the vast desert, and it was their biggest gathering spot.

Of course, it was the place she loved to stay at previously.

He moved forward all the way in that direction.

However, Lan Xiao and the rest didnt seem to want to let him over as they kept stopping him.

Luckily, Rong Xius capabilities had greatly improved, so it wasnt too hard for him to deal with all of this.

When he broke through the challenge Lan Xiao set once again, he finally angered Lan Xiao successfully.

“Im not playing anymore! Im not playing anymore! Anyway, Yueer Girlie is going back to Xi Ling soon, and theres not much meaning in doing this.

Sigh, shell definitely be busy with the stupid things in the Tianling Imperial Court after she goes back.

I really dont know why she wants to be the Princess! I long said to let her go with us—”

Rong Xiu raised his brows slightly and nonchalantly said, “Oh right, theres something I forgot to tell you.

Yueer is no longer the Princess now.”


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