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The entire street fell into a strange silence once again.

Almost everyone could not believe what they had just heard as they stared at Su Hui in disbelief.

Three days

Booked the entire Phoenix Restaurant for three days

Is that person crazy

“W-what…” Lu Zhitao could not even speak in a short amount of time because he was too shocked.

“Today is a celebratory day for our esteemed guests, so Phoenix Restaurant will not hold it against you.

Young Masters, please take your leave.” Su Hui turned around after saying that and clearly did not want to continue talking to them.

Su Hui might not even meet the Lu family head if he came on a normal day, so it was very rare for him to be patient enough to talk to Lu Zhitao.

“Fourth Young Master, Phoenix Restaurant cant be rifled with.

We should go.”

Anger rose in Lu Zhitaos heart, but he became more clear-headed once he heard the reminder.

Just as he was about to cower and leave, his gaze shifted and landed on the pretty young girl standing nearby.

She was just standing there quietly, but she seemed to make everything around her lose its color.

Lu Zhitaos eyes immediately brightened. Since when did the Imperial City have such a beautiful lady

Chu Liuyues eyes shifted when she noticed Lu Zhitaos gaze.

Lu Zhitao did not go to the Crown Princes banquet that day.

She had also disguised herself when they argued the previous time, so it was normal for him not to recognize her.

“Oh my, whose daughter is this Why havent I seen you before” said Lu Zhitao as he walked over.

Su Hui moved and blocked his way.

Su Huis smile had vanished from his face, and his tone was packed with warning.

“This lady is Phoenix Restaurants esteemed guest today—Ms.


“What Theyre hosting the banquet at Phoenix Restaurant How is that possible They cant afford it!”

The entire Chu family was stunned when they heard the piece of news the pageboy brought back.

“I heard that Zhen Bao Pavilions Second Master Yan booked the entire place for her as thanks for selling the hunting grounds title deed.”

Chu Yan was so furious that his teeth were itchy. Everything was going well until Yan Ge appeared out of nowhere.

“I also heard that high-level fiends have appeared in the hunting ground recently, so the price surged drastically.

Fourth Princess is also going to bring a few people over today.”

“This Chu Liuyue is so lucky.

Even though she lost her marriage agreement with the Crown Prince after selling the hunting ground, she won Zhen Bao Pavilions liking.”

“What kind of place is Zhen Bao Pavilion Would they look at Chu Liuyue differently just because of a mere hunting ground I think something must be up behind the scenes.”

“Its not the time to talk about this now.

We should think of what to do next.

The news about Zhen Bao Pavilion standing up for Chu Liuyue is probably spreading like wildfire around the Imperial City.

Some might even go and support Chu Liuyue and her father because of Zhen Bao Pavilion.”

First Elders face darkened, and he suddenly laughed coldly.

“Hmph, this incident isnt so simple.

Zhen Bao Pavilion snatched the Crown Princes belongings.

Now that high-level fiends have appeared in the hunting ground, the Crown Prince will only hate Zhen Bao Pavilion even more.

He might not do anything to Zhen Bao Pavilion, but he will definitely push the blame to Chu Liuyue.

The people who go to the banquet today arent only going against us but offending the Crown Prince as well.

I want to see who will intentionally get involved in this mess.”

Chu Liuyue walked into Phoenix Restaurant and discovered that the place was huge, even though there were only two floors.

Upon walking in, she realized that there was an annulus level apart from the main hall.

A clear pond sat in the middle of the building.

The pond was surrounded by borders carved from agarwood, exuding a light fragrance in the entire Phoenix Restaurant that refreshed ones heart.

“Dont worry.

Officer Chu Ning and Ms.

Liuyue, Ive already sent out the news about the banquet venue changing to Phoenix Restaurant.

You can just wait here peacefully.”

Chu Liuyue was secretly touched that he had done so much.

The other party was clearly prepared and settled everything for her.

Chu Ning could not help but say, “Yueer, we must thank Second Master Yan properly this time.”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

In actual fact, she also wanted to ask Second Master Yan some questions.

At this time, a voice sounded from the outside.

“Second Master Yan is here!”

Speak of the devil.

Chu Liuyue and the rest turned around and saw Yan Ge walking towards them.

She did not expect Yan Ge to be the first to arrive.

According to his identity, it was already very rare for him to come personally, not to mention this early.

Chu Liuyue suppressed her surprise and welcomed him with a smile and bow.

“Second Master Yan.”

Once Yan Ge saw this, his heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly moved behind.

“Dont say that.”

Chu Liuyue glanced at him curiously and noticed that he looked rather anxious and a little… restrained.

He seemed very different from the delightful and calm Second Master Yan she first met.

“Second Master Yan, what happened to you”

Yan Ge tried hard to pretend to be calm, and his mouth curved up unnaturally.

“N-nothing much.


Liuyue entering Tian Lu Academy is a very happy incident.

I came here to celebrate with you.”

Chu Liuyues eyes curved up like crescent moons.

“Your gift is too much.”

Yan Ge waved his hands.

“Its nothing much! Nothing much! I even brought some gifts for you; theyre outside.”

Chu Liuyue casually scanned her surroundings and saw quite a few boxes outside.

The corner of her eyes twitched. Hes giving gifts in boxes

“Second Master Yan, youre too kind…”

Yan Ge forced a smile.

I only gave 300,000 silver taels for the title deed of Masters wife… I wouldnt be digging my own grave if I knew of this earlier.


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