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Qi Han calmly answered, “Im just someone who delivers letters, and Ive never crossed paths with you before, although I did see you a few times in the years Ive been in Xi Ling City.

I didnt expect you to remember me.”

Many people had met Jian Fengchi—who was known as the hegemon of Xi Ling—before.

Even if they hadnt seen him in person, they had surely heard rumors about him.

Everyone knew that his ice-blue eyes were the symbol of Dragon Teeth Mountains Jian family.

Jian Fengchi smiled with narrowed eyes.

“Thats not what I meant though.”

“Forgive me for my stupidity, but I dont exactly understand what you mean by this.

Please enlighten me, Young Master Jian.” Although Qi Han already had a vague answer inside his heart, he didnt show any sign of panic and kept his calm and composure.

However, this was only to be expected.

As a member of the Thirteen Yue Guard, he would be deemed too useless if he couldnt even do such a simple thing.

Jian Fengchi crossed his arms in front of his chest while stroking his chin with his hand.

Although he appeared to be deep in thought, the smile on his face deepened.

“For some reason, you seemed really familiar to me the moment I saw you.

Its like… we know each other.”

“You must be joking, Young Master Jian.

How could a nobody like me possibly have the chance to get to know you”


I dont need letters to be delivered outside Heavens Canopy, nor have I ever engaged your services… But you look really alike to someone I know.” Jian Fengchi cocked an eyebrow.

“His name has the wordQi too.

Dont you think its such a coincidence”

Qi Han narrowed his eyes.

While Jiang Yucheng wouldnt be able to recognize him due to his successful change of appearance and aura, Jian Fengchi could.

And this was because the latter was more familiar with the Thirteen Yue Guards—Qi Han in particular—than the former.

Jian Fengchi was always making things difficult for Shangguan Yue in the past, and Qi Han would step forward to challenge him whenever that happened.

Although Qi Hans cultivation base was higher than Jian Fengchis, the latter was a heavenly doctor and would use medicines at times.

They each had their own merits and could be considered to be equals, so they naturally came to know each other better over time.

Even though Qi Han appeared aloof, he was very loyal to Shangguan Yue and would do his best in everything that was related to her—his courage and zeal were all dedicated to her.

It was also because of this nature of his that he rushed into the burning ancestral hall back then in spite of everything else and became disfigured as a result.

Qi Han wasnt too surprised that Jian Fengchi managed to identify him, but this simply wasnt the best time to reveal his identity.

He frowned.

“What exactly do you want to say, Young Master Jian”

The two guards manning the entrance couldnt resist looking over from time to time upon noticing that the two had been talking for quite some time.

Jian Fengchi suddenly flashed Qi Han a bright smile.


I just thought that you and I could get along pretty well!”

Qi Han found it surprising that Jian Fengchi was helping him to cover up his identity despite having already found out who he was.

Jian Fengchi then suddenly tossed a pouch at Qi Han.

“There are 1,000 white crystals in there.

Do something for me, and that money is yours.”

“What do you want me to do” asked Qi Han with puzzlement.

Jian Fengchi winked.

“Im going to Chun Feng Restaurant, and youre going with me.”

It had never occurred to Qi Han that the reason why Jian Fengchi gave him so much money was just so that he would accompany him to Chun Feng Restaurant.

Thus, it was only when they arrived at the restaurant entrance that he found out that Jian Fengchi wasnt joking with him.

“Lets go!” Jian Fengchi roared with laughter internally when he saw the complicated expression on Qi Hans face. If this were in the past, he surely wouldve started a fight with me right away.

Unfortunately, as a lowly mailman, he can only listen to my orders because were in public now.

“Theres no need for you to crack such jokes with me, Young Master Jian.

You may just tell me what exactly you want.” Qi Hans voice and aura were so frigid that he seemed capable of freezing people to death.

Jian Fengchi nearly burst out laughing aloud when he noticed how Qi Hans feet seemed to be nailed to the ground.

The latter refused to even take a single step forward.

“Its every mans dream to visit Chun Feng Restaurant, but why does it seem like a dangerous place when it comes to you Youll naturally find out what I want once you go in with me.”

Qi Hans face became tense.

If it werent because he feared that Jian Fengchi would reveal his identity, he definitely wouldnt allow the latter to make fun of him in this manner.

However, making him enter that sort of establishment was a form of torture to him.

Just then, Nanny Zhang hurriedly came out to welcome Jian Fengchi with smiles when she saw him outside.

“Isnt this Young Master Jian Its been a while since youve been here! The girls have been missing you dearly!”

A hint of disdain appeared on Qi Hans face.

Everyone in Xi Ling City knew that Chun Feng Restaurant was as good as Jian Fengchis second home.

The time he spent here was, in fact, much longer than on Dragon Teeth Mountain.

Instead of feeling ashamed, he even felt proud about it and would happily indulge himself in debauchery every day.

Without turning his head back, Jian Fengchi knew what sort of look Qi Han was giving him.

He opened his folding fan and smiled flirtatiously.

“But Im here now, arent I It feels like eons since I last met Liuer.”

Being the expert at reading faces, Nanny Zhang guessed that Jian Fengchi knew the young man behind him, especially since she saw the two talking to each other earlier.

Thus, after she greeted Jian Fengchi, she flashed a fawning smile at Qi Han as she made her way over to him.

“Oh my, what a handsome young man this is! How come Ive never seen you around before This must be your first time at Chun Feng Restaurant, right”

Qi Han swiftly avoided Nanny Zhangs hands, his aura even colder than ever.

Nanny Zhang felt a little embarrassed as she instinctively looked at Jian Fengchi.


This is my friend, and hes here with me today.

You dont have to worry about anything since Im around.

You dont have to serve me either; just get Liuer over.”

When Nanny Zhang saw how protective Jian Fengchi was toward Qi Han, she became even more courteous.

“Sure, sure! Please come in!”

After that, she immediately trotted off to find Shui Liuer.

Qi Hans eyes flickered slightly at the mention of Shui Liuer.

Jian Fengchi raised his chin.

“Come on!”

Qi Han hesitated for a bit before eventually following Jian Fengchi inside.

It was all quiet inside Jian Fengchis private room.

There werent many customers in Chun Feng Restaurant at this hour as it was currently daytime.

Since it wasnt anything unusual to see Jian Fengchi here, they didnt attract too much attention when they entered the restaurant.

Perhaps it was also due to Jian Fengchis earlier instructions, but nobody came to disturb them either.

A wicked smile spread on Jian Fengchis face as he lazily leaned against a couch.

“Its been a while, Qi Han.”


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