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The master and servant walked forward.

The sun was shining down hard from the sky, and the sand was burning.

But Rong Xius footsteps were stable, and they maintained the same speed from start to end.

If someone watched this at this very moment and took a closer look, they would see that Rong Xius feet didnt even touch the sand below.

His every step would be half an inch above the sand.

It seemed like he was walking on the sand, but he was actually walking on air.

He didnt leave behind any traces wherever he went, and Xue Xue basically did the same as it followed behind him.

“It seemed like you havent given up on yourself these few years, and you actually trained yourself to this extent…”

Dugu Mobaos voice came over, and it sounded like it was right beside ones ear.

Rong Xiu smiled nonchalantly.

“Thank you for the compliment, Senior.”

Dugu Mobao snorted.

They originally wanted to teach this kid a lesson, but they only realized now that their previous methods could no longer cause any threat to him.

Rong Xiu could deal with all of these with ease.

But no matter how much they asked, Rong Xiu still refused to reveal what had happened to Yueer girlie and insisted that she should tell them herself.

But Girlie cant even remember who they are now, so what else can she say

Lan Xiao lightly snorted and couldnt help but say, “If only we could leave this hell-like place… Why would we need to haggle with this kid”

Diwu Zhangze calmly said, “Stop daydreaming.”

“Who is daydreaming” retorted Lan Xiao with much dissatisfaction.

“If nothing happened to Girlie and everything went smoothly, we might already be let out now!”

Who knew so many things would happen in between They had waited in this place for too long and finally met Girlie with much difficulty, rarely seeing a spark of hope.

But in the end…

Clearly, they had to wait all over again.

“We dont need to think about it now.

Girlie hasnt even broken through to become a stage-six warrior…” Diwu Zhangze paused, and his tone became much more solemn.

“And the more important thing is that she no longer has a Tianjing Yuan meridian.”

The moment he said this, the surroundings fell silent.

Dugu Mobao and Lan Xiao lost their voices.

Actually, this was also what they were most worried about.

Their capabilities were obvious.

Even if they didnt personally go up to take Chu Liuyues pulse, they could still roughly determine her Yuan meridian level by judging the aura circulating in her body.

That was definitely a Dijing Yuan meridian, not a Tianjing Yuan meridian!

“Even if she doesnt have a Tianjing Yuan meridian now, she will definitely still be a top elite in the future,” said Dugu Mobao confidently.

That was the confidence and pride only a strong warrior would have due to their capabilities!

“The one that the few of us taught will not lose to anyone! Since she has forgotten, well just do it all over again!”

Xi Ling.

The Jiang Residence seemed to be the most lively.

On the one hand, they had to prepare for the Eldest Young Master and the Third Princesss wedding.

On the other hand, they had to prepare for the marriage alliance between Fourth Missy and the Xiahou family.

Everyone in the residence was busy, but amongst them, Jiang Yucheng was the freest one.

He spent most of his time recuperating in his room.

Other than important matters that needed his advice, he left everything else to his subordinates.

That morning, Jiang Yucheng took his medicine and decided to go out.

But the moment he stepped out, he saw Sun Qi bringing three people to him.

Jiang Yucheng saw the familiar face of the person at the front and squinted his eyes. Yuwen Wei Its clear what hes here for.

Sun Qi came forward and bowed.

“Eldest Young Master, Officer Yuwen is here.”

Jiang Yucheng and Yuwen Wei greeted each other politely.

Then, Yuwen Wei said in a straightforward manner, “Eldest Young Master, I came here today to discuss some matters regarding the wedding.”

Jiang Yucheng smiled.

“Sorry that you had to take this extra trip.

I believe you mustve already asked the Third Princess for her opinion before this, right”

Yuwen Wei nodded.

“The Third Princess wants to go according to a normal princesss formalities, and everything to be used during the wedding should be completely changed to new ones.”

Jiang Yucheng furrowed his brows.

“Completely changed to new ones Is that what Her Highness wanted”


“There isnt much time before the wedding.

There wont be enough time if we need to prepare everything again, right There are clearly many ready-made items.

Why arent we using them”

Yuwen Wei paused for a moment.

“I already told them to rush it out.

Dont worry.

It wont delay the wedding process.”

But Jiang Yuchengs expression didnt get any better.

Without thinking, he knew why Shangguan Wan made such a request.

She just didnt want to use the things once prepared for Shangguan Yue—even though they hadnt gotten married.

They didnt even use those items then.

Jiang Yucheng felt a sense of hatred. Shangguan Wan should definitely know how difficult it will be for the Ceremonial Departments people, and it wont be good for her reputation.

However, she still chose to do it just because she didnt want to use Shangguan Yues items.

Jiang Yuchengs expression became colder.

“Since time is so tight, well do everything briefly.

Anyway, whatever needs to be prepared should already be found in the residence.

At that time, we can just use them.

As for the rest… Reduce whatever you can and just go according to the princesss formalities.

Officer Yuwen, youre very experienced.

You dont need me to say anything further, right”

Yuwen Wei was dazed for a moment.

“Eldest Young Master, you mean…”

“Ill leave everything to you.

I still have some things on today, so Ill make a move first.

If you still have any doubts, you can just discuss it with my father.” After that, Jiang Yucheng nodded before leaving.

The remaining people fell silent in unison.

Nobody expected Jiang Yucheng to leave in such a hurry…

We came over to discuss the wedding with him, yet he swiftly pushed all the responsibility away! What exactly is he going to do that can be more important than his wedding with the Third Princess

Sun Qi glanced in the direction that Jiang Yucheng left and sighed in his heart. For some reason, the Eldest Young Master has been in a very bad mood recently.

Even I dont dare to bother him.

I can only meticulously do my job and not ask about anything else.

He cupped his hands toward Yuwen Wei.

“Officer Yuwen, Ill bring you to see the Old Master”

No matter what, the Old Masters status was still there, and it wasnt too unbefitting…

Yuwen Wei recovered his senses, smiled, and politely said, “No need.

We all understood what the Eldest Young Master meant, so we wont disturb Officer Jiang.”

Sun Qi didnt speak further as he respectfully sent the few of them off.

After leaving the Jiang Residence and walking quite a distance away, a youngster behind Yuwen Wei finally couldnt help but say, “What exactly does Eldest Young Master Jiang mean Why does he not care about the wedding at all”

Yuwen Wei thought for a moment.

“We dont have to care about such things.

Just do what he says.”

The two of them answered in unison, “…Yes!”

Yuwen Wei turned around and glanced at the Jiang Residence with deep meaning. It seems like this Eldest Young Master Jiang doesnt really care that much about the Third Princess as much as he seems to on the surface…


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